Reach viewers through their ears

At SAM, we specialize in sonic branding and original music for entertainment. Whether for streaming, television, film, or gaming, sound is an essential element that sets the tone for your content and programs. Use audio branding to create emotional connections that leave a lasting impression on your viewers. Let us show you how.

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Captivate Your Audience

Sound is visceral. It evokes the entire range of emotional responses. Effective sonic branding uses audio triggers to grab your audience’s attention and invite engagement. That is the power of an original and memorable musical brand signature.


Stephen Arnold Music captured the drama, intrigue, romance, action and mystery of WETA UK’s expansive programming in providing the musical theme for the station’s new on-air image campaign. The uplifting orchestral theme plays under a lively montage of clips from UK series, both classic and contemporary, while supporting the theme, “British Television at Its Best.”
Ranked one of the fastest growing sonic brands (SoundOut), SAM’s musical theme for WETA UK captures the drama, intrigue, romance, action and mystery of the station’s new on-air image campaign.

HLN Original Series

SAM’s longstanding relationship with HLN Original Series has produced primary thematic scores for numerous programs across their lineup. We’ve additionally composed a multi-themed underscoring toolbox for the HLN Original Series team including a wide range of custom mix-outs, sound effects, and transitional elements.

Catchy Comedy

Weigel Broadcasting needed a fresh sonic brand for their newest offering, “Catchy Comedy,” featuring a line-up of classic TV comedies. To underscore the fun, Stephen Arnold Music created a playful musical theme designed to reflect the laughs and drive even more loyalty for these favorite TV sitcoms. The music puts the viewer in the right emotional state with a catchy, five-note sonic signature that becomes the foundation of this new, playful network.

The List

Scripps Media called upon SAM to develop an original theme and music package for The List — a daily 30-minute national news magazine covering the latest in pop culture, trends, viral videos, and hi-tech. We composed an energetic opening identity for the show along with supporting beds and interstitials to keep the show’s content fresh and engaging for 57M online views and counting.


One thing Gearbox knows is that their fans are VERY discerning. With over a decade of creative partnership starting with production music, then main titles themes of AAA releases, Gearbox and SAM found their rhythm with a Sonic Brand that speaks to the gaming masses. With a target demo of 12–44, this had to be fun, engaging, and work with a well known graphic mark. We knew we had a winner – Gearbox knew it as well.

HDNet Movies

HDNet came to SAM with a sophisticated new on-air look and a simple audio objective: appeal to movie lovers of all ages “while emphasizing HDNet Movies’ modern take on a classic cinematic experience.” SAM supported their message with music that was atmospheric, airy, advanced, and extremely versatile.


Let SAM bring your entertainment branding projects to life with custom music and sound. Reach out today to discuss your custom sonic needs.

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