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Stephen Arnold Music is an internationally acclaimed music branding company servicing content creators, networks, cable channels, television stations, digital media outlets, experiential, film, production companies, corporations, and advertising agencies. Our catalog is prolific and versatile, with thousands of our compositions being heard on air, across numerous digital platforms, and in person right now.

What's the Sound of Your Brand?

We know that sound is a powerful tool for reaching audiences emotionally and building meaningful brand recognition. Let’s make some noise together!

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Sonic Branding

It’s the John Hancock of Music, the aural equivalent of your graphic logo that taps into one of the brain’s most powerful memory senses – sound.

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Sound Experiences

SAM elevates the TILT thrill ride in Chicago with an immersive sound experience that takes riders over the edge!

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illustration of girl with headphones surrounded by multiple devices

Your Brand Needs More Than a Sonic Logo

If a sonic logo is the only audio branding you have, you’re going to have trouble being heard. This isn’t because sonic logos — those catchy, often subliminal musical lines accompanyin…

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Promax Local Awards 2023 - Congratulations Graphic

Stephen Arnold Music brings home the hardware at the 2023 PROMAX Local Awards

It was a great year for Stephen Arnold Music and our client stations at the PROMAX Local Virtual Awards Show for Local TV on Thursday, August 3, 2023. SAM was recognized with two Gold Awards…

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Envisioning the Sound of Sagrada Família

Have you ever used music to describe an experience so powerful, words and pictures couldn’t do it justice? At SAM, we often interpret the world through sound, especially when trying to mak…

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The Vault Production Music

SC227 Make A Way
BGGR260 Neo Classical Hybrid
DBX031 Under Pressure
BBX301 Having A Blast
AMY071 Club Vibes Unleashed
PMOL 270 Calm Moment
BBX300 Expressions
KL292 Dynamic Grandeur
BBX299 Funky Town
BYND434 Hybrid Drama 6: Head On
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The Vault Production Music Library, by Stephen Arnold Music, is a powerful catalog filled with over 300,000+ tracks of fresh, premium quality music and outstanding sound design content for every type of project. So get the right feel. Get the right sound. The Vault will make the difference.