We call it chewing gum stuck in your brain

Sonic Branding is the “PAVLOV’S BELL” of music. Brands delivered sonically reach a place in the brain that visual branding alone can’t approach. Learn more about Sonic Branding.

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Sonic Branding Montage

I am a recorded musical composition. I am your company brand expressed as a music theme. I am leaving the little speakers behind me as an audio wave headed toward your customers’ ears. I go inside, and I make a beeline for the brain. Here, inside your customers’ brains, is exactly where I belong. I will never leave. I will toy with their emotions and memories to ensure they remember me. Because I am a sonic brand.

Marketing Genius Promax Session

Watch Stephen Arnold, at this Promax Marketing Session, discuss the creative “sonic branding” process behind the original music for WGNO-TV, New Orleans, LA. This custom music campaign entitled “God Bless Louisiana” won multiple PromaxBDA Gold, Emmy, and Addy Awards and features the voice talent of renowned actor Wendell Pierce. Recorded in New Orleans, it features all local musicians.

CCTV International

China Central Television (CCTV) is part of a global broadcasting force that reaches over one billion people. CCTV International entrusted the sound of their 5 channel rebrand — Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish — to Stephen Arnold Music. Between working with decision-makers half a world away, navigating cultural differences, along with having unprecedented collaboration with graphics/set designers, CCTV was a sonic branding journey all its own.

Sonic Branding Clients Include

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