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The Vault Tom Petty Autographed Guitar Giveaway

UPDATE:  We have our winner!

Our team at SAM is excited to announce a significant expansion of our production music library, The Vault. Now encompassing over 125,000 tracks, The Vault represents the new standard for production music, with highly curated content that builds on Stephen Arnold Music’s status as an internationally-renowned source for music and sonic branding.

The Vault has experienced steady growth, most recently adding a wealth of selections from BMG Production Music, a division of one of the world’s largest record labels and featuring highest quality music by globally acclaimed composers. In addition, The Vault includes top tracks from the London-based production music powerhouse PMOL, the leading Australian advertising music-house Song Zu, the Swiss Composer Collective H2U, hip-hop producers Anno Domini Nation, and The Artist Collection, featuring dozens of Grammy-nominated and indie artists.

We’d love for you to check out the latest sizzle reel from THE VAULT. In fact, to prove it, we’re giving away this spectacular Tom Petty autographed Fender Stratocaster to someone who does just that! Just watch the demo below, enter a comment, and you’re entered to win! Then, on Friday, April 20, we’ll print out all comments, choose a name from our World Famous Fishbowl, and send the winner this Tom Petty autographed Strat!


And while you’re at it, take a tour of THE VAULT. With all the new tracks and libraries we’ve added and our easy-to-use interface, we’re sure you’ll want to register and make THE VAULT your go-to library!

Good luck and thanks for listening to our music from “The Vault“!

Drawing to be held on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 3pm CT. Click here for complete rules and regulations »

  1. Eric O'Bannon says:

    I’ve always said that a great sizzle reel needs Transformers, Legos, Katy Perry. It’s like my high school dreams came true.

    Oh, and the Vault is great.

  2. David Fox says:

    Nice reel. Good to have you as a resource.

  3. Gary Hackler says:

    A great and deep variety of music! I’m impressed by the National scale. We enjoy our relationship with SAM and look forward to more good things to come!

  4. Eric WIlliamson says:

    Great Reel with some real notables! Wide variety of clientele/products….never realized just how extensive (and up-to-date)the library is!

  5. Dean Poor says:

    Was Just going thru ‘A Story of Six-Strings’ by Mr. Arnold the other day! Great demo gang…see you at Promax! – Dean Poor

  6. Mark Maxwell says:

    I think I knew your music was used for a few of these, same tracks we use I’ve heard on national spots and network sports coverage.

  7. michael monsell says:

    If i win, can i play with Dave Baumann?

  8. Janelle WIne says:

    Music adds life! Great Vault Showcase…rock on you crazy diamond! Long live the musical genius, unforgettable legacy and beautiful soul of Tom Petty (and his guitar!). He’s where he belongs, among the Wildflowers, somewhere he feels free!

  9. Marv Danielski says:

    Advertising with great signature music rocks!!! Cover Girl Katy Perry say’s the Drive by Truckers are more Rogue than the Ice Truckers, ’cause the Ice Truckers sit in Coach, swig Cokes, wear Nike sneakers, while on an American Journey. (Of course, Tom Petty, would love Katy Perry, since she is an American Cover Girl and deserves her own concert and show on Netflix).

    There are only two great “trucking” songs in History. Six Days On the Road by Dave Dudley, but covered by so many others and the inimitable Trucking by the Grateful Dead. Do you think ESPN Desportes could do a riff off either song for coverage of World Cup Soccer to showcase all their car sponsors such as Audi, Bentley, Mercedes, Toyota, Land Rover and the ultimate driving machine – BMW. FYI. Your interactive email marketing works…Thanks for a fun and enlightening ten minutes. Great music rules advertising and promotion.

  10. Joshua Kramer says:

    SAM Vault is already my go to! Still awesome to see all the work they are doing!

  11. Jill Genter says:

    I didn’t realize Stephen Arnold provided music for all those movie trailers… VERY cool!

  12. Brian Correll says:

    Nice…need more cowbell!

