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Guitar Neck

Anatomy of a Road Worn Guitar

Everyone’s got that dog-eared book that’s barely held together at the binding from so many reads. Or that old holey t-shirt you can’t stop wearing. Or a ratty pair of sneakers you’ve had since high school. They’re comforting and comfortable and loved from overuse. Instruments are very much the same – they grow with a person over the years in a symbiotic relationship. Dings and scratches mysteriously appear and eventually […]

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Les Paul

The Legend Lives On…

Four years ago this week Les Paul died at the ripe old age of 94.  It was truly the passing of a legend.  And whether you were born in 1920 or the year 2000, he’s profoundly affected your life, and you might not even know it! As a performer and musician, his TV and radio program “The Les Paul & Mary Show” was syndicated into millions of households and made […]

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