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We Have Our Winners!!

RTNDA and NAB are always great opportunities for seeing old friends, as well as making new ones. This year was particularly fun for us because around 3pm each day, we got to give away a Fender Road Worn guitar. Fresh crowds gathered around our booth, their fingers itching to run across the tattered frets…

The VAULT Raffle at NAB

The VAULT Raffle at NAB

All in all, we had a great time at NAB/RTNDA, and so did the lucky winners of our Road Worn Fender guitar giveaway.

NAB's Monday Winner, Jeff deMolitor

NAB's Monday Winner, Jeff deMolitor, DND Canada

NAB's Tuesday Winner, Ray Duke

NAB's Tuesday Winner, Ray Duke, Broadcast Designer

NAB's Wednesday Winner, Don Jones

NAB's Wednesday Winner, Don Jones, NASA

RTNDA's Tuesday Winner, Randy Bell

RTNDA's Tuesday Winner, Randy Bell, Clear Channel

Last but not least, we gave away a final guitar online. Thanks to all those who left comments – we enjoyed reading the good humor, kind words and clever quips. The final drawing has been filmed and posted below:

And the online winner is Don Abel (that’s “Don” not “Dave”, Joe) , WTLH, Tallahassee, Florida.

Congratulations to the lucky winners!! Don’t forget to check out the VAULT – there’s lot’s of new music to be heard, and we’ll be adding even more over the next few months.

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  1. Ben Ralph says:

    Can I apply for the job of the guy in a suit and sunglasses.

  2. Don Jones says:

    It’s a GREAT guitar.

    Many thanks to all the good people at Stephen Arnold Music for helping to resurrect my musical career. Winning a Strat was certainly the best gig anybody had going at NAB!

    Upside down? Naw – I’m a lefty, and I play it just like the photo without re-stringing. Not because it sounds better, but because when I started playing back in the 60’s nobody told me it would be easier on a lefty to put the strings on backwards! Ignorance, sometimes, really is bliss.

    Thanks again.

    Don Jones

  3. Paul Rourke says:

    Don….Luckeeey! Gosh!

    Thanks for the opportunity!