  13. Dan Celso says:

    The Vault has a fresh sound and is definitely a source I could use for my projects.

  14. Shawn Dickerman says:

    Great mix of music in ‘The Vault’! Love the video demo too!

  15. Jeff Poole says:

    The right music makes the content. . . very nice!!

  16. Betty A Guerrero says:

    Very impressive!!

  17. David Bowen says:

    It only gets Better! Every time I hear something new from Stephen Arnold Music, it makes me want to do something cool with our video! THE BEST!

  18. Pete Calgaro says:

    Very nice! Great tracks!

  19. Robert Anthony Navarro says:

    Great music, slick presentation!

  20. Michael Lee says:

    Great versatility and top-notch tracks from a company who regularly outpaces all competitors. Well done.

  21. Ross Hamilton says:

    Very tight! Thanks for sharing

  22. Thomas Ovacek says:

    Very nice demo with some impressive clients!

  23. Joe Bird says:

    Always a treat to catch up on the latest epic reel from SAM.
    Impressive indeed.

  24. Robert Streeter says:

    Wow! Great sizzle reel. Love having you as our partner. So many cool choices.

  25. chuck l says:

    Awesome sizzle reel plus an awesome corporate culture equals Stephen Arnold Music! You guys Rock!

  26. Brian Wiley says:

    Great work as always!

  27. Ben Arnold says:

    Fantastic reel! Fantastic editing! The power of music/sound effects in editing video/movies/commercials is immeasurable.

  28. Jody Birchfield says:

    Impressive. Most impressive…

  29. Chris Pruitt says:

    Very impactful. Outstanding work.

  30. Jim Showers says:

    A Lot of impact. I have always liked Stephan Arnold Music

  31. Ed Cheetham says:

    Such an impressive array of work! Would love to find out about any educational licenses for schools.

  32. Lisa Hutchison says:

    Impressive presentation…peeked my interest to further explore your catalog!

  33. Chris says:

    I Need To Know- will it Breakdown? You Tell Me but Don’t Do Me Like That!

  34. Jim Prather says:

    It’s only rock n roll but I like it…..time to dance.

  35. Steve Riley says:

    I listened to it at full volume! Rocked the HOUSE (office). thanks. Best way to qualify for a contest like, EVER!

  36. Kevin Sullivan says:

    Love the reel – you guys are doing some amazing stuff!!
    Hope we get to work together soon

  37. ben s says:

    cool video

  38. Joe Fischer says:

    Even Tom Petty would be proud of that sizzle reel 🙂 Great job!

  39. Jeff LeBeau says:

    Impressive demo. I had no idea how many projects your music has found its way into.

  40. Tom Moses says:

    The Vault is very powerful. Thanks Stephen Arnold Music!

  41. Kent Duren says:

    a comment

  42. Virgil K. Reed says:

    Great Sizzle Reel. Impressive even.

  43. david hershey says:

    Nothing ‘petty’ about this reel…it’s amazing. Now, ‘don’t do me like that’….tell me ‘you got lucky’ and let me win that guitar! 🙂

  44. Aaron L Williams says:

    epic music makes good footage great!

  45. Jim Farinacci says:

    Nice work!

  46. Susan says:

    Great Music.

  47. Mario Mendez says:

    Would I normally be commenting on a sizzle reel if there was not a Tom Petty autographed Fender Stratocaster hanging in the balance? The answer of course is no. That being said I watched the video and was delightfully sizzled with rip roaring tunes designed to capture the ear and ones attention. All joking aside I have been using tracks and more from the vault through my career as a commercial editor to my present seat in the producer chair and highly recommend them. Well done all around.

  48. Edward Sparks says:

    Wow, really great “stuff” and I am a musician! Obviously the music is as important as the video!

  49. Shane King says:

    Cool reel. Never know where you might hear a Stephen Arnold piece.

  50. Jay Schneider says:

    A great collection and a very impressive sizzle reel. Well done!

