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Watch Battle of the Promo Superstars 2024 – Virtual Edition

Get ready for the ultimate showdown as TV station marketing superstars apply their promo magic to the same news story! Thanks to all who attended our 8th Annual (and first virtual) Battle of the Promo Superstars event. For folks who couldn’t make it to our session (or if you simply want to watch it again), here’s the BATTLE. And a special THANK YOU to our 2024 participants. We couldn’t have […]

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Get Your Game On

It’s game time…are you ready? You bring the inspiration, and we’ll bring the punch and adrenaline to your sports coverage music needs. Do you have a new sports franchise this year? From custom music to custom lyrics to syndicated tracks – Stephen Arnold Music has everything you need to inject BIG energy into your sports packages. Get your game face on – with sports music from Stephen Arnold Music! Take […]

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What’s new from The World Leader in Sonic Branding

Our team at SAM was busy in 2023 with exciting projects for sports, news, commercials, trailer music and more. Hey, we even created our own SAM hero video via generative AI! Here’s a rundown of some recent projects: What’s the Sound of Your Brand? – SAM Brand Video Last year we produced a new SAM creative reel combining sonic branding with AI-generated animation. Created in association with transmedia company Elevate […]

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Timing Is Everything

With Audio Branding, Timing is Everything

We’ve all felt that awkwardness when a friend tells a joke and rushes the punchline, or places it in the wrong order. You do your best to feign a laugh, but the joke falls flat — the moment is gone. Music, like comedy, is all about timing. When it comes to audio branding, the right music at the right moment means the difference between making a deep connection and just […]

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Top Ad Jingles by Famous Musicians

Whether you find them enjoyable or annoying, commercial jingles gave sonic branding its start. You might be surprised to know how many famous musicians lent their abilities to creating some of those infamous tunes that you still can’t get out of your head. As The World Leader in Sonic Branding®, we’ve written our fair share of hits, but we’re never too proud to give credit where credit is due. From […]

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Image of Modern Drummer Magizine article Dave Abbruzzese of Pearl Jam

Interview with Pearl Jam’s Dave Abbruzzese

It’s not every day that you get to talk shop with a true legend of grunge rock, so when Modern Drummer Magazine reached out asking if I might interview fellow Dallasite, Dave Abbruzzese of Pearl Jam, I didn’t hesitate. Dave Abbruzzese didn’t start out in Seattle — the birthplace of grunge — but he got there as quick as he could when fellow Texan and drum extraordinaire Matt Chamberlain gave […]

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Can AI create better sonic branding than humans can?

With continued interest in generative AI for music and arts, we were curious to know if AI music platforms could create brand music as emotionally appealing as that of our professional composers. We decided to put machines to the test, partnering with the world leader in sonic testing, SoundOut. Together, we designed a two-part study measuring overall appeal and emotional accuracy of AI music versus human music. Creative briefs were […]

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SAM Wins 6x MUSE Creative Awards!

Stephen Arnold Music (SAM), The World Leader in Sonic Branding®, has been recognized for six awards at the 2024 MUSE Creative Awards in the categories of Audio, Experiential & Immersive, and Video. The MUSE Creative Awards is a prestigious international advertising awards platform, celebrating excellence and innovation for creative design, advertising, and digital media. The 2024 program attracted numerous high-profile creative agencies and brands vying for coveted recognition. Stephen Arnold […]

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Programming Everywhere Guitar Giveaway

It’s Programming Everywhere at NAB 2024, and a Highway Guitar Giveaway!

We’re excited to be an official sponsor again of TVNewsCheck’s Programming Everywhere Conference which is part of the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas. The Programming Everywhere Conference is an all day event and will reside at the Encore Hotel, Beethoven Ballroom, on Sunday, April 14th. Our guitar giveaway is at 3 p.m. during the Networking Break. We hope to see you there. Programming Everywhere is about keeping a keen […]

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Music for Brands: Why it’s better to create your own sonic identity

Amidst licensing and royalty battles over popular music, brands can more efficiently reach audiences by taking control of their sonic image. A dispute over royalties between music publishers and social media platforms is currently making headlines worldwide. Songs by some of the best loved artists are being scrubbed from social platforms because licensing agreements for their music were not renewed. Thousands of popular videos are being pulled down or put […]

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