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2020 Station Summit Virtual: The Collectors Series Guitar Giveaway!

Station Summit 2020 Guitar Giveaway

*Winner Announcement: Click here for Winner Updates

Hey everyone, we’re doing another Promax Station Summit Guitar Giveaway. Since Promax has gone virtual this year, so have we! Drawings to be held online on July 28, 29 & 30.

I’ve been working from home and dusting off a few cool guitars that need some TLC, so I decided to give away a few of these beauties from my personal stash. We’re calling it the “Collectors Series Guitar Giveaway”. These guitars are some of my favorite classic axes.

To ENTER, simply leave a comment below, and you’re automatically entered to win. It’s that easy!

Drawings to be held on July 28, July 29 and July 30th at 3pm CT. For questions call or email:
214-726-1600 |

Fender Road Worn 50s Telecaster Electric Guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups

Drawing Tuesday, July 28

Promax Station Summit 2020 Road Worn Tele Guitar

This classic is one of my preferred examples of the first popular electric guitar, the Fender Telecaster. First designed by Leo Fender and his team in 1951. Little did they know that this model would STILL endure almost 70 years later! I think Fender did a terrific job as they “relic’ed” this Telecaster to give it that road-worn look and feel. I am especially impressed with the blazing Seymour Duncan Pickups they added to this model. Overall, I love Telecasters and their bright, clean and cutting sound, while they still retain a thick midrange and bass. It’s still a mainstay and a favorite of my collection…I LOVE playing this guitar!

Fender Stratocaster SRV Test Mule – with Quick Disconnect

Drawing Wednesday, July 29

Promax Station Summit 2020 SRV Guitar

Want to play a really smokin’ guitar? This Fender Stratocaster Stevie Rae Vaughn “test mule” is one of my favorite rigs. It’s based on the SRV custom shop guitar, with some “hot-rod” bonus features added. I wanted a quick disconnect system to switch out the single coil pickups for a dual humbucker set, plus some of the other cool parts: a Mexican Fender neck, a licensed new body hogged out for the lefty Gotoh tremolo, and a David Gilmour pickup switch for the bridge pickup to stay active and hot in all positions. I can really dive deeply into this rig, since the second pick guard is loaded with Epiphone Pro USA Probuckers pickups with push-pull coil splits (coil tapping). This thing just screams! Hmmm…maybe I should keep this one…nah!


Drawing Thursday, July 30

Promax Station Summit 2020 Texas Teli Guitar

I was ecstatic when found this carefully crafted, wild axe made by two guitar-crazy brothers in New Jersey (Les Brers Guitars). They were inspired to craft this masterpiece by their many business trips to Texas (my favorite state!). The result? The Texacaster – designed to look like a well-worn, classic ’57 Tele, but is in fact is a brand spanking new guitar. This thing is wild – it has brass saddles, bone nut, vintage Fender tuners, Alnico magnet pickups, and an Electrosocket output jack. I could stare all day at the acrylic distressed Texas flag front. And I think the back looks even cooler finished in a hand-rubbed TruOil finish. This Texacaster is both vintage AND new, with a legendary vintage look, but state-of -the-art parts and performance. I just might have to have them make me another one to keep!

Guild acoustic D40 Bluegrass Jubilee 2008 – with a DTAR Wavelength piezo pickup

Drawing Thursday, July 30

Promax Station Summit 2020 Guild Acoustic Guitar

My 1st “real” guitar I got in high school was a Guild D-40, which I gigged with all thru my LA days in mid-to late ‘70s. I also used it to write almost all my early TV news music packages – so now it’s beat-up and road-worn. But I wanted to preserve this original “salad days” guitar, which I named “Mary,” so I got another go-to favorite – this Guild D40. I liked almost as much as “Mary” as it was also a bit worn and beat-up. In the interim, Guild renamed it as the D-40 Bluegrass Jubilee. Even though she plays and sounds better than my ‘60s Guild, it seems I always revert back to “Mary.” So the Jubilee has been in hibernation – and needs a new home – and some love!

Thanks for entering. Good luck. And we hope you enjoy Station Summit Virtual!
Click here for complete rules and regulations »

  1. Joe Stadele says:

    I wanna win!

  2. sebastian monsalve says:

    hbo latin america
    make me a winner!!!

  3. Enrique Pulido says:

    well..I NEED THAT. 🙂

  4. Jeff Blevins says:

    WJBK Fox Detroit
    Awesome Guitars! I’ve been wanting to learn how to play guitar! Those are all really sharp!

  5. FREDDY says:

    Can’t believe it’s the last day! That SRV test mule looks real sweet

  6. Jim DiGiovanni says:

    The CW Network
    I thought the switchable pick guard on the SRV Strat was very innovative. I have never seen that before. Any of these guitars would be a center piece of any real player’s collection

  7. Chris Dutton says:

    Amazing guitars. I have a nice home for any one of them!!! HAHA! Thank you so much!

  8. Tony Reyes says:

    KRIV Fox Houston
    The Texacaster has to come to Texas right? 🙂

  9. Lucas Wager says:

    Not sure if the contest is still open, but these are pretty cool, especially the 50s tele!

    • Stephen Arnold says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Still open!- two going away today.
      Good luck!!

