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“Pick Your Guitar Package” Giveaway!

Acoustic, Bass and Electric Guitars

UPDATE:  We have our winner! Watch the drawing here »

It’s guitar giveaway time here at Stephen Arnold Music. This time YOU get to pick your prize from one of three terrific packages!

Each package includes: a guitar, amp, strap or microphone, and a cord

To ENTER, just listen to some new, compelling playlists from The Vault:

International  |  Serious Drama  |  Uplifting

Then leave your comment below, and you’re automatically entered to win. It’s that easy!

Drawing to be held on Friday, May 15, 2020 at 3pm CT. For questions call or email:
214-726-1600 |

1: Martin Acoustic Guitar Pack

Our acoustic package features a sweet Martin D-X2E guitar with Fishman acoustic amplifier, Sennheiser microphone, stand and cables. Channel your inner James Taylor!

Acoustic Guitar Package

2: Fender Bass Guitar Pack

Our bass guitar package comes with a sleek Fender Player Precision bass, a thumpin’ Ampeg amplifier with a gig bag, cable and strap. You can make your bottom bump in your basement!

Bass Guitar Package

3: Fender Sunburst Electric Guitar Pack

Our electric package is centered on a beautiful Sunburst Fender Player Telecaster guitar, a versatile Boss Katana amplifier with a cord, strap and gig bag. You’ll be able to make your garage rock!

Electric Guitar Package

Good luck and thanks for listening to our playlists from The Vault!
Click here for complete rules and regulations »

  1. Charles Kallassy says:

    Kallassy Management, Inc.
    Diverse and compelling and fresh cuts…. Right on…

  2. Pat Mayo says:

    i can’t listed to all of these for some reason. but man i wanted to get in on the drawing. We are close to being on board with SA. music for opens ready, just need to do my/our part at the station to complete.

  3. Robert brines says:

    I want to win

  4. Isaac Turner says:

    Marshall Broadcasting Group, Inc.
    My Favorite tracks include:
    Asian Markets – reminds me of Disney’s Celebration experience at EPCOT. Crisis Sparse and Weighty News are so Marvel-like. My favorite is Crisis Sparse; listened to it several times over. Positivity Flash – love to hear a guitar talk. Great feel, too. Upbeat Energy – this track should be given to Rick Astley; it’s so his feel. It’s a fresher take though… Great, again! SAM has the dopest library. You can always expect the best.

  5. Bo Calilung says:

    I’ve used the “Serious Drama” music for past outdoor hunting shows. It’s the perfect music for the hunt!!

  6. John Rice says:

    WNCN/CBS 17 Television
    Nice work…as always. I particularly like the feel of “Down To The Wire” in the Serious selects. In the Uplifting selects I enjoyed “Firefly” and “Positivity Flash” I loved the pace of Firefly. The International stuff really works for me…I personally like the alternative instruments…that don’t always make it into the more mainstream. “Medicine Man” is the kind of cut I would really find a way to use. Thanks everyone…wash your hands…keep the faith.

  7. Jerry Bever says:

    Medicine Man all the way!
    Great selection of fresh new contemporary cuts!
    Job well done!

  8. Alejandro Guajardo says:

    The INTERNATIONAL Playlist is great selection of music for use on promos and commercials, with a wide range of moods and tempos sure to your project.

  9. Jerry Dunlap says:

    ABC Entertainment Marketing
    Just listened to the ‘Uplifting’ playlist. It’s like every track was composed specifically for today’s global situation. I especially loved “Pulling Together”. Thanks Stephan Arnold Music for writing and composing music that truly tells a story!


  10. Terry Kowalski says:

    WROC-TV | Nexstar Media Group
    The Asian adventure I experienced while listening to the International selections was awesome! Great stuff as always!

  11. Joe Fischer says:

    Kill The Messenger
    Always quality music. Thanks guys!

  12. Jack Scott says:

    WACH FOX, Sinclair Broadcast Group
    All great stuff! I like to listen and see which tracks I would use for projects.

    “Weight News” would be used for certain, and with all the local restaurants pushing carry-out at the moment, the international stuff would be essential to have in our library.

    Your product is never a disappointment.

