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The Music Makes Your Production!

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When you’re thinking about producing your next video, most likely you’re focusing on your visuals. I mean … it’s called video, right?

But the heart and soul of your production is really your music. Think about it. Is a beautiful graphic itself that memorable? Is that grandiose shot as grand without the audio? Is your voiceover good enough to stand on its own? It’s the music you choose that really sets the mood and dramatically sets the stage for your message. In fact, many successful producers center the creative direction of their project around the music first. Music and sound can reach your emotions faster than sight, smell, or touch. Try watching any movie with the sound turned down, and you immediately get the point.

Choosing the right production music library to find that great track is critical to your success. The Vault from Stephen Arnold Music, The World Leader in Sonic Branding®, has all the critical elements that can take your next production from good – to great.

It has the size – most recently adding a wealth of selections from BMG Production Music, a division of one of the world’s largest record labels and featuring highest quality music by globally acclaimed composers. The Vault also includes top tracks from the London-based production music powerhouse PMOL, the leading Australian advertising music-house Song Zu, the Swiss Composer Collective H2U, and The Artist Collection, featuring dozens of Grammy-nominated and indie artists. Just imagine – there’s more than 125,000 music and sound design tracks at your fingertips, quickly searchable through our redesigned, world-class online interface.

It has the quality – being constantly and carefully curated by experienced professionals who really care about the music. Staffed with international composers and music supervisors, Stephen Arnold Music is called upon regularly to aurally differentiate the brands of CNN, ESPN, Associated Press, Golf Channel, Nat Geo, UPS, television stations nationwide, as well as dozens more media outlets spanning the globe.

It has the service – we believe in a “hands-on” approach while helping our clients. Putting together a playlist, aiding with a search, or tweaking a track are just everyday, “white glove” practices for us. You don’t just lease the library – you gain access to helpful, knowledgeable, and creative partners who are committed to your project – no matter how big or small.

Give it a listen – click here (link) to sample this world-class, massive library for yourself. Even better, give us a call or drop us an email for a personal, guided tour of The Vault from Stephen Arnold Music. It’s time to take your video production to the next level. The right music source can take your creative magic to the top of the mountain. We’d love to be your guide – think of us as your musical Sherpa!

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