  51. Randy Burleson says:

    Great music cuts! I would love to win that Strat!

  52. Kennedy Wright says:

    Great stuff! I’ll be sure to play along on that new Strat

  53. Martin Florio says:

    Simply amazing! congrats.

  54. Dan Schillinger says:

    This would make a perfect birthday present for me.

  55. Rick Booth says:

    Great sizzle. And please sign me up for that Stratocaster giveaway..

  56. Martin Riedford says:

    Great Promo, but hope I win!!!

  57. Brendan Kilroy says:

    Nice reel – I didn’t realize the variety and full scope of your work.

  58. Jay says:

    Love the variety of your music and have used it on several projects. Keep it coming

  59. Noah Kozinko says:

    Great music cuts for any project.

  60. Dominic Gauna says:

    The reel looks good and I can’t believe you’re willing to part ways with that beauty… Also love all the updates to CBS Local.

  61. Alex Beckerman says:

    I hope this guitar free falls right into my hands!

  62. Tom Stock says:

    Great music & relationship with SAM! Appreciate it!

  63. Ben Mongold says:

    Yeah buddy, Might fine!!

  64. John Curry says:

    Outstanding Library!

  65. Thomas Ciprari says:

    Wow! so many great shows and ads highlighted in the demo vid! way to go!

  66. Scott Altus says:

    Well done!

  67. Gregory Suchanek says:

    WHAG/ WDVM incorporated The Vault, into our News Programming, in the recent past. Excellent and Versatile package! Recommend! Thanks, SAM

  68. Mark Valentine says:

    Beautiful work with a diverse range of styles! The right music make all the difference.

  69. Cathy Crecelius says:

    Cool music. Would love to win the guitar!

  70. Ben Wells says:

    Enjoyed your demo!

  71. Heidi Killian says:

    Fun sizzle real! Great variety 🙂

  72. Ashley Howard says:

    Dance party!

  73. Michael Turner says:

    Awesome as always…well done Stephen A!!

  74. Cletus Mueller says:

    I always enjoy using your music in our station’s commercial/promo productions! I always seem to find the perfect sound for the project. Keep up the great work!

  75. Jeff Bloch says:

    Always great stuff!

  76. Dave Medley says:

    Awesome work as always from Stephen and crew!

  77. Jack says:

    Youngstown shout out… we enjoy our partnership with Stephen Arnold and THE VAULT expansion sounds/looks fantastic !

  78. Bob Furlong says:

    Great production music and love the on line store I can find what I want in no time at all.
    Bob Furlong
    Tampa, FL

  79. Jason Dobbins says:

    An AMAZING giveaway! It would be an honor to win that guitar as Mr. Petty is my all time favorite. Awesome work on the demo reel, really impressive stuff!

  80. Andy Schwabe says:

    I love the diversity of the music. Really nice tracks!!!! Oh Long Live Tom Petty. Great job as usual to all of you.

  81. Derrick Chamlee says:

    Nice range of work.

  82. MJ Damore says:

    Wow! Give me more VAULT!

  83. John Schmidt says:

    Some of the best brand promotion around!

  84. Mary Jo Smith says:

    Great stuff, you guys! Great clip and the music is top notch. Thanks for the opportunity!

  85. JessicaGrace says:

    LOVE IT! Thanks so much for all ya’ll do!

    We love working with SA!

  86. Jason Ashmawi says:

    Very Nice!

  87. Robert Rardin says:

    Very cool!

  88. Wade Capps says:

    We use the vault here in Corpus Christi and LOVE IT. Thanks Stephen & Crew!

  89. Chris Watson says:

    WITN has long been Stephen Arnold customers and fans!

  90. Andrew Goldrup says:

    What a beauty! Love Tom.

  91. john ditto says:

    That was an advertising subliminal flash pan!

  92. Mike Karmanos says:

    Nice! Been real happy with SA since we began using them years ago.