  13. J CARTER says:

    Hatch Entertainment
    Good stuff and unlike a lot of needle drop I’ve sampled. Drama selections are innovative and and fresh takes. Uplifting is just that so well done.

  14. Garth Franklin says:

    Outdoor Channel
    Keep up the great work with the Vault. Miss you.

  15. Peter Ferraro says:

    Love the Serious Drama package and can see a lot of use for the Uplifting package right now. Always great work from SAM.

  16. Harley Wettemann says:

    Action News Now
    Bravo!!! Some really well-produced music. The Drama and uplifting are right on the spot I could definitely see using these in promos. The International is good as well I just don’t think that for what I’m doing I’d have a lot of use. I will most differently have to look into getting the Vault again when our contract runs out on what we have now.

  17. Javier Gil says:

    Great Stuff love it!

  18. Mary Borger says:

    Always a great sound. Like the variety you have offered. Miss your team at Station Summit this year.

  19. Betty Bryan Fish says:

    I loved the international package, especially Bollywood Bounce and Indian Fusion. I can’t wait to eat again at international restaurants, take international trips and head back to Epcot for a mini trip around the world. The tracks took me any from endless isolation.

    Thank you!

  20. Michael S. Moore says:

    Texas House of Representatives
    Looking forward to using the new choices from the Uplifting list. Lots of possibilities there.
    Thanks for those!

  21. Erik Tobias says:

    Circle City Broadcasting WISH-TV
    Great stuff all around and even more variety for every project on deck!

  22. Alan Balzer says:

    KMVU Fox 26
    Super good stuff as always. It’s all so rich and luxurious. Seriously great music to just listen to while I work. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I will really miss the Sam Jam this year.

  23. Todd Luka says:

    DigiImagine LLC

  24. Holly Jones says:

    WCIA 3 - Nexstar Broadcast
    I love the uplifting music selection. i can just picture the video that goes along with the music, especially Pulling together. in these extraordinary times

    I am a bass player. 🙂

  25. Jeff Pitner says:

    These all sound excellent. All of them very high quality. Congrats. The “Indian Fusion” reminds me of some very late ’60’s Moody Blues tracks.


    can I have the three guitars!!!

  27. Frank Radice says:

    Vida FR Company Consultants
    I listened to you international playlist and searched for some specifics and was impressed with the scope and range of SAM. Kudos.

  28. Chris Hull says:

    I listened to the “Uplifting” playlist. I thought the stand outs were “Horizon Line”, “Clear Mind” and “Upbeat Energy”. “Horizon Line” makes me want to build an image campaign around it.

  29. Bianca G. says:

    I would Love to win any of these guitars!

  30. Mark Klein says:

    Great new releases, Stephen! I could imagine “Pulling Together” making a great spot supporting our graduates – the plays on Canon in D remind me of my own graduation ceremony when the high school orchestra played it. Also, really digging the Horizon Line track too. Nothing is too busy – just the perfect mood and emotion for positive spots. Keep up the great work.

    PS: Great choice picking the Martin Dreadnought too! I’ve always wanted one of those 🙂

  31. Sean Hagen says:

    Good stuff as always. Thanks for all the music options SAM!

  32. Chad Larsen says:

    KSL TV
    All great tracks! I especially love the International section. SO much better than FirstCom!! I want our contract with them to be over!!!

  33. Barry Gribbon says:

    Home school 6th grader is loving the sounds. He keeps trying to guess the genre in the Intertnational music. He got Indian right. We are grooving out to blood diamonds.

  34. Rik Wederstrandt says:

    Sounds great!!

  35. Scott Craven says:

    Love the Drama playlist, but the International is deep! Awesome stuff!

  36. joel scarbrough says:

    You all have always had the very best tracks for news and post! I’m glad we finally got a deal done to enhance our news broadcasts on KTEN NBC in north Texas!

  37. Eric Wotila says:

    Sounds great as always!

  38. John Ebert says:

    Marquee Broadcasting (47abc)
    As always, love the incredible musical range that Stephen Arnold’s library covers. The versioning is especially helpful for us (commercial production) since we can select tracks that time out with natural musical decays and provide options that don’t compete with voice overs or on camera talent.
    We don’t have much call for the International compositions but in Serious Drama, I think we’ll be able to use Fight Back / Weighty News and Full Force for some upcoming Coronavirus Promos.
    I love both tracks in Uplifting. The re-imaging of Pachabel’s Canon in Pulling Together is captivating and there’s a cinematic quality to Keeping Spirits Up that triggers visuals for me. I hope we can find the right client!
    Thanks for the great playlists, there’s so much too choose from, these help to speed up the selection process.

