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‘It’s All About Early’: Hard News

Thanks to the success of the first ”It’s All About Early” — our fully-produced and edited audio + video  promo package created for local morning newscasts — we’ve put together a brand new one. This time with a hard news edge. Shot in HD by our friends at Hothaus Creative, “It’s All About Early: Hard News” provides local TV stations with an affordable, market-exclusive promo package that can hit the […]

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Remembering 8-Tracks

Earlier this week I came across this series of stories on NPR that looks back fondly on lost audio formats, with the first story on the history of 8-Track tapes. A quick survey of the Stephen Arnold Music staff found that most had never seen an actual 8-Track let alone owned any. Except of course Stephen himself, who not only owned them, he still has an actual working 8-Track recorder […]

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More Musical Birdies For Golf Channel

Our good friends at Golf Channel came to us recently to capture the musical identity of two of their new shows. “Morning Drive” is a brash new entry into the world of morning sports talk.  “Pipe Dream” is a 10-part reality series chronicling 53-year old pro golfer Mark Burk’s journey to restore his golf career. Check ’em out below:

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Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads + Staff Predictions

It’s Super Bowl week, AND the Super Bowl is being played here in Dallas, so we here at Stephen Arnold Music are twice as excited (at least most of us are). And even if the game’s a blowout, the ads always deliver. We asked some of our crew here for their favor Super Bowl ad and a game prediction. Here’s what we came up with. Noelle Alanis: Prediction: “The Colts […]

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