      • James DiGiovanni says:

        The CW Network

        I tried to reply to you yesterday and it got kicked back.

        I wanted to leave my comment so that you could see it. Here it is:


        Thanks, they are all really sweet. I really had my fingers crossed on the Tele because I don’t have one. I was also admiring the Rick up on your wall. Was that a 360?

        I have to say, that replaceable pick guard on the SRV was very cool. I have never seen that before.

        Anyway, it was very nice of you to reply. Here’s hoping, fingers crossed on the Guild or the custom built tele.

        Thank you

        • Stephen Arnold says:

          Stephen Arnold Music
          Hey James – looks like a 360, but what you’re seeing is the bottom of a Rick 370/12- Roger Mcguinn signed-edition from mid-80s… sweet

          Good luck- drawing happening soon!

          • Jim says:

            The CW Network
            Oh man, that is nice, I couldn’t see if that was a 12. Pretty sure Tom Petty played that same one

  10. Chris Hussey says:

    Leave a comment huh? Okay

  11. Alicia Lundy says:

    13News Now - WVEC

  12. James Caskie says:

    You do Great work… and these are some great guitars!

  13. Joseph Von Enck says:

    Fox Sports Ohio
    Sweet! Enjoying the Summit so far. I recommend viewing the interview with Dr. Oz “Navigating the Pandemic.”

  14. David Washburn says:

    Thank you!

  15. ashley miller says:

    KTVU FOX 2
    Big money… big money… big money!

  16. JV says:

    KARE 11
    Love the guitars! Miss seeing you all this year!

  17. Patricia Olmstead says:

    News 4, FOX 11, NSN Reno
    Rock on Stephen Arnold Music!

  18. Jason Demek says:

    Ohhh that SRV is one beautiful piece!

  19. Michael Villa says:

    WRGB -CBS 6
    these are great pieces

  20. FREDDY says:

    This outta make a girl start practicing how to playyyy, playyy! sayyy whattt 🙂

  21. Tony says:

    KRIV Fox Houston
    Nice, I am sure I can make space 🙂

  22. Craig Chambers says:

    FOX TV
    Luv these. please enter

  23. Jim DiGiovanni says:

    The CW Network
    That is a sweet collection of guitars

  24. Dan Crowe says:

    KARE 11
    Those look great!

  25. Rob Stephens says:

    KSTU FOX 13 Salt Lake City
    Stephen Arnold ROCKS!

  26. Thomas Ovacek says:

    Those are some really impressive guitars

  27. Angel L Fernandez says:

    KTRK ABC13
    Love SRV!

  28. Chuck Lemon says:

    I love the guitars but i will miss hanging with Stephen, Noelle and the gang at the SAM JAM! See you all in 2021!!!

    • Stephen Arnold says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thx Chuck- yeah next year – probably extend the SAM JAM to make up for this years “no show”

  29. Carl says:

    They are all sweet but especially love that Texacaster guitar!

  30. Jessica says:

    Great Giveaway!Pick Me!!

  31. Brianna Jordahl says:

    Got my eyes on that beautiful acoustic!

  32. Christina Rule says:

    WLWT Hearst
    Thanks for all the great music!!

  33. MARIA IREGUI says:

    jewels! missing the live event and hopefully I will be lucky this year for my daughter´s sake

  34. Michelle Fierros says:

    KPNX 12 NEWS
    Hello Stephen Arnold Team

    Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Missing the fun happy hour you do for all the Tegna stations.


    • Stephen Arnold says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hopefully next year! Good luck on the drawing today!

  35. Michael Turner says:

    Steven A Rocks!!

  36. KABB FOX San Antonio says:

    Sinclair Broadcast Group
    Rock on!

  37. Matt Dana says:

    The CW
    Winner winner (from home)?

    • Matt Dana says:

      The CW
      so great seeing everyone’s names below. We can’t be there in person this year but glad this tradition continues!!

  38. Mark Hagerty says:

    KSAZ Fox10 Phoenix
    Oh man, I’d love to get my hands on that 50’s Telecaster!!!

  39. Rafael Calderon says:

    23ABC Bakersfield
    I need this is my life! We all know that feeling…

  40. Darrin Fullerton says:

    KGAN/KFXA-Sinclair Broadcasting Company
    pick me!

  41. Anita Wragge says:

    I might need to learn to play…

  42. Steve Boal says:

    Weigel Broadcasting
    No Stairway!

  43. RONDA WHITE says:

    Miss you, SA + Chad and the gang! Hope you are healthy and happy! XOXO Ronda White

    • Stephen Arnold says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      We miss you Rhonda! I still have two more guitars… hope one of them goes to you!

  44. Joel S Scarbrough says:

    The Guild D40 is a classic American acoustic guitar. My early days of learning were scattered with players of Guild greatness. The banjo was the stronger of the two, but then my Imperial was always called a “monster!” That guitar can find “love” in my room. Good luck me!

  45. Jill Genter says:

    Stephen Arnold is the best!

  46. Cody says:

    These guitars are incredible. Makes me want to start playing again.

