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And The Winners Are . . .

Well, we got a great response for the iNews giveaway.  Thanks to everyone for participating.  And special thanks for all the kind remarks about the music!  We’re really proud of this new package, and we’re so happy to see that it resonates out there in the real world. So without further delay, congratulations to: Dave Medley of WLEX-TV  —   iPhone Eric Christiansen of Film Garden TV   —   […]

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It Really Will Get Loud

As a part of the sales department here at Stephen Arnold Music, I know that the instruments I play are my Toshiba telephone and my mighty Mac PowerBook G4. That’s my daytime life. But when I go home, it is another thing altogether. In my home office (sometimes I refer to it as my stage), I keep three of my best friends: a (what can now be called vintage) C-1 […]

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The Devaluation Of Music.

Imagine walking into a Bentley dealership and saying, “Gee, I sure like that $375,000 Azure, but I only have $30,000 to spend. Do you think you could accept that?” This an interesting excerpt from a book by Tom Petty’s publishing manager, Randall Wixen. (The Plain & Simple Guide To Music Publishing.) Wixen hits on how everyday, music is becoming “devalued” and how important it is for us (writers and publishers) […]

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