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Your Brand Needs More Than a Sonic Logo

If a sonic logo is the only audio branding you have, you’re going to have trouble being heard. This isn’t because sonic logos — those catchy, often subliminal musical lines accompanying a brand’s visual mark — aren’t effective. In fact, many sonic logos are so good, we not only have trouble getting them out of our heads, we often recall them better than we do a company’s visual logo. The […]

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Promax Local Awards 2023 - Congratulations Graphic

Stephen Arnold Music brings home the hardware at the 2023 PROMAX Local Awards

It was a great year for Stephen Arnold Music and our client stations at the PROMAX Local Virtual Awards Show for Local TV on Thursday, August 3, 2023. SAM was recognized with two Gold Awards and three Silver Awards. SAM brought home Gold with TV station KRQE in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for their “” website promotion spot. In order to promote the versatility and variety of their website, we created […]

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Attractions Technology Lab

ATL 2023: Taking Themed Entertainment to the Next Level

Attractions Technology Lab 2023 (ATL), an immersive dive into the latest innovations in themed entertainment, took place recently in Orlando and did not disappoint. This year was the first time SAM participated in ATL and it won’t be the last. Having spent a week on the floor immersed in the sights and sounds, and meeting with attractions industry leaders, notable takeaways from ATL 2023 include the incredible feats of creativity […]

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ATL Cyberpunk Guitar from SAM

ATL Cyberpunk Guitar Giveaway

We have our winner! Check out the announcement here > Hi ATL Attendees — Hope you all had a great experience at ATL last week, and thanks for checking out our cyberpunk guitar! Drawing to be held on Wednesday, November 29th and posting results to our blog by 5pm ET, so keep an eye out. Good luck! Sound You Can Feel TILT La Sagrada Familia Philly from the Top SAM […]

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Stephen Arnold Music will never contact you via WhatsApp and ask you for money or employment.

Important Notification Recently, we’ve received several inquiries about a fraudulent company posing as Stephen Arnold Music. As far as we know, this fraudulent company is reaching out to people via WhatsApp, asking them to work for Stephen Arnold Music (Global or UK), and to give reviews to boost artists/musicians. They are also asking people to send them money, paid in crypto, before doing a review. This is a phishing scam, […]

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Envisioning the Sound of Sagrada Família

Have you ever used music to describe an experience so powerful, words and pictures couldn’t do it justice? At SAM, we often interpret the world through sound, especially when trying to make sense of visceral experiences. During a recent visit to Spain, we were fortunate to tour Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece, Basílica de la Sagrada Família, and the experience left us, well… speechless. In an effort to describe how it made […]

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What’s new from The World Leader in Sonic Branding

Our SAM team has been busy with exciting projects for tourism, experiential, broadcast, streaming and film. What they have in common are interesting challenges, diverse needs and impactful sonic branding solutions. These audio strategies helped drive immersive, emotional engagement in content, social media, and in-person experiences. Here’s a rundown of some recent projects: WETA PBS – Sonic Rebrand Stephen Arnold Music was privileged to create an all-new group sonic rebranding […]

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WETA’s sonic brand ranked by The SoundOut Index as one of the fastest growing sonic brands

Great News! Our newly developed sonic brand for WETA, the leading public broadcasting station in our nation’s capital, has been rated by SoundOut as one of the fastest growing sonic brands in the country! SoundOut is the world leader in testing for audio branding, and we’re thrilled that their research shows that listeners are responding to and connecting with WETA’s audio signature in a big way! View the SoundOut Report […]

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Artificial Intelligence Sonic Branding

Can AI Create a Sonic Brand?

These days, AI, and more specifically generative AI — which produces things like text, images, video, and music — is creating a lot of buzz (or fear depending on your stance). With such a growing interest in generative AI and big companies like Google and Microsoft pushing to innovate in the field, what does this mean for music creators, and more specifically, for the sonic branding world — could AI […]

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