  47. Darcy Stapleford says:

    Fox 13 News
    This is my first year “at” Promax and it’s lit a fire under my butt to improve my product and go for the gold! I’m thrilled to see such amazing work from talented people, and to know the process in which they got there. It’s helped me realize my own ambitions and career goals! Thanks! I was only able to come because it’s virtual this year, there was no way my company was sending me to Las Vegas. Now that I know what it’s all about, I’m gonna insist I go next year!

  48. Larry Doyle says:

    WPEC-TV, West Palm Beach
    Hi Stephen! Missing you and the crew this year!

  49. Kyle Brinkman says:

    Yes!! COVID can’t stop the Stephen Arnold giveaway! Thanks for all you are doing for all of us!

  50. Kevin Twohill says:

    Thanks for providing us with exceptional tonal qualities! Our music image has never been better!!! Your team (Noelle, Whitney and Jesus) are the best! Each time we needed a slight adjustment to a day parted news, they were on it. Really glad to have met you at last year’s event. Missing the Jam Session.

    Kevin Twohill
    Albany NY

  51. Shawn Newton says:

    E.W. Scripps - Montana
    This is amazing!

  52. Don Davis says:

    Great music! And, great people to work with!

  53. Jeff Felts says:

    Great giveaway. Thanks!

  54. Dave Uhler says:

    Great looking guitars… wonder which one I’m going to win?

  55. Anthony Venable says:

    It is my year

  56. John Kukla says:

    Thank you for doing this for us every year! We miss the SAM JAM but will have much to celebrate in 2021.

  57. Damian Greenberg says:

    Hey Stephen! And a special shout out to Dave “The Baumannator” Baumann! Any one of these would be a killer addition for any guitar player.

    • Stephen Arnold says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey John – yes we’ll double SAM Jam hours next year to make up
      yeah maybe you can add another guitar to you black strat! best

  58. RACHEL IRVINE says:

    The Agency
    Thank you for keeping this tradition. I look forward to this giveaway and seeing the winners every year!

  59. Alex Poehlman says:

    WZZM 13
    Hopefully next year we can do this in person again next year.

    as always .. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  60. Crickett Oldenburg says:

    KTBS 3 Shreveport
    Thanks for doing this again, even in the current changing situations! It was great chatting with you folks yesterday! I hope I win! 🙂

  61. Matthew Damore says:

    KSEE-KGPE Television
    LOVE SAM! Stephen Arnold and all staff always come through with the right sound!

  62. Larry Watzman says:

    Scrippts KTNV Vegas
    Stephen Arnold Rocks! And Man would I like to Rock that Texascaster !

    • Jenny Dolph says:

      It’s very cool looking! Good luck!

    • Stephen Arnold says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Larry – you left a great legacy here in Texas, so a TexaCaster would be well served in your hands no doubt!

  63. Scott Altus says:

    Looking forward to guitar lessons!

  64. Patrick Mayo says:

    wow. just wow.

  65. David says:

    Fingers crossed!!

  66. Angelina Bianco says:

    Sinclair Broadcast Group
    These guitars are beautiful!

  67. Jay Yovanovich says:

    KING 5
    Thank you for keeping this tradition going! Very cool.

  68. Tina Tung says:

    Great to see Stephen Arnold’s continued support for Station Summit!

  69. Jim DiGiovanni says:

    The CW Network
    I have some additional comments, since these are such amazing guitars.

    The yellow Tele, with the Seymore Duncans… that would be some glass braking twang coming out of the my Blues Deluxe with that thing.

    The SRV Strat. Awesome with the lefty whammy bar, Pro buckers would scream through a Tube screamer, just like Stevie but with the humbuckers? I would have a hard time parting with that one.

    Texas Tele? Just Badass. That is all.

    A fat ringing Guild Dreadnaught. Ah… yes please. It belongs in my home

    • Stephen Arnold says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Jim – well obviously you have the part two of great guitars… great amps!
      Two left, and geez – I’d be thrilled to see them be adopted by a player! good luck!

  70. Jim DiGiovanni says:

    Those are all pretty sweet Road Worn guitars. I actually had the opportunity to play Stevie Ray Vaughns strat back in the 80s ( very high action ). Any of those guitars coming to me would be coming to a good home. That yellow tele though, Whoah….

  71. Steve Bland says:

    Very cool giveaway!

  72. Jamie Dickson says:

    Wow, these are some beautiful guitars!

  73. Jacob Anderson says:



  74. Fred Fechter says:

    KENS 5
    Oh wow! These are all good players!

    Good luck everybody!

  75. Dan Meyers says:

    Hello SAM friends!

    • Stephen Arnold says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Well Dan- the player you are… you should win all four… we;; at least the last two:)
      will miss you this year!

  76. Brittany Rau says:


  77. Phillip says:


  78. William D Varnier says:

    WTKR / WGNT (Scripps Broadcasting)
    Enter me!!!

  79. Brett Freitag says:

    WHP - SBG
    Thank you again for this. Wish we were there!

  80. Ashley Mangum says:

    Sinclair WCTI/WYDO
    Awesome Guitars!!!! That D-40 is sweet!

  81. Todd says:

    Guitar Man!

  82. Elizabeth Briggson says:

    This is awesome!

