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If it can Snow in Texas, Dreams can come true.

It is a rare experience in Texas to be beset by snow.  For most Texans, snow is a phrase reserved for describing that blurred and fuzzy effect on one’s TV screen that gets in the way of watching reruns of “Dallas.” But in fact, on occasion, snow does fall from the skies above Texas.  We Texans, whether transplanted or true-born, are always happy about this phenomenon for a number of […]

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Romance, Revenge and the SAM Christmas Dinner

SAM’s Xmas dinner was a great one this year. It always comes with a price, though – in order to be included in this exclusive feast of wine and lobster, you must bring a White Elephant gift. I thought long and hard about what to bring, and frankly it stressed me out a bit. I started to think through what I had – a spare picture frame, photo-shop skills, a […]

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