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Stephen Arnold Music Goes International – in a BIG Way

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For Stephen Arnold Music, it helps to have an international reputation for your sonic branding expertise. It spawns conversations with overseas organizations like the China Global Television Network (CGTN). They were looking for a rebrand for not just one network, but FIVE international channels reaching viewers worldwide. Now THAT’S a project!

Not being a company that’s intimidated by a big challenge, we dove right in. Working with the design firm Flint Skallen, we created a distinctive, 4-note signature that perfectly reflects the global image of CGTN. The campaign, “See the Difference,” using a live string ensemble, weaves a theme as graceful as it is emotional. Combined with the rich visual imagery, it reflects the network’s dedication to deeper journalism.

“Flint Skallen’s compelling visuals, along with the narration, inspired the musical direction,” says Chad Cook, Vice President, Creative for Stephen Arnold Music. “The elements meshed together well to support the message of ‘See the Difference,’ showing how CGTN’s journalism is distinct.”

We thrive on this type of project. It allows us to collaborate, from the ground up, with a visionary design firm to craft a truly intelligent and artfully abstract creation for a professional and appreciative client. Not to mention the trip to China! Seriously, the visit helped crystallize the contrast of the antiquity and modernity that makes today’s China such a fascinating paradox. We feel it’s reflected in the final project.

To see more of our eclectic mix of sonic branding solutions, check out the rest of our new website. We promise, it’ll be time well spent!

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