  83. Jeff Laundergan says:

    Very generous prizes…every year!
    I very much appreciate & value my relationship with Stephen Arnold Music.
    Thank you for all your years of musical branding.
    Jeff Laundergan (WDIO)

  84. David Montgomery says:

    TEGNA-ABC10 Sacramento
    Hey ya’ll. Bummed I won’t be seeing ya this year. Really bummed we won’t be enjoying your parties.

  85. Paul Chaplin says:

    SAM JAM 2021!

  86. scott WEBER says:

    Loved the dynamic choices of music at Stephen Arnold Music

  87. Thad Smith says:

    KDFW/KDFI Dallas TX
    Those guitars would look gorgeous hanging above my cube at the station, whenever we’re allowed back in the station. For now, they’ll look gorgeous in my home!

  88. Atkin says:

    ACM Talent
    I can’t say enough great things about the team at Stephen Arnold Music. Love you guys!

  89. Andrew Delgado says:

    Awesome that you guys are still doing this! Cheers

  90. David Pasternak says:

    Sony Pictures Television
    Gorgeous guitars! So glad that one of my favorite Promax traditions continues! Thanks Stephen Arnold Music! Looking forward to seeing everyone in person again.

  91. Justin Bradley Suiter says:

    Graham Media
    Pick me I never win anything lol

  92. Richard Feindel says:

    WCVB Channel 5 Boston
    Pick me

  93. Richard Eller says:

    WTVF Nashville
    Nice guitars!

  94. Gina Womack says:

    WBMA, Birmingham, AL
    I will give them a good home! 🙂

  95. Bobby says:

    I’ll miss seeing all of you this year in person but stoked your still doing the giveaways! Count me in 🙂

  96. michael Colonial says:

    this is my year!

  97. Todd Kleckner says:

    WEWS News 5 Cleveland
    How exciting!

  98. Pete King says:

    This is exciting! And these guitars look pretty special

  99. Tom Duska says:

    WEWS News 5 Cleveland
    Love the designs!

  100. Jamie Salamon says:

    Sinclair Broadcast Group
    Beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity.

  101. Kellen Dargle says:

    This is a comment.

  102. Tom Stock says:

    Always appreciate the musical help & updates, especially as we ramp up some new projects!

  103. Phil Wrobel says:

    This is Phil Wrobel at WXYZ in Detroit. Can’t wait to rock out with my new guitar! 🙂

  104. Jeremy Rowell says:

    KBAK-TV Bakersfield (Sinclair)
    I really dig Stephen Arnold Music’s library! Super helpful.

  105. Leonard Torres says:

    My wife and I are trying to learn so this would be awesome!

  106. Dan Schillinger says:

    WQOW TV/ Quincy Media
    The last time we talked (a couple of years ago), I told you how much my family loves your Christmas CDs. Maybe if I win that SRV Strat, I can learn to play one of those amazing arrangements!

  107. Stephanie says:

    Love it!

  108. Holly Jones says:

    WCIA 3 - Nexstar Broadcast
    I love the guitars and I love your music selections. They are the best!

  109. Raechel Gregory says:

    Beautiful Guitars!

  110. Benjie Newman says:

    Beautiful guitars! Congrats to whoever wins!

  111. Thomas Stemmler says:

    Thanks for continuing this, especially this year!

  112. Dan Spangler says:

    Thanks for still doing this!

  113. Danial Hemme says:

    WEAR - Pensacola
    Even in the middle of Las Vegas you bring the show! Class act all the way and looking forward to 2021!

  114. Eissom Fangueiro says:

    That SRV seems to sound wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity.

  115. Harley Wettemann says:

    Action News Now
    Can’t wait till next year when we are all together again. Thanks

  116. Scott Warder says:

    I do play guitar but I wish you guys would give away some drums one year

  117. Leslie Bebko says:

    WJET/WFXP - Nexstar
    Bummed about no Sam Jam and not seeing all of you 🙁 I missed out on a guitar last year so I could be at Sam Jam, and now I’m missing out on Sam Jam (but the Stratocaster would definitely make me feel better) Going to do a few shots of Fireball in my SAM shot glass to dull the pain for now.

  118. Bob St Charles says:

    Awww, c’mon guys…I moved to Nashville, where better to send a 6 string from your collection? It will have a great home in Music City!

  119. Bryan Johnson says:

    KEZI 9 News
    That yellow Telecaster is stunning… Thanks for all the great music over the years, Whitney, Stephen and team!

  120. Vernon Rowlands says:

    WICZ- Fox40 (Cox Media Group)
    Always a highlight of the Station Summit !!

  121. Mike Battien says:

    KCRG TV9
    Thanks for the fun contest.

  122. Thomas L. Lewis says:

    Love your company. Our news themes and special promotions songs are fantastic and get great audience response.

  123. Alejandro Guajardo says:

    Great selection of music and guitars!

  124. Molly Browning says:

    These guitars look awesome and I do play guitar!

  125. Daryl Smith says:

    Would love to have any of these!!

