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Stephen Arnold Music Refreshes China Global Television Network (CGTN) With New Sonic Branding

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Teams With Renowned Design Firm Flint Skallen To Create New Show Themes And Promos Across CGTN’s Five Networks

DALLAS — The five international channels of China Global Television Network (CGTN), reaching over one billion people around the world, have newly updated sonic brands courtesy of Stephen Arnold Music, who returned to the network after launching its distinctive sonic brand in 2015.

Collaborating once again with design firm Flint Skallen, Stephen Arnold Music produced an extensive package of new show themes and promo music for CGTN’s five international channels: CGTN English, French (African), Spanish, Russian and Arabic. Together, the two firms forged fresh graphics and music to reflect the channels’ increased digital footprint and accessibility worldwide. Across the channels and their shows, the new elements express that CGTN’s audience can access the network’s content digitally via Web and mobile.

Stephen Arnold Music took the opportunity to evolve the sound of each channel, while basing its compositions on the instantly recognizable sonic brand and four-note mnemonic they had originally developed. Each theme builds off the concept that rhythm has the unique power to transcend international barriers.

“A beat crosses all borders,” Chad Cook, Vice President, Creative for Stephen Arnold Music. says. “Many of the themes are built around distinctive rhythms, which are woven into soundscapes that feature both traditional instruments and electronic elements. Together, they communicate the digital accessibility that defines CGTN today.”

CGTN – Channel Identity Rebrand Montage

CGTN Global Business – Show and Promos Montage

CGTN New Money – Show and Promos Montage

CGTN Dialogue – Show and Promos Montage

CGTN World Insight – Show and Promos Montage

A prime example is “Across and Anywhere.” Strikingly cinematic, the international promo showcases CGTN’s multi-platform, multi-geographical footprint, with music and visuals that take viewers on a colorful journey through India, Lebanon, Greece, the United States, Africa and Argentina. Other key CGTN shows that received graphical and musical updates included “Global Business,” “New Money,” “Dialogue,” and “World Insight.”

“When Stephen Arnold Music’s work for CGTN debuted in 2015, the result was a memorable sonic brand for a global news operation of unprecedented reach,” Cook adds. “The opportunity to further evolve and grow that sonic brand has been very rewarding, a process made all the better by the highly inspiring visuals from our talented colleagues at Flint Skallen.”

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