It’s audible chewing gum stuck in your brain

Sonic Branding is the “PAVLOV’S BELL” of music. Brands delivered sonically reach a place in the brain that visual branding alone can’t approach. From TV to TikTok, we help our clients to be heard wherever their audiences are. Download our white paper to learn more about Sonic Branding.

Sonic branding white paper

Sonic Branding Montage

What’s the sound or your brand? Is it memorable? Is it inspiring? Is it the sound of your story? Successful sonic branding embodies your identity. It’s part of everything you are, everything you do and everywhere you go. It transcends languages, geography, culture. It creates an immediate emotional connection. An unforgettable sonic brand is marketing gold.

The Science of Sound

Understanding how the brain processes sound is essential to sonic branding. Good sonic branding stimulates an emotional response, but great sonic branding does more–it becomes rooted in the belief system. It’s what makes the best sonic brands so deeply resonant and meaningful, and that’s why, when we hear the Mission: Impossible theme, we feel danger in the air. Sonic brands, as they tap into our emotions and gradually and consistently become beliefs, are irresistible. For brands, they are a gold mine.

What's the Sound of Your Brand?

At SAM, we know that sound is a powerful tool for reaching audiences emotionally and building meaningful brand recognition. For three decades, we’ve worked with leading organizations worldwide to deliver impactful, brand-defining, award-winning music and sound identities. For us, it’s all about collaborating with our clients, thoroughly understanding your who’s, what’s and why’s before developing unparalleled sonic solutions that elevate your storytelling across brand touchpoints. What’s the sound of your brand?

CCTV International Rebrand

China Central Television (CCTV) is part of a global broadcasting force that reaches over one billion people. CCTV International entrusted the sound of their 5 channel rebrand — Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish — to Stephen Arnold Music. Between working with decision-makers half a world away, navigating cultural differences, along with having unprecedented collaboration with graphics/set designers, CCTV was a sonic branding journey all its own.


One thing Gearbox knows is that their fans are VERY discerning. With over a decade of creative partnership starting with production music, then main titles themes of AAA releases, Gearbox and SAM found their rhythm with a Sonic Brand that speaks to the gaming masses. With a target demo of 12–44, this had to be fun, engaging, and work with a well known graphic mark. We knew we had a winner – Gearbox knew it as well.

Marketing Genius Promax Session

Watch Stephen Arnold, at this Promax Marketing Session, discuss the creative “sonic branding” process behind the original music for WGNO-TV, New Orleans, LA. This custom music campaign entitled “God Bless Louisiana” won multiple PromaxBDA Gold, Emmy, and Addy Awards and features the voice talent of renowned actor Wendell Pierce. Recorded in New Orleans, it features all local musicians.

Sonic Branding Clients Include