  126. David Wagner says:

    Great Idea guys!!! The Texacaster is for Lone Star State stations only right? 😉

  127. Jennifer Watkins says:

    This is such a cool idea! You guys are great 🙂

  128. Scott Stilley says:

    Love the Texascaster… only Texans are eligible to win that one right? 🙂

  129. Matt Hunter says:

    Love The TEXACASTER Guitar

  130. Kara McGinn says:

    Yellow is my favorite color!! Thanks guys 🙂

  131. Richard Leeson says:

    KTXL FOX40 / Nexstar Broadcasting
    Missed everyone this year. Especially the SAM JAM.

  132. Kelly Donnell says:

    Hawaii News Now
    Practicing my Buck Owens imitation, hoping for that telecaster.


    Kelly Donnell

  133. James Bartone says:

    Count me in! Thanks – James B

  134. Alan Balzer says:

    KMVU Fox 26
    Thanks SAM! Miss all my TV/Geek/Peeps. Hopefully next year!

  135. Steven Poitras says:

    KRON4 Nexstar
    Hands down, the best customer service, the most cutting edge themes, the deepest attention to detail and the most talented team in the business. Chad and Noelle…you rock.

  136. Jerome says:

    What does a television station do if they do not use Stephen Arnold. The Best in the business.

  137. erik tobias says:

    Circle City Broadcasting WISH-TV

  138. Brandon McElroy says:

    The SRV looks cool!

  139. Noah Kozinko says:

    I would love any of those. Nice job!

  140. Patrick Mayo says:

    wait. i can enter twice?!!?? count me in.

  141. Nancy Kreafle says:

    Sinclair Broadscast Group
    Nice guitars. Would love to win one for my son. Miss seeing everyone in Vegas…. Stay safe 🙂

  142. christina rule says:

    What amazing pieces!

  143. Roger Brokke says:

    Would love to win one of those great guitars!

  144. Stephanie Madara says:

    Sinclair Broadcast Group
    Nice Guitars! Thanks for all the great music!!

  145. Greg Sherman says:

    Wish we all could have seen these up close in Vegas, but stoked you’re keeping the tradition alive! Thanks SAM!

  146. Tim Emmerson says:

    Sinclair Broadcasting
    Miss seeing everyone! Hopefully we can return to normal next year and I can see you all in person!

  147. Pete Ferraro says:

    “Morning Ready” was great for us. SAM did a nice job customizing the package for our needs. Our contract expires in September and we’ll be re-upping for an all new morning news campaign. Can’t wait! Thanks all! P.S. My daughter still loves the blue Rain Song and continues to jam!

  148. Rex Main says:

    I really want to win that acoustic guitar. I can’t wait to bust it out and play a thrilling rendition of “Pinball Wizard” for my two kitty cats.

  149. Tony Pierce says:

    Hey SAM friends!

  150. Bob Dickinson says:

    Those are some REALLY nice guitars! Thanks for the chance to win one and thanks for all the great music over the years! You guys ROCK!

  151. Paul Farmer says:

    Guitars are cool! I need to add to my collection.

  152. James Caskie says:

    WGRZ TV Tegna
    Hell Yeah, I wants me some guitars!
    Thanks guys you do fantastic work! Hope to work with you in the future.

  153. Mike Jernigan says:

    How about that road worn tele!? Or the SRV strat replica. Haha. Of course, they’re all great. I’d love to win any of them. Many thanks to Stephen Arnold Music! Good luck, everyone.

  154. Jason C. says:

    Meredith Corp - WALA
    Holy cow those are some fine axes!

  155. Sam Day says:

    I would love to win one of these. Thank you!

  156. Shelby McGarry says:

    Fox Television Stations
    I think you are incredibly generous and so very talented. I love that you have shared all of the stories for each of your guitars. I don’t even need to be entered into the drawing, I’m just happy for the opportunity to thank you for what you are doing. Everyone needs something fun and positive to look forward to right now and this is just the ticket!

    Thank you and be well!

  157. Dana McDaniel says:

    Looking forward to winning one of these awesome guitars! Thanks Stephen Arnold Music for continuing this Promax tradition!

  158. Meghan Tye says:

    TEGNA/13News Now
    It would be an honor to own any of these gorgeous guitars. Fingers crossed!

  159. Sherry Carpenter says:

    Relearning guitar. A Covid quarantine bonus that helped keep me sane. Thanks for keeping this alive.

  160. Marla Malone says:

    How cool would it be to win a guitar to match our Stephen Arnold Music guitar pick? Super cool.

  161. Kermit Stevenson says:

    This is cool. I need a new hobby that doesn’t involve a screen.

    • Michael says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      well then good luck Kermit, on being the winner and finding a great new hobby!

  162. Jack Feerick says:

    Damn, that Texascaster is a beauty!

  163. John Rice says:

    WNCN/CBS 17 Television
    Always a highlight of Station Summit. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive in these weird virtual times.

  164. Rance Adams says:

    I love the sounds of quality guitars…add in history? Consider me even more intrigued. My skill level is intermediate, but if a jam session is on deck…I’ll be your hucklebearer.

  165. Tom Frank says:

    Great music, but more importantly, great follow up. In an increasingly disconnected world, it’s nice to hear from people who “get it”.

  166. WILLIE GARRETT says:

    I’ve been trying to win a guitar for the last 5 years. I even took up guitar last year just so I could be part of the Jam session. Oh well. I promise… if i win i’m playing next year at Sam Jam.

