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Your Brand Needs More Than a Sonic Logo

If a sonic logo is the only audio branding you have, you’re going to have trouble being heard. This isn’t because sonic logos — those catchy, often subliminal musical lines accompanying a brand’s visual mark — aren’t effective. In fact, many sonic logos are so good, we not only have trouble getting them out of our heads, we often recall them better than we do a company’s visual logo. The […]

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Stephen Arnold Music Sets the Emotional Tone for KRQE’s “KRQE Cares”

Original song promotes annual fundraiser to provide shoes and more to low income students. DALLAS—September 11, 2023— Stephen Arnold Music recently teamed with KRQE on an inspirational original theme song for the Albuquerque television station’s KRQE Cares campaign. Making a Difference is being used in promos and other marketing media supporting the annual fundraiser, which provides shoes and more to local children from families experiencing financial hardship. The campaign runs […]

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