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On the road…New York style

We were looking forward to escaping the searing Dallas heat only to land in New York City amidst their biggest heatwave in years. Weather be damned, we did have fun and made some new friends. We also: Ate some weird food in Chinatown; cruised rickshaw style through mid-town; and stayed in arguably one of the smallest hotel rooms known to man. Below are some pics from our trip to the […]

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“So Do I Need To Tell The Brass Players To Go Home?”

Even the best of recording gear occasionally needs a tune up. After the LCD display on our DM2000 console bit the dust major surgery was required. Fortunately we have some of the best techs in the business. And in case you’re wondering, everything is back up and running.

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PromaxBDA Recap: In A Word…’Golden’

Stephen Arnold Music had an award-winning run at PromaxBDA 2010. First we won the prestigious “Network Sound Off,” as FOX network executives chose Stephen Arnold Music’s score to launch their new drama “Ride Along,” by the creators of “The Shield.” The :90 promo will debut during Super Bowl XLV. In addition, we took home two Gold awards at the conference: “Use of an Original Composition in a Promo, New Orleans […]

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