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A Look Behind The Curtain – Creating “Guardian”

We are really excited about our latest news music branding package “Guardian”. I was recently interviewed by NewscastStudio for a “behind the scenes” look at the new package and details about its creation and development. There is a great deal of thought that goes into producing branded music for media. Much more than just creating “cool” music, one must consider the brand objective, how it will live in various media […]

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Follow Your Passion

Following My Passion

Coming from a country where oil refineries are the bread and butter of life, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that a music career doesn’t sound too appealing to the ears of some parents where I grew up. That was kind of my case. I was born and raised in a little town in the north part of Venezuela, on a little peninsula called Paraguana. There are three things you […]

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Promax 2014

PromaxBDA: NYC and Station Summit …. Done!

Sometimes being the “new kid on the block” has its perks! Especially when it means joining the Stephen Arnold Music team just in time for their Promax conferences in NYC and Las Vegas! PromaxDBA: The Conference in New York was the beginning of a whole new world for me. So much to soak up, in so little time! Amidst all the hustle and meeting new clients, I was able to […]

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1700s tech

What was Hi-Tech in 1713?

Remember the video clip of violin master Joshua Bell that went crazy viral some 5 years ago?  Perhaps the most gifted violinist alive, hardly noticed, playing in DC during rush hour at an underground metro station…currently, the Youtube video is at 4 million plus views and counting. As the below story reads, aside from being a virtuoso, Bell is somewhat of a techie…he’s up on all the latest devices, apps […]

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Kickstarter logo

Kickstart Your Art

So an interesting thing happened last week.  A very good, but only moderately popular* TV show that was cancelled in 2007 (!) was very suddenly brought back to life by its loyal fans.  Granted, it’s only coming back as a movie and not a full TV series, but it could kinda change everything.  Rob Thomas (no, not that one) the creator of Veronica Mars decided to give Kickstarter a try […]

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LKR group pic

Don’t Stop The Music

  “Music education is being stripped from our nation’s public schools at an alarming rate due to budget cuts,” Keith Hejna, Communications & Outreach Coordinator for Little Kids Rock says. “It’s up to the adults to stand up for our children’s right to rock… and ensure that they receive music education, which is vital to their development as students and human beings.” That’s why we’re so excited to support Little […]

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Finding a Fitting Sound

When it comes to writing music for a documentary series, reality show, film or even the network news, the process is always the same. In order to create a piece that fits your client best, it is essential to determine what sound your client is looking for. It is best to sit down with your client and ask them essential questions such as: What image are you wishing to convey […]

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Rocking with Dr. Drew

Our good friends at CNN HLN asked us to compose the theme for their newest show “Dr. Drew,” starring everyone’s favorite addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky, best known for “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” and “Sober House” on VH1, as well as the national radio show “Loveline.” The show premieres tonight at 9pm est on HLN. Given HLN’s sonic brand — which tends to feature a quick, upbeat pace — […]

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Record Labels Kill Competition – good article from Wayne Rosso

Just read a great post from Wayne Rosso: John Lennon would have been 70 years old this week. It got me thinking about one of his most famous lyrics, a line from “God”: “The dream is over.” Lennon may have been reflecting on the demise of the Beatles, but it seems to also apply to the once enthusiastic promise of digital music services. The hope of pioneering the music industry’s […]

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