  167. Russ Nelligan says:

    Thanks for continuing the fantastic tradition!
    Hope you’re all well….

  168. Judy Albrecht says:

    One of those beauties would look really nice in our home recording studio!

  169. Ethan Edwards says:

    FOX25/CW34 - Sinclair Broadcast Group
    Such a great idea… the suspense kills me every year!

  170. John Osterhout says:

    Hearst Television
    These guitars are gorgeous and it would be an honor to own one of them.

  171. Jean-Louis Jabouin says:

    Can’t go wrong with a Telecaster! Awesome no matter what version I’ve heard.

  172. Dan Seaver says:

    Glad to see one of the best parts of PROMAX is still happening this year!

  173. Jill Olsen says:

    Hearst - KCRA/My58
    Since we can’t all be together in person, glad a virtual summit is happening, including the awesome guitar giveaway!

  174. Stephen Jansa says:

    Did someone say guitars? Say no more!!

  175. Aleece Way says:

    Great looking guitars! Thanks Stephen Arnold Music!

  176. Mary Soto says:


  177. Douglas Howell says:

    Thanks for your continued support! Its also a shame that all those other people entering will lose to me 🙂

  178. Jon Flis says:

    Rock on. Hopefully I don’t win an air guitar!

  179. Paul Sloan says:

    KSAZ/KUTP Phoenix
    It wouldn’t be Promax without the Stephen Arnold Music Guitar Giveaway! Thanks for playing!

    • Michael says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks Paul…we look forward to seeing you LIVE next year!

  180. DJ Cottrell says:

    Fox Sports West
    Every guitar is beautiful! The story behind them makes each one better!

    • Michael says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks for the kind words DJ…If you like the stories behind specific guitars, I want to send you a must-read book.

  181. Bob Walko says:

    WOFL FOX35
    I play a little acoustic, that Guild looks mighty sweet … I’d be Wakin’ Up My Day with it!

  182. Chad Larsen says:

    KSL TV
    So sad we couldn’t jam at Promax this year. Hope to see you next year!!

  183. Terry Moir says:

    What an AWESOME giveaway!!

  184. Melissa Crowe says:

    KING 5
    These are awesome! Great giveaway!

  185. Jenny Dolph says:

    Loving the SRV strat! I bet that sounds amazing.

  186. Emily Mowers says:

    Love it guys! Thanks for doing this!

  187. Burke Daneman says:

    FOX 9 KMSP and FOX 9+ WFTC
    I really missed SAM JAM this year, but your staff has done great still reaching out to us and helping with our needs
    Cheers and hope to see you all next year in Vegas!

    • Michael says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      We missed you too Burke.
      It’ll make seeing everyone next year at this time all the more fun!

  188. William Baker says:

    Good Luck!

  189. Michael Loranger says:

    Rock and Roll!

  190. Hector Vega says:

    The perfect gift to spend time indoors and learn the art of playing an instrument. A very positive contribution to society, thank you!

  191. Stephanie says:

    What a beautiful collection!

  192. David A Pint says:

    KMSP FOX 9
    Pick Me!


    Sinclair Las Vegas
    Please accept my entry to win a guitar during Promax Station Summit. Going to miss you all!

  194. Steve Jones says:

    Those are all beauties. Thank you in advance for giving me one.

  195. Larry Watzman says:

    Scripps Las Vegas
    Thanks so much for offering this amazon giveaway! My favorite here is the Texa-Caster!

  196. Bill Murphy says:

    Nice selection of Guitars!

  197. jon schigoda says:

    Sweet Guitars

  198. Gabe Redondo says:

    These are some nice guitars!

  199. Erik Tobias says:

    Circle City Broadcasting WISH-TV
    An absolute must-have!

  200. Rob Thomas says:

    You all Rock! Can’t wait for COVID to blow over so we can do Promax next year ‘in person.’ Looking forward to the Stephen Arnold party and jam session!

  201. Brenna Mastro says:

    Woohoo! I’d love to get into playing the guitar!

  202. Scott Morrow says:

    Always love the hint of Texas coming from Stephen Arnold’s tracks

  203. Ken Ambrosius says:

    Sinclair Broadcast Group
    Awesome giveaway this year! Those babies must sound like heaven!

  204. Wes Mitchell says:

    WBNS Tegna
    Very cool!

  205. Ardis Gonzalez Leon says:

    Sinclair Broadcast Group
    Missing all of your contributions to Promax this year…especially the jam sessions!

  206. Adam DePaul says:

    All gorgeous guitars! Would LOVE to hear that SRV (he was the first guitar hero I ever saw play live)

  207. Steve Harris says:

    Whenever I see the amazing guitars you give away I wonder what are the ones you don’t want to part with.

  208. Joe Bird says:

    Let’s rock, cause y’all rock! Best wishes from NOLA!

  209. Jason Rankin says:

    FOX 35 - Orlando
    Awesome. Can’t wait

  210. Cory Bayle says:

    When I do a project with Stephan Arnold, I’m always blown away with their turn around time— and the final product. It’s always amazing! I done several custom image pieces with SAM and I still want more! I’d love to have a guitar that Stephan played in one of my pieces. THAT would be really cool. Love your work!

