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My First Guitar

We all remember our first…guitar that is. This is mine — an original 1960s Sears Silvertone, which later became Danelectro, and yes that’s the original case with a small amp built right into it. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. And check out that price from an original Sears catalog — $67.95! Talk about money well spent.

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“It’s All About Early”

We had this idea. With so many stations dealing with reduced staffs and working within increasingly tight budgets, we wondered wouldn’t it be cool if we could create a fresh, no-hassle on-air look for the morning news — an increasingly valuable part of every station’s daily schedule. Thus “It’s All About Early’ was born. This is a video AND audio package designed to make local stations look and sound better […]

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Golf Channel’s New Reality Show “Pipe Dream” Strikes A Chord

When one thinks of the Golf Channel you might not immediately think of it as the likely home for a new show about a homeless man seeking to redeem himself through his love of golf, but that’s the story behind their new reality series “Pipe Dream” — the story of Mark Burk, a pro golfer who had it all, lost it all and is now working his way back to […]

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Stephen And Chad Interviewed By Sports Video Group

On Tuesday of this week, Stephen and Chad were interviewed by Dan Daley of the Sports Video Group. In the 1987 film Broadcast News, real-life film-score composers Marc Shaiman and Glen Roven had a cameo as dorky musicians trying to pitch a new theme song for the network’s nightly news broadcast. They frantically introduce the parts as they sing them — “Now comes the counter melody!” — and signal the piece’s […]

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