  93. Mike Stanford says:


  94. Dan OReilly says:

    Tom Petty’s music spoke so powerfully to me as a teenager in the 70’s – 80’s, and it continued to be a large part of my life all these years. Thank you for offering this beautiful Fender as a tribute to Tom.

  95. Jeff Whitson says:

    Great stuff..powerful!

  96. Christopher Chiusano says:

    Great video! Such a nice range of music that really fits into each theme!

  97. Gilles Matte says:

    Keep it up!!!

  98. Noah Smith says:

    Epic Music as always! Great Reel! It’s always a treat to see and hear y’alls work.

  99. Mike Laffey says:

    Wonderful reel with lots of variety of tempo and texture.

  100. Jeremy Lane says:

    You have to give it to SAM when it comes to stressing quality over quantity.

  101. Don Richards says:

    Great reel. I have been holding a reserved spot on my guitar wall for a Fender Strat. This is meant to be.

    • Jeff Whitson says:

      Hey Don, hope all is well with you! I’ve got the perfect place for the guitar in my man cave, hopefully one of us will be the lucky winner! Jeff

  102. Alan Balzer says:

    Really good reel. Love the music and it makes me thirsty.

  103. Don Norman says:

    AWESOME! Great composition of music!

  104. Mark Birnbaum says:

    You thought you knew what “library music” sounded like? Fuhgedaboutid. I go to The Vault and my filmmaker life is made much easier, my films made so much more effective. Finding the right cut is a breeze: I’m often faced with a hard choice between two or three excellent possibilities. The variety of music is astonishing.

    My documentaries aim to move people. The Vault provides me with the music that adds that critical emotional subtext. I would be lost without it.

    • Tinley Bone says:

      WOW!! Thank you so much, Mark! We are grateful for your continued partnership over the years!

  105. Steven says:

    I didn’t know you contributed to those productions, good stuff!

  106. Terri Howard-Hughes says:

    Loved the production value of the video and music!

  107. Ian Aberle says:

    Nice reel and even nicer guitar. 😉

  108. Terry Kowalski says:

    What a wonderful compilation of music that triggers many emotions. Good stuff SAM!

  109. Jonathan Kemp says:

    Keep up the great work!

  110. Mike says:

    I don’t get it, just a bunch of adds? Still cool though.

    • Clay says:

      Hi Mike, thanks for listening! The Vault is the production music library from Stephen Arnold Music, a source for content creators to find and license high quality music for use in their productions. The sizzle reel above is a compilation of promos, ads, trailers, etc where music from The Vault was used.

  111. Jim Koonce says:

    Good stuff. I’ve used SAM at each place I’ve worked. Always a pleasure to work with.

  112. Jonathan Lacocque says:

    Great mix of music there!

  113. David Seemann says:

    Very cool!

  114. Andrew Moore says:

    This service has been an indispensable asset to my company/job. Working in video production, the quality and affordability is the best out there.

  115. Drew Fowler says:

    GO S.A.M.!

  116. Charles Kallassy says:

    Their catalogue and custom work is second to none. There are numerous reasons that their work is as ubiquitous as it is – not the least of which are high standards of production quality and precise aural message targeting.

  117. Michelle Brooke Poley says:

    Love the sizzle real. Great work! Love of depth.

  118. Jeff Winget says:

    Amazingly cool music – as always! Stephen Arnold Rocks!

  119. Shayna Skib says:

    Go SAM! I know I can always rely on your library.

  120. John Sailing says:

    Song Zu is one of my favorites libraries to use with my projects. Love the whole library and I always recommend it when I can.

  121. Eric Wotila says:

    Love it!

  122. amanda molina says:

    Great Demo!

  123. Noah Kozinko says:

    Great music! Love Tom Petty.

  124. Travis Frady says:

    Great tracks! Keep up the good work.

  125. Michael Ryan says:

    SAM is more than great music, it is great people too.

  126. Todd Hrinda says:

    Excellent work! Love the Lego stuff!

  127. Brian Bledsoe says:

    Nice reel! Keep on keepin’ on!