  39. Dave Brubaker says:

    SJI Associates
    Wonderful tracks! Always a pleasure to listen to your music. Thanks.

  40. CT says:

    Excellent work. I love the syncopated piano on “Firefly.”

  41. Charles Edmonds says:

    Very nice.

    Will definitely put to use.
    Diverse range of moods.
    Keep up the great work.

  42. Ed M Trauschke says:

    I’m favoring the “Serious Report” and “Upbeat Energy”. We all need something upbeat right now.

  43. Lindsy Adkins says:

    Marquee Broadcasting Inc.
    I really enjoyed the uplifting music scores, we really need that during these difficult times.

  44. ann epstein says:

    Greetings to the Team,

    Hope everyone and their families are healthy and safe. It will be sad not to connect next month as we have for decades at the conference. Strange times…

    Delighted with the variety of tracks within each playlist shared. Some great options in each category. For me, working from home, creates a special appreciation for the acoustic works.

    Great work as always!

  45. John Fawcett says:

    Love all your stuff…and Noelle is the BEST

  46. Sam Day says:

    My favorites:
    – The Fight Back
    – Full Force
    – Positivity Flash
    Great stuff as usual 🙂

  47. Larry Bailey says:

    Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers
    All three playlist are fantastic! No one makes sounds that fill a room from concert hall to EarPods like Stephen Arnold Music. I’m a big fan! You want the secret to making memorable brands, put SAM in your ear.

    Powerful stuff!

  48. Robert Streeter says:

    The International and Uplifting playlists could be quite useful when it comes to some of the videos I produce for the Ark-La-Tex Weekend. Especially with some of the international festivals going on (hopefully soon) in the area.

  49. Naoh Kozinko says:

    I’m a fan of the heavy strings on the Serious Drama music.

  50. Brian Lorenzen says:

    The vault has a good selection of music, another example of why SAM is the best in the biz

  51. Timothy Smith says:

    The “International” playlist would be great to play during an Asian themed dinner party, it’s that good for setting a good, chill mood.

    “Serious Drama” has a great mix of sounds that are impact-full without being too over-the-top or cheesy sounding.

    “Uplifting” seems perfectly suited for feel-good promos. Perfect amount of interesting sounds that wouldn’t overpower a station voice.

    Overall, a great set of playlists that really highlights why I like Stephen Arnold Music.

  52. David Shearer says:

    Always impressed with your styling’s.

  53. joseph Uliano says:

    Black Label Content
    Loved the serious drama package, I listen to most of the playlists, they seem tailored for news, as there is staccato throughout. I really liked some of the international pieces as well.

  54. Jacob Armstrong says:

    The International playlist made me want to learn to bellydance, but I’m slightly overweight guy. Best I can do is belly jiggle…

    Great stuff as always!

  55. James B Mongold says:

    Buck Commander
    I listened to all three, and I must say the International Playlist really made me want to travel. I’d love to capture some awesome footage from some faraway land and cut it with this playlist! Maybe I shoot one of those elaborately choreographed Bollywood dancing scenes!!!
    I’ll settle for Myrtle Beach for now


  56. Tim Sturgess says:

    More great work from Stephen Arnold Music. And more cool guitars.

  57. Rob Reynolds says:

    KLSR-TV Oregon's FOX
    These are all great tracks! The International tracks transported me around the world. I can’t wait to use these on-air.

  58. Jeff Laundergan says:

    Uplifting is appropriate & relevant right now.
    Together, we are stronger than we are apart.
    Stay safe.

  59. Dr. Tim Bajkiewicz says:

    Virginia Commonwealth University
    These sound really great. I’m especially partial to the more atmospheric music (maybe I’ve been worn down by too many COVID cable news bumps). Under International the “Euphoric Adventure” series is very nice, as is the Modern Guitar Themes series. SAM is so awesome at driving themes, so it’s nice to hear the lighter side.

