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Halls of the Machine: What does Silence Sound Like?

We are finalizing the details for a new release that we are particularly excited about: the ambient instrumental group Halls of the Machine. Since several of the band members are local, we had the privilege to meet with two of them, Michael Jerome and Mike Graff, to learn about the project they conceived, recorded and produced at the end of their days with Course of Empire.

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As If Five Guitars Weren’t Enough!

UPDATE:  And the winners are . . . Well, we’re doing it again.  We’ve got four more guitars going out to some soon to be very lucky people. If you’re going to PROMAX this year, be sure to stop by our second-floor booth each day (Tuesday thru Thursday) to register for a chance to win.  The Tuesday drawing will be at 6pm.  The Wednesday & Thursday drawings will be at […]

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What Do Get Smart and SAM have in Common?

“I didn’t realize that Get Smart was a Mel Brooks production… but it’s obvious now,” I heard Clay say as I walked into the Control Room. Clay recently bought the DVDs for his wife, who used to watch the show frequently. As Clay and Paul, our chief engineer, deconstructed some old mixes in the control room, Clay mentioned this in passing. Once started on the subject of Get Smart, Paul, […]

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