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Fair Day 2010

So, last Monday the call went out from Stephen:  “You can either work your fanny off as usual on Friday, or you can join me at the Fair for some fried butter.”

Did he even have to ask?  The annual Fair Day has become a bit of a tradition here at SAM over the last few years.  We usually hit it around the last weekend of the fair, hopefully timing it so that it falls on whatever day of the year we Texans get to call Autumn (if you’re from here, you know what I mean).  So we all met up in Plano and took the DART Rail down to Fair Park.

The day was spent doing the usual Fair fare: rides, eating, walking, eating, people-watching, funnel cake, more walking, and of course, laughing and carrying on.  But don’t take my word for it.  We’ve got photographic evidence.

Chad, Noelle, and I are somewhere on that thing

Here's Noelle and Larry being ... well ... Noelle and Larry

Is it just me, or is this pic really kinda sad?

Chad found a piano

Doesn't this just pretty much sum up the Fair?

The obligitory big pig.

This year's butter sculpture was really well done.

No one would do the Skycoaster with me this year.  Buncha pansies!  :).  But I did it anyway just so you could watch it.  They offered a POV camera this time.  Very cool!

And after that, we took the Texas Skyway back to the front gate.  Much better than walking.

Dallas skyline as seen from the Texas Skyway

The weather was beautiful, the air was clean … ish, and the food was not even remotely healthy … but boy was it tasty … and you get to walk it off.

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