  211. Scott Benham says:

    Amazing guitars! That Road Worn Telly is calling my name!

  212. Jessica Johnson says:

    Fingers crossed!

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    16 WAPT
    These look amazing!

  214. Jason Lewis says:

    I’m feeling lucky this year! Ironically, we’re not in Vegas…

  215. Tom Moses says:

    I have 15 guitars, if I added one of these awesome guitars to that collection what would I have?

    Happiness, I would have Happiness.

    and Thanks for the Powerful News and Production Libraries!

  216. Mason Eubank says:

    I love these!

  217. Ben Bates says:

    Fingers crossed!

  218. Dave Fleming says:

    Hopefully it’s not a virtual guitar.

  219. Rick Snyder says:

    FOX 5
    I’m missing my Stephen Arnold friends this summer!

  220. Patrick Williams says:

    Giving away your own guitars? Sounds like a way to make room for new guitars! These look great, BTW.

  221. Tammy Martin says:

    WTVG, 13abc
    Would love to see you all in person, maybe next year! Thanks for the opportunity!

  222. Greg Thomas says:

    WFSB Channel 3 Meredith Corp
    I’ll miss you folks this year! Stay safe.

  223. Scott Brady says:

    Your team certainly knows how to gather a crowd and engage! From your music to your marketing, its always very memorable.

    SB in KY

  224. Shawn Dickerman says:

    Looking forward to seeing Noelle and all my friends at SAM in 2021!

    • Noelle says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Look forward to seeing you, Shawn! Glad we were able to catch up yesterday 🙂

  225. Ross Rowley says:

    Redwood News
    Since I’m a bass player, perhaps I can get the Master Control operators to jam with me.
    What a great giveaway.

  226. Stan Melton says:


  227. Brian Bluvas says:

    There’s no better time to learn how to jam than now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  228. Rob Reynolds says:

    KLSR-TV Oregon's FOX
    Thank You SAM for making our news and production sound AMAZING. Looking forward to Vegas in 2021.

    • Michael says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      We look forward to next year as well Rob, and ty for the kind words!

  229. Mark Kammerich says:

    NPG of Missouri
    Ditto on SAM Jam & missing you peeps!

  230. David Farness says:

    This guitar would sound really sweet through my Orange CS50 amp.

  231. Jack Scott says:

    WACH FOX - Sinclair
    Locked in my house, barricaded from the dangers of COVID-19, I dreamed of winning a guitar. This was finally my opportunity to win and to learn to play a new instrument at a time when the world needed music more than ever. What will fate decide? Find out during the 2020 Virtual PromaxBDA.

    • Noelle says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Fantastic time to learn a new instrument. Best of luck, Jack!

  232. NISHAN GILMET says:

    I will find a way to make this guitar in my next promo. 😉

  233. Chuck Spruill says:

    here’s hoping PSS and SAM Jam will be one for the ages in 2021!

  234. Ellen Toukatly says:


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  236. Matt Barrick says:

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    FOX 42 KPTM - Sinclair
    Missing SAM Jam and everyone this year!

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  242. Kevin Kalvitis says:

    Sweet looking guitars SAM!! Sorry Vegas couldn’t happen this year.

  243. Terry Kowalski says:

    So sad to not see my friends from SAM at PROMAX/Station Summit. It’s always a highlight of my year. I look forward to 2021!

  244. Dave Shelly says:

    Gonna miss the SAM Jam but a guitar would soften the painful covid tune for most of us.
    Stay healthy and safe.

  245. Ryan Speer says:

    Well let’s give this another shot. Thanks for everything you guys do!

    • Noelle says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Couldn’t believe you missed it last time! UGH! Thanks, Ryan 🙂

  246. Holly Sutherland says:

    WLTZ NBC38 and The CW Ga-Bama
    I miss hanging out with all the SAM folks this summer! A guitar would make me feel a lot better. I’ve always wanted to learn to play!

  247. Roger Ingram says:

    Howdy, from Texas

  248. Jeremy Chaney says:

    WJRT-TV (Gray - GBank Plus Pool)
    The new music selections sound great and i bet those guitars do too…If i win i’m definitely choosing the SRV strat..

  249. Robby Thomas says:

    Not even COVID-19 can stop the Stephen Arnold Music Guitar Giveaway. Nice.

  250. Tom Coyne says:

    Nexstar - Utica
    Taking advantage of a dual opportunity, to possibly add a guitar to the collection at home and note my delight with the Arnold music available to my station. The Arnold sounds makes our smallest production a quality piece of work.

    Thank you!

  251. Shawn Anderson says:

    It sure was lonely last month in Las Vegas without everyone. It took me almost three days to realize Station Summit had been canceled.

    Good times.

  252. Ren DeV says:


  253. Brian Kowalenko says:

    Awesome selection this year!

  254. Tammy Husk says:

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  255. Mark Bunting says:

    WSFA 12 News
    I appreciate your talents. Wish you well during the crazy times we live in!

  256. Pat Mayo says:

    awesome! one of these years i am going to win one of these! appreciate all you do for us! Thanks for helping me with the switch over to SA

  257. Noah Kozinko says:

    I’m ready to start taking lessons.

  258. ELLEN YARBROUGH says:

    KSNF/KODE Joplin
    I want to win a guitar please.