  128. Mark Hayden says:

    Great music. I’ll keep you guys in mind.

  129. Wendy Bernier says:

    Impressive as always.

  130. D. Hayes Smith says:

    Awesome tracks! I search Music Production Libraries all the time for Post Production and this is right at the top with the best of them! Loved the music behind Katy Perry spot and the guitar tracks for American Journey and the Coach spot. Nice job. Great range of stuff!

  131. Danielle Ray says:

    Love this, Stephen Arnold!! We’re in the market for a new music library. I’ll need to talk to my girl, Tinley for more about the Vault!!

  132. Jeff Laundergan says:

    Impressive video resume. Lots of epic & pop tracks. “Where You Want – Let’s Go”for NetFlix would work in our market, as would “American Journey.” Great stuff.

  133. David Redig says:

    GREAT Stuff! I wouldn’t expect anything less – you all are top notch! Keep Rocking!

  134. Robert Grieco says:

    DANG! Katy Perry is one gorgeous woman. 🙂

  135. Bruce Bateman III says:

    As a creative-driven marketing pro, I’d say “OUTSTANDING” video reel!! I’m an old school brand marketer and an absolute sucker for anything that brings the personal passion of music into my professional world. Only thing that inspires my work more than music is the time spent with my sons (10 & 12 years old) so seeing this kind of promotional content definitely speaks loudly to me. My oldest son Zach recently has been digging around in Dad’s music library and come away with a fascination with Tom Petty’s music as he has an extremely old soul when it comes to music. Loved his reaction and questions about Tom Petty… wish that I would’ve been able to get him to a live TP show… would’ve been a real bucket lister for me.

    Keep up the great work folks! Connecting with people’s emotions like this is totally where it’s at!

  136. Holly says:

    Powerful music…tells its own story. Great compilation video!

  137. Brett says:

    American Journey clip caught my eye because Tom Petty’s music is an American journey. Notice the wild flowers in the background too.

  138. Tony says:

    Love it!

  139. stevegrip says:

    incredible variety of genres and mixed great

  140. Roger Ingram says:

    And now I’m thirsty for a coke. Thanks. Great sizzle.

  141. Eileen M Hofstetter says:

    Okay, you hooked me…I’ll be checking out The Vault….

  142. Angel says:

    Yeah, it’s wonderful

  143. Jerry Bever says:

    Very dynamic and contemporary … very nice.

  144. Ken Bauer says:

    Tom would be so impressed with your skills. My wife is learning to play and omg would this guitar further motivate her

  145. Leslie Stone says:

    Sounds great

  146. Brandon Millman says:

    UNtil you see a sizzle reel like this, you just don’t know the reach of this company.

  147. Walter Cranston says:

    Nice work!

  148. Melanie Davis says:

    Very nice sizzle reel. Actually enjoyed it!

  149. Brian Harris says:

    You have some GREAT music! Congrats on your success!

  150. Karen Akerson says:

    That was amazing and well done. If that is the variety in The Vault, what an awesome resource. And what a great giveaway to keep Tom Petty on the forefront. I agree with the comment that he had a lot more to offer and I think that fits well with what The Vault offers. Thanks!

  151. Steve Womack says:

    Always a rockin’ time with the SA crew! Nice reel!

  152. David Bowen says:

    So MUCH good music that fits what we do so well! Thanks for the always good, always professional music!
    And I DO want to win the guitar!

  153. Eric Stremming says:

    Cool! Thanks for updating our Indie Band package!

  154. Dave Burke says:

    Well done!

  155. Patrick Duncan says:

    Good Sounds, One Tom Petty guitar coming right up. Thanks

  156. Mike Lopez says:

    Great music, great reel, great contest – Thanks for sharing!

  157. Brad Klukow says:

    Love everything you do. Keep up the good work.

  158. Don Day says:

    Smoking hot sizzle reel!

  159. Brian Kowalenko says:

    Wow that’s an impressive reel! Impressive guitar too! I also want to mention we’re an “Everywhere I Go” client and loving the latest updates.

