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Thoughts On NAB

Well, we’re back from Vegas.  We actually got back late Friday night, but this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write anything.  Those first few days back from a week out of the office are always a chaotic whirlwind of catch-up. First off I wanna say that it was a blast!  We had such a great time; met a lot of cool people.  Most importantly, we […]

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We Have Our Winners!!

RTNDA and NAB are always great opportunities for seeing old friends, as well as making new ones. This year was particularly fun for us because around 3pm each day, we got to give away a Fender Road Worn guitar. Fresh crowds gathered around our booth, their fingers itching to run across the tattered frets… All in all, we had a great time at NAB/RTNDA, and so did the lucky winners […]

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Al Capone – Singer/Songwriter/Gangster

“He never sang to the feds, but it turns out Al Capone had a song in his heart. All it took was a stint in Alcatraz to bring it out,” begins the KFWB article on the ruthless crime boss. “The gangster who supposedly orchestrated the 1929 Valentine’s Day Massacre,” composed a love song, “Madonna Mia,” perhaps for the Virgin Mary or his faifthul wife, while expiating his sins at the […]

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New Music on Discovery

We just finished up a 3-part Discovery Channel series; “Cocaine Nation”, “Heroin Nation”, and “Meth Nation.”  It was a lot of fun.  They like a lot of music.  That doesn’t mean that Discovery has an extensive iTunes playlist, oh no.  Each 45 minute episode contained about 45 minutes of music. So yeah, the scores are pretty much wall-to-wall. The series explores the drug problems in our country.  Pretty compelling stuff. […]

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