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“I Think I Saved This Guitars Life”

This is a prelude to our upcoming book – “A Story Of Six Strings,” which chronicles the history of Stephen Arnold Music through Stephen’s guitars, all of which were photographed on location throughout the western United States. Stephen:  “I had always wanted a Fender Strat but never could afford one. The ‘69 strat was especially iconic, because that was the year Fender changed to a larger headstock and a U-shaped […]

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Extra Extra, Read All About Us…

They say there’s no such thing as bad press. I guess. We wouldn’t know. We only get good press. Here’s some recent coverage of Stephen Arnold Music. 1. Brief — the quarterly publication of PromaxBDA — spoke with Stephen Arnold for their feature “Song From Scratch Or Licensed Tracks.” 2. Noted Forbes and Financial Times media reporter James Erik Abels is now the host of Three Minute Media — a […]

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