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Young Directors + South African Band = Cool Music Video

A few good friends of mine are burgeoning film directors in Cape Town, South Africa. I met them in Cairo and later worked with them on the music for Dorotea Vucic’s “Wamkelekile: Welcome Home,” an Oscar nominated short-film from the Western Cape. They recently sent me this, a music video for the South African band “Hot Water.” Claude and Daniel Morcos, “the Morcos Brothers” as they have been coined, directed […]

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“…And all under heaven there is entire repose.”

All of us, by which I mean all people in general, are artists of sorts – we strive to become better at the things we love, whether that be songwriting or parenthood (or both), and we do so with such conviction that we are able to shake off the ever-present naysayers, those agents of cynicism who always manage to be standing on the street corner when we stumble by, whispering […]

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