  60. Chad Harris says:

    Crown Media
    Uplifting music is what we all need right now.

  61. Ryan Denley says:

    Positivity Flash and Always Happy from the Uplifting playlist are perfect for some of our upcoming promos. I’m also going to keep Full Force from the Serious Drama playlist in my back pocket for future use. Great playlists.

  62. Carole Kraehenbuehl says:

    FOX 25/48
    Besides being timely and awesome, these tracks while I’m working blows the doors off of Pandora. LOL!

  63. Paul Greeley says:

    Interesting categories as I could see TV people dipping into each one often, as they are popular music beds for news and commercials. There were good examples in each category. I could almost visualize the creative as I listened to the cuts.

  64. Dixon Johnston says:

    All morning I’d been looking for a “building” “uplifting” track for a promo that has some serious and dramatic news moments. I got your email to enter for the guitar in the middle of my search. I listened to KL169 and think Ive narrowed it down to 3 cuts from the release. Thanks!!!

  65. Vernon R Rowlands says:

    WICZ-TV Fox40
    I like the Uplifting” selections and it’s going to be needed.

  66. Sean Dixon says:

    SAM could also stand for Simply Amazing Music.

  67. Sue Ramsett says:

    “Positivity Flash” is my new jam:)
    Thanks for all your great work SAM team…

  68. Brandon Jones says:

    Geronimo Productions
    I’ve always been impressed with the sound and diversity of the library but I’ve been most impressed with your willingness to keep adding fresh music. Loving the ‘International’ album and already have a few projects where the ‘Uplifting’ album tracks are going to work perfectly.

  69. Matt says:

    Sounds great as always!

  70. John Schmidt says:

    WKBT News 8 Now
    The Uplifting playlist is pretty perfect for the times we are in. Keep the good stuff coming!

  71. Randy Sedlacek says:

    Awesome tracks. Where can I find pricing?

  72. Tom Stock says:

    Appreciate the Uplifting library selections with fresh beds for a project coming up.

  73. Bruce Barrett says:

    Great sounds, inspire creTiviyy

  74. Chris Watson says:

    You guys put out high quality tracks. Some really good uplifting stuff. We have a the annual Children’s Miracle Network Telethon coming up at our station and I could see these tracks working well for some feature pieces

  75. Ellen Yarbrough says:

    KSNF/KODE Joplin
    I really like the Indian influenced tunes. I like that most have stings to go with them. Uplifting was good for community events which I need a lot of.

  76. Pete Nikiel says:

    KSLA/Gray Television
    There’s a real need for some of that uplifting music.

  77. matt osbourne says:

    Like the blood diamond and medicine man track in the international vault. Could work for a project I’m working on now

    • Chad Cook says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Matt – Hope all is well. Thanks for listening and entering!

  78. Tim Boknecht says:

    Cox Media Group
    I went straight to the Uplifting library to listen to SAM’s fresh take on tones to elevate people “during this time”. My faves are Lifespan, Positivity Flash, and Clear Mind. These tracks have good dynamic balance and sound very contemporary.

    I also feel Keeping Spirits Up is a strong track with perhaps a narrower set of uses. It would require pretty epic creative, but for epic creative it would be perfect.

  79. Christopher Gross says:

    Was just going to listen to a little bit of the uplifting, then got sucked in and listened to every bit, great playlist!

  80. Larry says:

    The music is as wonderful as ever. I particularly like the international bollywood sounding stuff.
    Great work SAM Gang!

  81. Allan Snyder says:

    KATV / Sinclair
    The best music tracks instantly inspire imagery in your mind. That’s what these tracks do for me. I can listen to the serious drama or the uplifting tracks, and immediately see the video I could put with it. The best promos always start with music first!

  82. Shawn Dickerman says:

    International – You have captured the feel from every country! My favorite is the “Bhangra Theme”.
    Serious Drama – with the score variations, it’s easy to use for serious franchises.
    Uplifting – a great and timely playlist!

  83. Cathy Beck says:

    Grey Sky Films
    Well done!! I must admit my favorite is in the International playlist – Paradise on my Mind. We were fortunate enough to visit Jamaica before the shelter in place, and listening to that track brought me right back to the beautiful resort we were blessed to stay … relaxing under a palm tree, with a Red Strip (Lite!), watching the waves … walking the paths in the resort surrounded by lush tropical plants and soaring palm trees swaying in the light breeze – being captivated by the absolute presence of paradise around me.