  160. Stacey Stewart says:

    That is great! Impressive!

  161. Tony says:

    The waiting is the hardest part.

  162. Don Davis says:

    Great mix of styles and emotions!

  163. Stephen Hill says:

    ‘Sonic Branding’ at its best. Been using Stephen Arnold music library since the early 90’s!

  164. Sean Trcalek says:

    World-class music that fits right in with the message the video was portraying! Good stuff, guys…

  165. Ed Thierry says:

    Glad I found this, very impressed with the Vault. That Strat is absolutely beautiful. RIP Tom Petty, listened to Wildflowers album this morning, can’t believe Mr. Petty is no longer out there creating incredible music.

  166. Allan Snyder says:

    Very impressive collection of music! Modern and versatile. Top notch quality.

  167. shirley harris says:

    loved the music……Tom Petty was and is the greatest of all time. Miss him sooooooo much.

  168. Chris Gross says:

    Great music, I liked it!

  169. Steve Bottkol says:

    Great showcase of music beds to fit anything

  170. Natalie Thomas says:

    I love Tom Petty’s music. I don’t think watching 2 minutes of ads is too much to ask for a chance to win an autographed guitar.

  171. Jonathan Smith says:

    Thank you for showing that we can do great work here in Texas and that content providers don’t have to go to the Coasts!

  172. Coby Cooper says:

    Top Notch as always…great work!

  173. Tom Hebel says:

    Do something you really like, and hopefully it pays the rent. As far as I’m concerned, that’s success. – Tom Petty

  174. Frank Radice says:


  175. Danika Stagemeyer says:

    Well done. Shows the high standards you strive to reach with every production.

  176. Patrick Parish says:

    Excellent work!

  177. Brian Anderson says:

    That is some great music!

  178. Rick Gach says:

    Nice! Like the VAULT!

  179. Chuck Spruill says:

    impressive work from an impressive organization. well done!

  180. David Shearer says:

    Impressive. I wish our competition didn’t already use your stuff, so I could.

  181. Dave Shelly says:

    Pretty good library with variety from the looks of it.
    As for the prize, that Petty guitar would look good in my office for sure. I’ll make room for it.

  182. Michael Lindsey says:

    Impressive reel! I’ve been using your tracks for years in creative services production.

  183. Jason Dobbins says:

    Great reel, very impressive. Always pleased with Stephen Arnold Music. On top of that, an amazing contest. Been a Petty fan since I was a kid! Saw him for the final time live last June on the 40th Anniversary Tour and it was amazing! Would be an awesome piece to win!

  184. Evelyn DelCerro says:

    very well done sizzle reel.

  185. Eric Hultz says:

    Great demo! Didn’t realize your music was used by so many different brands.

  186. Laura Wood says:

    Great work! Amazing contest too 🙂

  187. Heather Laird says:

    Great demo reel and fantastic music selection! Lifelong Tom Petty fan so excited for a chance to win this amazing piece of History!!!

  188. Eric VanWinkle says:

    The SAM team is the best in the business. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. This sizzle reel embodies why The Vault was my production library for choice – nothing but great cuts of music. I never had an issue finding exactly what I needed for my promos.

  189. Jason Holloway says:

    Great stuff; great contest! Like the Coach/tag track.

  190. Veroninca Pizzorno says:

    La música expresa perfectamente la personalidad de cada marca de una forma suave y al mismo tiempo aguda.

    • Veroninca Pizzorno says:

      The music perfectly expresses the personality of each brand in a smooth and at the same time sharp.

  191. Ryan Speer says:

    Nice work! Thank you!

  192. Mike Bush says:

    Love the variety of music between spots. Awesome stuff!

  193. David Freihofer says:

    Very impressive.

  194. Daniel Davinchy says:

    Thanks for the chance. I would use this to play shows with my band and record with.

