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Music is essential in defining the personality of your team and driving fan engagement. Sonic branding and custom music elevates the game for today’s hottest teams and sports events and scores big with fans. Step up your team’s audio game today.

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Elevate Your Game

SAM has created custom music and sonic brands for teams and sporting events including the Denver Nuggets, Ryder Cup, Augusta National Women’s Amateur tournament, Kansas City Royals, American Rodeo, and more. Let us develop the perfect audio solutions to fit your sports branding and marketing needs that will make your team sound like champions and leave a lasting impression.

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Broadcasting reached out to SAM to create a distinct sonic brand and iconic theme for their television and radio game broadcasts, promotions and marketing content. The theme needed to be epic, bold, exciting, and dynamic – and at the same production level of the best NFL themes out there. The music features all live orchestration paired with live drums, bass, and guitar, along with a multi-dimensional and modular theme that provides a wide variety of edits for opens, intros, outs, bumps, teases, transitions, interstitials, IDs and promos.

Mets/Yankees "Game On"

In New York City, PIX11 means baseball! And we were plenty excited to take a swing at the music package for their new PIX11’s “Game On” Yankees/Mets promo campaign. This is a fun one – featuring an edgy blend of modern music styles, catchy hooks, and multi-vocal performances. It’s catchy and high energy, and really sets an exciting tone for a fresh season of baseball!

NBC + Golf Channel: Augusta National

Our Mission: Compose and produce a theme that reflects and communicates the brand and legacy of Augusta National – as well as the excitement and new beginnings of the ANWA Tournament. The music needed to capture the emotion and tell the story of these women amateur golfers chasing their dream. The composition features live orchestration – and an all female string ensemble!

CNN: Aiming for Gold

For the 2022 winter games in Beijing, CNN International returned to SAM for a third iteration of the network’s custom music package and sonic brand, “Aiming for Gold,” which aired on all its channels worldwide. The package reflects the majesty, drama, inspiration and passion of the games. To echo the host country’s culture, we incorporated live orchestration and regional instruments, including the guzheng (plucked zither), yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer), xiao (Chinese woodwind) and Chinese dragon drums.

Sony Interactive: MLB The Show

Sony Interactive reached out to SAM to create a distinct and compelling composition for their blockbuster smash, MLB The Show. They wanted a piece that had an epic ‘sports’ sound with modern electronic and urban elements. So we went to work, collaborating with players from the Dallas and Fort Worth Symphony Orchestras, as well as renowned beats producer Adrian Boeckeler. The result is an exciting theme that’s as big and thrilling as the game itself!

Sports Production Music

The Vault production music library, by Stephen Arnold Music, has a vast collection of sports music. Our high energy, fresh tracks are guaranteed to drive your sports marketing and events into high gear. The Vault is a massive production music library of more than 350,000 premium tracks, so you’re sure to find what you need. Have a listen.


Let SAM bring your team and sports events come to life with custom music, sonic branding and production music. Connect with us today to learn more.

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