    I really needed that this morning since NJ announced we are continuing restrictions until early June.

    Stay healthy everyone.

    Love the P-bass package. Thanks for a fun promotion!

  84. Benjamin J Durham says:

    Love y’all’s selection!

  85. Patrick Williams says:

    I’m enjoying the Inernational playlist. Gotta find a use for Bollywood Bounce! I really appreciate having options form each track. That’s handy.

  86. Jared Morrison says:

    BRG015 – 002 with stem’s = perfect nice collection

  87. Michael Lazorko says:

    WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh
    I can I will get a lot of use from the Serious Drama cuts “Call to Action” and “Serious Report”. Great work! “Down to the wire” is also very good.

  88. Barry Gribbon says:

    Listening to the “Uplifiting” tracks makes me forget about Covid!! They make me want to go climb a mountain or solve the world’s problems. Well done.

  89. Jenny Dolph says:

    Great music selection, as always! Love the Uplifting playlist. I may keep “Positivity Flash” in my back pocket for some upcoming promos. We need more of these kinds of tracks right now to keep the positive vibes going. I think #2 would be a great gift for my fiance, David. He’s got a collection going in our living room.

  90. Deidre says:

    WXXV - TV, Morris Multimedia
    Where was this email yesterday when I was searching for “uplifting” music for a contest spot?! Man! I found something great from the Vault to use though. I love everything in this new Uplifting section! Can’t wait to use them! It gave me some ideas…

  91. David Wagner says:

    The Serious Drama and Uplifting sets are both great! But then again SAM always puts out great work!

  92. Kevin Slayter says:

    It’s a great selection. I appreciate the email and the promotion. We use music clips weekly and have been looking for a new source that is more updated. I’m in. Thanks.

  93. Dave Medley says:

    Love the “Inspiring” playlist… a great blend of instantly familiar melodies and motivating grooves.

  94. Tony Pacheco says:

    The playlist is now a background for building estimates! Thanks! Love the Tele.

  95. Daryl Smith says:

    Great Music like always!!

  96. Scott Brady says:

    Nice quality all around. I think the range is dynamic as well from cut to cut.

    We probably don’t have much use for the international cuts in flavor for Louisville,
    but the Serious Drama and Uplifting works are interesting themes. They Would work well
    for some of the news and community projects we create at the stations here!

    -Scott B.

  97. Karen Yarbrough says:

    First – I am so thrilled to be back in the SA family again!
    Of course all the cuts have their own special flair and will fit beautifully in an assortment of projects.

    My favorite would have to be Pulling Together. I cannot wait to use this cut. For the world as it is right now, I ma not sure there is another piece of music that encompasses “today” any better than that one.

    • Noelle says:

      Us too! It wasn’t right not having you around, Karen. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 -Noelle

  98. Robby Thomas says:

    The “Uplifting” set is especially timely as so many stations are focused on telling stories of inspiration about the heroes and helpers in their communities. That’s what I love about Stephen Arnold Music. You guys are uniquely tapped into the needs of local media producers. Good stuff. Send #3 on down to Dothan!

    • Noelle says:

      Very kind of you to say, Robby. Really appreciate it. Ha! Got it! -Noelle

  99. Matt says:

    I listened to the Uplifting music.
    In times like these it’s great music can help people out and keep them positive.
    These tracks are inspiring and also good for workouts/Yoga.
    Awesome contest!
    That tele looks very pretty!

  100. Adrian Wood says:

    ‘Serious Drama’ means serious business… these tunes make me want to skydive into a volcano.

  101. Charles Lin says:

    Strange – if I’m logged in, it says, “This playlist is currently unavailable, please contact us to view.”
    If i’m logged out, I can play them fine.

    • Noelle says:

      Hi! When you’re logged into your account you can only see what you have licensed — so in your case just your news music. Let me know if you can license The Vault too! We can make that happen! 😉 -Noelle

  102. Kellen Dargle says:

    Sounding great (as always)! We’re doing a virtual SAM Jam this summer, right? 😉

  103. Ward Howarth says:

    I went straight for the ‘Uplifting’ playlist b/c we could all use more of that these days. Great songs that would fit well into some positive news image promos. Bravo!

