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“All About Early” Santa Fe Trip Giveaway!

Update:  And the winner is …

The time for another Stephen Arnold Music giveaway has arrived – but this one goes beyond guitars.

You can win a 4-day, 3-night trip for 4 to our awesome house and studio in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico!  Imagine waking up in a beautiful Old World manor with a view of the Jemez and Sangre de Christo mountain ranges, eating breakfast on one of the decks, and going into town for some shopping or skiing … you deserve it!

Wondering how to enter?

It’s easy: Simply listen to our expanded “All About Early” audio/video campaign bundle – which now includes a new morning show package and image song.  Just leave a comment below to be eligible for the giveaway.

All eligible entries will be placed into our trusty fishbowl, and a winner will be drawn on Friday, June 7th.

For a full description of the house, as well as all the rules and regulations for the drawing, please click here.

Good luck, everyone!!

  1. As Usual…Top Notch Work.

  2. Don Dudley says:

    Another great PACKAGE! I have used Stephen Arnold music for years – COUNTERPOINT being one of the all-time best News Packages ever. I can see how this upbeat morning package could have a definite impact viewership. And by the way – love Stephen’s book!

  3. J Nutter says:

    Love the campaign. Makes me want to wake up early and get moving.

  4. Ken Curits says:

    Great job as always!

  5. Great job! Makes me want to get up early and work the morning news!

  6. Kara McGinn says:

    Wake up wake up 🙂 I like it, it’s catchy and snappy too!

  7. Tony Willard says:

    I love it! Very upbeat and positive way to start the day.

  8. Sounds great! Can you do an alternate voice?

  9. Upbeat and catchy, a great package for the early birds to wake up to!

  10. Mariah Gardner says:

    Great energy! Would an “All About Today” version be available for NBC affiliates with “Today” in their morning show branding?

  11. Catchy without being annoying, All About Early is toe-tapping fun!

  12. Steve Bailey says:

    You guys always do an amazing job and this one should be added to the list.

  13. John Crumpler says:

    As always a top notch cut of music. Haven’t been to Santa Fe since I use to be a professional balloonist

    and attended the world championships just south of there.

  14. again another crisp sound provided at a perfect time. We are looking to possibly add an AM weekend newscast and wanted something different from weekday morning music. Will be perfect if we go forward with plans.

  15. I’m big on jingles, but I have to admit this works!

  16. Seth Keever says:

    Great package. Really like the updates and the incorporation of the “natural” sound in the traffic open.

  17. Mary Borger says:

    Great work–as always!

  18. not sure if I like the house better than the song? 🙂 great work

  19. Marc Morriston says:

    Great package, really love the traffic music and incorporation of the traffic sounds into the music.

  20. Positive. Bright. Upbeat. Trendy.

  21. Brian Paul Lubanski says:

    What does it cost?

  22. Jamie Leigh Waisanen says:

    Very nice work!

  23. Jessica Rine says:

    It wakes me up! Waaay catchy! Looking forward to seeing you at the summit.

  24. Clay Jones says:

    Jammin’! After listening to this, who needs coffee? Bring it on, mornings!

  25. Andrew Felix says:

    We had It’s All About Early at WEAU for a year and it was very successful. The new versions sound great.

  26. Very nicely done. Great energy & vibe. If I win, will SA bring me breakfast in bed?

  27. Jeff Funk says:

    I’ve woken up pretty good cuz that is a sweet looking setup. Congrats guys. The music package sounds great.

  28. David Wagner says:

    Makes me wish I was a morning person!!!

  29. Jack Conely says:

    Awesome… really enjoyed the video & music. And that house is incredible!

  30. Leisha Beard says:

    Loved it! It’s fresh and different.

  31. Great job guys! Very upbeat and positive! Makes me look forward to mornings – almost!

  32. Sounds great! Nice job!

  33. Very peppy! This package would certainly make a mark in our market.

  34. Brett Kenyon says:

    Beeeeeautiful! Loving the new music package, by the way

  35. Jayson Maker says:

    Sounds great! Another winner!

  36. Sounds like home. Love it

  37. Jon Fischer says:

    Well I love the music package. So much so that I’m airing it!

  38. LOL as soon as I played it…the Production Manager and an Account Executive who were standing in my doorway broke into dance!! It was PRICELESS!! Great music and package! Would love to have it! Karen

  39. Ken Freedman says:

    great work coming our of Sam Arnold Music!

  40. Jose Ochoa says:

    Great job! Sounds fresh and clean – gets you going in the morning!

  41. Kip Bohne says:

    Love the energy! It’s anything but the usual morning package…very creative!

  42. Heather Dauterive says:

    Very nice! Definitely makes me want to get up and go…even if it’s Saturday!

  43. I just used the campaign and had Stephen go back to the studio recutting the lyrics from “Early” to “Rising”, the name of my AM show. Our morning news is called FOX 4 Rising. We have heard a great deal of positive comments from people in the community. It is a theme that gets stuck in your head!

  44. Allan Snyder says:

    Love it! I’m taking this one to my GM.

  45. Noah says:

    They are happy and fun. The music gets you going.

  46. Jeremy Lane says:

    SAM does good work. Can’t argue with that.

  47. Dan Klintworth says:

    Tracks have a great positive, morning feel.

  48. It makes mornings so much better that I’m going to set my alarm extra extra extra early.

  49. Tregg Wbhite says:

    Sounds great. Listened to it late morning and I already can’t wait for tomorrow morning

  50. Brad Klukow says:

    Bright, Happy and puts a Smile on your Face. What else do you need? It’s just More Great music from SAM. Great Job!!!

  51. Sounds great……… as soon as we get “This is the Place” cut, edited and running, we will have to think about adding this in the mornings.

  52. Leah Mays says:

    Sounds great!

  53. Delane McQuinn says:

    Another original and great musical masterpiece from SAM! Keep up the good work!

  54. Blake Russell says:

    Great partners and great friends. It’s all about SAM.

  55. Sam Day says:

    Sounds fantastic as usual. I would like to wake up….in Santa Fe 🙂

  56. Ken Freedman says:

    Clean, crisp cuts that invite morning engagement. Nice work!

  57. Stan Melton says:

    Great good fun! LOVE Early… 🙂

  58. Eric Wotila says:

    Love it! Great expansion to an already great campaign!

  59. Jill Genter says:

    WOW! It woke me up… I’ll have my team listen to it… it could work for our who Wake Up Wisconsin!

  60. Michaela Carolyn Griffin says:

    I really liked the spots, and though I am not a huge fan of vocals on image spots, I enjoyed the lyrics – especially the part about making the best of what you’ve got to give. That gave it a special lift. Could also use a trip to the wonderful healing town of Santa Fe, so thanks for the draw!

  61. Julie Pruett says:

    Julie Pruett

    Very nice. Sounds great.

  62. Cory Bayle says:

    Yet another great piece of work from SAM. I love their music so much, I’d be honored to be a sales rep for Stephen.

  63. Wow! Book my stay!

  64. John Doyle says:

    Another winner from SAM. From the beginning, the “All About Early” campaign boosted our morning numbers. Great stuff.

  65. Gerry Gafford says:

    Thsi makes going to work almost feel good. Instant bounce.

  66. Vic Richards says:

    makes me love mornings…now i want a donut

  67. Brad Riley says:

    Looks great and sounds great! The house looks great too!

  68. Looks great, let’s talk after the book…another home run!

  69. Sean P. Dixon says:

    Wake up… Wake up… it’s all about SAM ! Great work again my friends.