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Timing Is Everything

With Audio Branding, Timing is Everything

We’ve all felt that awkwardness when a friend tells a joke and rushes the punchline, or places it in the wrong order. You do your best to feign a laugh, but the joke falls flat — the moment is gone. Music, like comedy, is all about timing. When it comes to audio branding, the right music at the right moment means the difference between making a deep connection and just […]

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illustration of large gramophone and men dancing and playing music

Top Ad Jingles by Famous Musicians

Whether you find them enjoyable or annoying, commercial jingles gave sonic branding its start. You might be surprised to know how many famous musicians lent their abilities to creating some of those infamous tunes that you still can’t get out of your head. As The World Leader in Sonic Branding®, we’ve written our fair share of hits, but we’re never too proud to give credit where credit is due. From […]

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robot hand and human hand

Can AI create better sonic branding than humans can?

With continued interest in generative AI for music and arts, we were curious to know if AI music platforms could create brand music as emotionally appealing as that of our professional composers. We decided to put machines to the test, partnering with the world leader in sonic testing, SoundOut. Together, we designed a two-part study measuring overall appeal and emotional accuracy of AI music versus human music. Creative briefs were […]

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12" LP spines

Will today’s music be remembered?

Insights on music consumption habits, memory, and what it means for the world of sonic branding — Thinking about today’s music in the context of greats such as The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, and David Bowie begs the question, will today’s music be remembered? After all, we have access to more media than at any other point in history. The sheer volume would seem to lessen our ability for recall years […]

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illustration of girl with headphones surrounded by multiple devices

Your Brand Needs More Than a Sonic Logo

If a sonic logo is the only audio branding you have, you’re going to have trouble being heard. This isn’t because sonic logos — those catchy, often subliminal musical lines accompanying a brand’s visual mark — aren’t effective. In fact, many sonic logos are so good, we not only have trouble getting them out of our heads, we often recall them better than we do a company’s visual logo. The […]

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Artificial Intelligence Sonic Branding

Can AI Create a Sonic Brand?

These days, AI, and more specifically generative AI — which produces things like text, images, video, and music — is creating a lot of buzz (or fear depending on your stance). With such a growing interest in generative AI and big companies like Google and Microsoft pushing to innovate in the field, what does this mean for music creators, and more specifically, for the sonic branding world — could AI […]

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the big game 2023

The Sounds of the Big Game

Did you watch the 2023 Big Game? It certainly was a classic, hard-fought contest, with a memorable halftime performance by Rihanna – featuring hundreds of dancers in what looked like hazmat suits! But last Sunday was the Big Game of commercials as well, with the FOX network taking in almost $600 million in revenue. And that doesn’t account for the tens of millions of dollars advertisers spent preparing those commercials. […]

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What’s the Sound of Your Brand?

It’s hard to think of the phrase “I’m lovin’ it” and not immediately recall the “ba-da-ba-ba-ba” of the McDonald’s jingle. It’s catchy, appealing and has been repeated so often, that, love it or hate it, it’s etched in your brain like a pop song from high school. Chances are that the sounds you hear when you power up your laptop, log into Netflix or make a Skype call are also […]

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Millennial Girl

Want to Reach Millennials? The Best Way May Be Through Their Ears.

For many brands, millennials are the holy grail. More than 80 million strong in the United States—a quarter of the country’s population—they are expected to spend a whopping $1.4 trillion this year (according to the consulting firm Accenture). Reaching these young people is a priority for most marketing campaigns, but to do so effectively, brands need to understand millennials’ buying patterns, lifestyle choices, entertainment preferences and ethics, and how they […]

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