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How a peacock introduced the first sonic brand. A true story. By Stephen Arnold

Way more mellifluous than a squawk. More memorable than than any chirp, hoot, cluck or quack could ever be. Over ninety years ago, the National Broadcasting Company—the broadcast network that years later would be canonized as the proud peacock—aired three distinctive chimes on radio for the very first time. Chimes that global marketing experts have long identified as the first use of a “sonic” brand. A series of sounds so […]

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6 Tips for Securing Music Rights

Manage your expectations. OK…so you’re in deep on your perfect project, and you’ve found the perfect track – it’s from Coldplay!  Stop immediately!  Managing your – or your clients – expectations is the most important first step!  Commercially released songs from recording artists can be wildly expensive to clear, if they’ll even clear at all.  Instead, we typically use reference tracks not synchronized to a project to gauge the overall […]

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