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Promax 2019: Grunge Guitar Giveaways!

SAM is returning to the Promax Conference and Station Summit this June, and we’ll be bringing – and giving away – some really cool, iconic guitars. This year’s we are doing “Grunge Guitar Giveaways,” which feature unique replicas of guitars popularized during the ‘90s grunge movement, including those played by Sonic Youth and Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. The 2019 Promax Conference 1960’s Fender Jazzmaster Replica Introduced in 1958, following the success […]

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Vault Music Publishing Album Images

6 Tips for Securing Music Rights

Manage your expectations. OK…so you’re in deep on your perfect project, and you’ve found the perfect track – it’s from Coldplay!  Stop immediately!  Managing your – or your clients – expectations is the most important first step!  Commercially released songs from recording artists can be wildly expensive to clear, if they’ll even clear at all.  Instead, we typically use reference tracks not synchronized to a project to gauge the overall […]

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