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Wanna Sound Like Jimi? Here’s the Ultimate Jimi Hendrix Guitar & Gear Guide

Jimi Hendrix, despite being the most innovative guitarist of his day, had a fairly limited collection of equipment during his music career. There are a number of reasons for this, but his tragic death at the early age of 27 certainly was one of the major ones. Our friends at Zing Instruments have created a “Jimi Hendrix Guitar and Gear Guide,” where they look at the equipment Jimi used throughout […]

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PromaxBDA 2018: Six-Strings of the ’60s Guitar Giveaway

SAM is returning to the PromaxBDA Conference and Station Summit this month, and we’ll be bringing – and giving away – some really cool, unique guitars. This year’s two giveaways feature replica guitars that were popular during the ’60s. At the PromaxBDA Conference, a lucky winner will go home with a custom Gibson SG, hand-painted with bright colors, peace signs, and other nods to the culture of that time. A […]

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