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Top 50 Most Loved Sounds

At Stephen Arnold Music, we are obsessed with sonic branding. Our mission, on every project, is to create a distinctive melody or sound that will connect a brand or product to its target audience. Sound and music share a unique quality. They can both trigger memories – and emotional responses. A certain song can remind you of the first person you fell in love with, a sporting event, a certain […]

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Can I Borrow Your Favorite Guitar

“Can I borrow a couple of your favorite guitars for a few days?”

I remember back in the summer of 2011 getting a call from Texas photographer Chris Fritchie. “I have this idea,” began our phone conversation, “May I borrow a couple of your favorite guitars for a few days? . . . Trust me,” he said. Chris has a passion for music – especially guitars – and what he always loved about talking “guitars” with me was that it was never about […]

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Little Kids Rock

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Few can deny that music is an indelible part in their lives. But how does that happen? When does it start? And why is it so persistent and pervasive? Many say we were first exposed to music through our mother’s womb, but I can’t say that Patty Page and Perry Como made much of an impression on me as a child! But it certainly starts penetrating our brains at an […]

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