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Stephen Arnold Music is an internationally acclaimed music branding company servicing television networks, cable channels, TV stations, digital media outlets, production companies and advertising agencies globally. Our catalog is prolific and versatile, with thousands of our compositions being heard on the air, online and on mobile right now. We are The World Leader in Sonic Branding®.

Sonic Branding

It’s the John Hancock of Music, the aural equivalent of your graphic logo that taps into one of the brain’s most powerful memory senses – sound.

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Sound Experiences

SAM elevates the TILT thrill ride in Chicago with an immersive sound experience that takes riders over the edge!

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Artificial Intelligence Sonic Branding

Can AI Create a Sonic Brand?

These days, AI, and more specifically generative AI — which produces things like text, images, video, and music — is creating a lot of buzz (or fear depending on your stance). With such…

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Stephen Arnold Music Taps into the British Spirit for WETA UK’s New Image Campaign

DALLAS—May 1, 2023— Stephen Arnold Music captured the drama, intrigue, romance, action and mystery of WETA UK’s expansive programming in providing the musical theme for the station’s…

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Stephen Arnold Music Catches All The Laughs with Sonic Branding for New “Catchy Comedy” Network

DALLAS—April 12, 2023— Catchy Comedy, Weigel Broadcasting’s new sitcom-centric, over-the-air, national network, recently debuted with a line-up of all-time favorite TV comedies and a p…

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The Vault Production Music

SV029 | Hyped Up Anthems
FOX053 Reeds And Riches
PMOL 262 Modern Advertising
TMCD1395 Suspended Underscores
PMOL 261 Swagger
ALIFE049 60s Rock & Pop Classics
AMP 127 Red Alert: Motivational Epic Rock Cues
DEN111 Moka Wayne - Purple Eyes
FOX052 The Butterfly Effect
AMP 124 Signals: Thrilling Underscore Cues
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The Vault Production Music Library, by Stephen Arnold Music, is a powerful catalog filled with over 300,000+ tracks of fresh, premium quality music and outstanding sound design content for every type of project. So get the right feel. Get the right sound. The Vault will make the difference.