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“A Lot Happens Early” on CBS’ The Early Show

When we were asked to write the song for CBS Early Show’s new “A Lot Happens Early” promo campaign, CBS called and outlined what they wanted to hear, their objectives, the audience they were targeting, and gave us a few reference tracks. It had to be a song you knew was a hit the first time you heard it. At SAM, we all agreed: Let’s knock the ball out of […]

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Maasai Music on iTunes?

According to Wired, the Maasai people are taking the first step to copyrighting their tribal tunes and twirls. The World Intellectual Property Organization, or the WIPO, gave the East African tribe a “laptop, camera and digital recorder” worth $11,000, believing the idea to be a “huge potential for communities to record, archive and also draw income from their cultural richness.” The Maasai are as much a part of East Africa […]

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