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The Origins of Sonic Branding

There’s nothing new about the sonic brand, it’s been going on for tens of thousands of years. Think about the rooster crowing, the thunder from the lightning. All these things are basically the foundation of what a sonic brand is: They evoke an emotional response when somebody hears it. What a sonic brand really does is evoke something in your brain that says, “Hey, go do this,” or “Get ready […]

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Guitar Of The Month Club

Heard a great unknown singer-songwriter? indie band? We’re looking for them. Send us a track ( and each month we will post and everyone will vote. The winner will receive a very cool guitar from Stephen’s collection. All entries must be received via email by 30th of each month. Winner will be annouced  7 days later. Kool stuff from your friends at SAM.

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And the winner is…

At last week’s PromaxBDA conference in New York City we gave away more cool stuff, including 2 guitars (one ‘Hendrix’ model Strat, and a Tom Petty autographed Telecaster), as well as some awesome leather jackets & boots, and even a copy of Stephen Arnold’s forthcoming book “A Story of Six Strings.” Congratulations to all our winners: • Elizabeth Massip of Bravo won the Fender Telecaster autographed by Tom Petty. • […]

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