  259. Ted says:

    Rock On!

  260. Todd Tipton says:

    WOW! Great idea! All of these guitars look cool.

  261. Kent Kay says:

    KESQ - Palm Springs
    Thanks for being a great company to work with! In 25 years in tv and radio I’ve never come across a company that has customer service like yours.

  262. Anthony Venable says:

    It would be awesome to win! I have tried for many, many, many years

  263. David Shearer says:

    My youngest daughter just told me she’d like to learn to play the guitar. So, come on Stephen, Daddy needs a guitar.

  264. Bill Case says:

    You guys are the best!

  265. Mark Strand says:

    It sure Would be Nice to Win. I know Noelle Doesn’t like me so that doesn’t help my chances much.
    OK that is a lie she is the best. Now can I win???

  266. Bob St Charles says:

    Hello from Nashville! Hope to see you soon. Hello to Noelle.

  267. Jim Hays says:

    Always an awesome giveaway!

  268. Mike Stewart says:

    I have really enjoyed your presence at Promax over the years, getting to spend time with your talented staff, and being able to use your amazing library of production music in the past. Here’s hoping SAM JAM returns in the near future!

  269. Michael Turner says:

    Sinclair Broadcast Group
    I really need to win one this year! I just started taking guitar lessons! Steven Arnold RULES!!

  270. Brian Correll says:

    I’m in! Hope you all are doing well……

  271. Richard Eairheart says:

    Wow.. they’re all awesome. I’m a Gibson Les Paul guy but used to play Strats a lot for a different sound. Love the Telecasters but the SRV Strat is my favorite.. Would love to play that one and use it as a conversation piece although I don’t even come CLOSE to the late SRV playing..
    Richard E.
    Columbus, MS

    • Michael says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks Richard.
      Sounds like we have a natural in the drawing.
      Good luck!

  272. Jason Ashmawi says:

    This is awesome! Thank you!

  273. Travis Dent says:


  274. Gregory says:


  275. Cathy Crecelius says:

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  276. Dixon says:

    This is great! I could use a good “W” in 2020

  277. Adam Bubar says:

    WABI TV5
    Really missing Vegas this year! Keep on rockin’ and we’ll see you next year!

  278. Edward Oliver says:

    WMBF News
    WMBF/Myrtle Beach

    Hope you’re doing well!

  279. Chris Gross says:

    I’d rather be in Vegas!

  280. Dave Downs says:

    Love the Texacaster or really any of them.

  281. Allan Snyder says:

    KATV - Little Rock
    Awesome guitars! I especially like the TEXACASTER, but I don’t know if I could get away with it here in Arkansas. Can’t wait for the giveaway!

  282. Erik Candiani says:

    WWBT NBC12
    Beautiful guitars… and I miss working closer with you guys!

  283. Vas Mountzouros says:

    I’ll trade you a kid for that Stevie Ray Vaughn lol. So sad to miss the Sam Jam! And everyone at Promax.

  284. Mallory Connelly says:

    Wish we all could be together in Vegas!

  285. Gene Kirkconnell says:

    WRBL-TV News 3
    Cool axes! Please put me in the bucket for the drawing.

  286. Meghanne Naylor says:

    Noelle Alanis is the dang coolest.

  287. Joey Kinsley says:

    Miss you all at Station Summit, already looking forward to next year!

  288. Chris says:

    It’s so awesome of you guys to still do your give-away this year.
    Thank You

  289. Bart Cox says:

    KWKT Fox 44
    I really miss seeing the staff at Stephen Arnold this year in Vegas. So fun and personable. Thanks for all you do.

  290. Steve Denari says:

    Great! Looking forward to it!

  291. Sean Dixon says:

    Miss seeing everyone… stay safe.

  292. Jason Andrews says:

    ABC Columbia / WOLO-TV
    So glad you guys still found a way to do this!

    • Michael says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Good luck Jason…like we discussed, what a better time to learn guitar!!

  293. Eric Dahl says:

    FOX 17
    I hope Stephen has played each and every one of these guitars! Maybe a Gibson Lucille for next year?

  294. Nick Schneider says:

    Miss you guys! Hope to be back in Vegas next year!

  295. Dani Barta says:

    WPGH FOX 53
    This is so neat!

  296. Josh Coley says:

    EW Scripps
    Please inject the Road Worn 50’s Tele into my veins stat. That guitar is insane.

  297. Bruce Hauver II says:

    Lilly Broadcasting, LLC.
    This was going to be my first Station Summit ☹
    Hope I can take one of these away with me!

  298. Dan Coyle says:

    EW Scripps
    Beautiful axes as always, Stephen! Thanks for the doing this yet again, even though we’re not all gathered around in the halls of The Mirage…and thanks for all the detail above about each gem.

  299. andrew levin says:

    WJAR NBC 10
    Miss you ALL!!! Guess I’ll have to do my own SAM Jam….

  300. Tim Sarquis says:

    Awesome guitars!

  301. Jared Morrison says:

    Thanks again, Hope we can hang out in person next year!

  302. Terry says:

    Count me in – thanks!

  303. Kelly Tibbit says:

    KTHV, Little Rock
    Always great music from Stephen Arnold!