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Happy Thanksgiving!

Well folks, that special time of the year is nigh upon us.  That magical, most festive of periods called “The Holidays” is rapidly approaching.  In light of Thanksgiving being just a few days away,  I thought it would be appropriate to ponder those things that often go overlooked, yet should be valued and  appreciated, as well as offer food for thought for those needing mental nourishment.

It seems a day rarely passes by without seeing or hearing something about the down economy.  Times have been and indeed are tough. As the holidays draw increasingly closer, I feel compelled to offer but a few things I am indeed thankful for.

I am thankful that I get to rise every morning and come to a job with great people in a fascinating industry…!  Considering the current unemployment rate is near or at 10%, the highest rate in 25 years, I am most appreciative of the opportunity given to me.

I give thanks for my health.  I’m very happy to be of sound mind (though some might argue) and healthy body, and I am considerate of those less fortunate.  I give thanks to the almighty for keeping me safe and on the right path.

Our troops deserve more thanks and appreciation than we can ever bestow.  They risk their lives on a daily basis to give all of us the right to be an American.  I appreciate all that they do!  I give thanks to each for all of their sacrifices.

My family deserves much praise and thought, for I am lucky to have wonderful parents and siblings that don’t hold grudges for my torment and terror induced activities I brought upon them as a mischievous, adventurous kiddo (ask my mom about the time I stole a cigarette from my dad’s stash and raced out the back door and up a tree with my mom in hot pursuit).  But hey, pretty typical for a 5 year old growing up in the 70’s, huh!  I give thanks for every member of my family, young and old.

The close friendships that I have forged over the years can sometimes easily be taken for granted.  The holidays are a time for me to give thanks for each person that I have been blessed to call a friend.  In good times and bad, through thick and thin, good friends are as good as gold!  Responsibilities and obligations may pull us all in different directions, yet our friendship remains true.  My little lady has had my back throughout and she continues to be my beautiful ray of sunshine.  My cup of gratitude do runneth over!

May you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and a holiday season that brings happiness and joy.  Let us all stop, take a moment and reflect on those special people and precious things in each of our lives…..and give a little “thanks.”

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