  195. David says:

    SAM’s “The Vault” has been my go-to library for several years now, never disappointed! #sonicbranding

  196. Dan Schillinger says:

    Great stuff, as usual. You guys keep finding ways to top yourselves.

  197. Bruce Barrett says:

    This real truly shows it. Music makes all the difference. I tried watching it a second time with the music turned down, it feels like the music is almost everything!

  198. Glenn Lazzaro says:

    Action Packed! You guys really know how to get things moving!

  199. Harley Wettemann says:

    This is a great addition, upbeat, lively, dramatic.The music went great with all the spots adding the right flares where needed. The music with the shark spot really grabbed my attention and drew me to the video. Great job as always.

  200. Nicole Thayer says:

    It was great meeting you guys a few weeks ago, and I’m excited to check out more of the The Vault for future projects!

  201. Ricky Herington says:

    Great variety of sounds showcased in the reel.

  202. Brian Lewein says:

    Great video, it’s a pleasure working with Stephen Arnold Music and an even bigger pleasure for a chance to win a guitar from one of my favorite artists.

  203. Josh Morey says:

    Great stuff from the Stephen Arnold team as always!

  204. ANNETTE S HERRMAN says:

    Not the first time I watched this…I love the editing. Know why? Because the tracks are AWESOME to edit to! I know because I’ve done it a hundred times. This is a great demo for SAM or any of the clients included in it! Well done!

  205. Rick Snyder says:

    Shark Men was intense!

  206. Benjamin J Durham says:

    Cool video!

  207. Randy Cassimus says:

    Lots of high-energy stuff!

  208. James Sage says:

    I love the diverse styles of music you create. You have something for every situation.

  209. Jeremy Chaney says:

    Nice sizzle reel…guitar is sweet as well!

  210. Cameron Smith says:

    Impressive! Love having the vault for my music selection when making commercials and new tunes are always awesome!

  211. Brad Voigt says:

    I like the selection you guys have at the vault! Sounds Great!

  212. Brandon McElroy says:

    Very cool to she how other production companies are using The Vault. Well done.

  213. Mike Cunningham says:

    Epic! Loved the variety! Loved Tom Petty!

  214. Terence Healy says:


  215. Javier Gil says:

    Love the guitar

  216. Heather C says:

    A great collection of music! Anyone that is a member is sure to find the song to add that kick to their video production.

  217. Cassie Busdeker says:

    LOVE the Vault !!!!!!!

  218. Elizabeth Fimian says:

    Love the pace and music of the video!
    And oh my God, a Tom Petty autographed guitar!!!

  219. Tim Ott says:

    Good Demo!

  220. Ryan says:

    Love the demo! We use you every day in our commercial production here at WWAY

  221. Ron Scribner says:

    Coke was good but the Katy Perry music really fit the mood and visuals of the spot.

    And the guitar would be nice also.

  222. Tim McCleary says:

    I use cuts from The Vault nearly every day! My Absolute Go-To production music. Keep it up!

  223. Tim Sargent says:

    Always great stuff.. Nice reel by the way.

  224. Jerome Risting says:

    Awesome selection of music

  225. Tim Boknecht says:

    The Vault definitely has all the “now” sounds.

    If I win the guitar, we’ll hang it in the halls here at CMG Tulsa!

  226. Dave Muscari says:

    Hey Steve … what’s with the Stix?

  227. Russell says:

    looks good!

  228. Roman Flute says:

    Excellent music! Nice diverse and fresh sounds.

  229. Mark Hodges says:

    My life’s dream is to win a SAM guitar. That and world peace.

  230. Tim Lawlis says:

    Lots of great clients!

  231. Sean Hagen says:

    Love the Vault. It only gets better and better.

  232. Lisa Reuter says:

    LOVE The Vault! We’ve been using it for years & it keeps getting better!

  233. Chad Larsen says:

    Excellent reel!! SAM does it right!!!

  234. Norman Wille says:

    Love the Vault!

  235. Sean P. Dixon says:

    Loved the demo!
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