  104. Steve Denari says:

    Sounds great!

  105. Cameron Smith says:

    Love the variety and I can’t wait to fit these into my projects! Keep up the good work, I’m always excited to get new tracks from you guys!

  106. Clint Stevenson says:

    Hi Stephen Arnold Music!

    I liked how modern the International playlist sounded. Even the most traditionally-inspired tracks sounded very current and fresh to me. I thought Bollywood Bounce was a fun, enjoyable track. I liked how it balanced upbeat quirkiness with a dark electronic bass undertone. I liked the curious, inquiring sound of Medicine Man. It was like a search through the jungle. Blood Diamonds was probably my favorite track in the playlist. It sounds rugged and adventurous, and It makes me imagine a jeep tearing through the grasslands on safari.

    I liked the variety in the Serious Drama playlist. Tracks like Inside Access and Down To The Wire are perfect for investigative promos, and would get a lot of usage from me. I thought Call To Action and Crisis both sounded very cinematic. Call To Action made me picture a high-tech bank heist in progress, while Crisis evoked images of troops strategically preparing an attack. I really liked the action-packed Full Force track. It really got the heart pumping with its urgency.

    I really enjoyed the Uplifting Playlist. I liked the soaring strings on the Lifespan track. It made me feel like I was on an exciting journey. I think Positivity Flash is a very versatile track that I could use in a variety of different promos. Horizon Line is a great build-up track, very balanced. I think the drums were very tastefully done and liked how they didn’t overpower the other instruments. Always Happy made me feel happy. I really like the positive feel it brings with the inviting clap-along clapping.

    Great stuff! I really enjoyed listening to your new playlists! Thanks for sharing!

  107. Michael Turner says:

    Always innovative! The Steven Arnold music collection never disappoints!

  108. Mac Fail says:

    The Uplifting playlist was perfect for a day like today.

  109. Todd Linden says:

    I actually felt uplifted after listening to these tracks. A lot of these are good enough to put on my personal playlist! Great job as always!

  110. Bobby Edwards says:

    I listened to everyone of the samples and enjoyed letting my mind relax a little. Must say I’m not enthused with the China sets. But it still relaxed my mind and I could envision the commercials with the sound. Thank you, Bobby

    • Noelle says:

      Appreciate you taking the time to listen, Bobby. Best of luck on the guitar! 🙂 -Noelle

  111. Richard Eairheart says:

    First of all, “Wow”.
    The International has a lot of tracks that are more specialized and a little too “thick” with their ethnicity but still offer breakdown versions to give them multiple uses.
    The Serious Drama tracks are exactly that. Having so many options to create the mood for the production you’re working on makes it a great tool. Although it would be neat to see some of them not quite as serious and have a few lighter “hopeful” spots in the track.
    The Uplifting was my favorite. This is usually my wheelhouse when producing and the options you have are just flat out incredible.
    All in all I love the big, “real instrument” production sound of the tracks. They are what help paint the picture for the video production I might be working on. The playback and version selection is simple with all the info and detail you need for the track.

  112. Kelly Warner says:

    Diverse selection of instrumentation and themes that fit well into a variety of creative production settings!

  113. Ed Cheetham says:

    As an educator, my students are constantly looking for high quality audio to enhance their motion design projects. These new releases are just the type of expressive soundtracks that our students want to use.

  114. James Bartone says:

    Great tracks! I especially like the Serious Drama playlist! Can’t wait to use some of these cuts for our investigative promos!

  115. Shelly Leslie says:

    Next I checked out International. “Bollywood Bounce” has great instrumentation and layers for a rich experience of that culture. “Indian Fusion” lends itself to long-form storytelling in the way that it unfolds.

    Thanks for making me take time out of my day for MUSIC. And you reminded me of my 2020 promise to myself to finally learn to play the guitar! That acoustic set is calling me.

  116. Shelly Leslie says:

    Next I went to Serious Drama. I’ll be honest, “Crisis: Sparse” made me want to dust off my old image producer chops and EDIT. Nice pacing and beats and tone.

  117. Kelly Warner says:

    “Paradise on my Mind” takes us on a journey. Organic meets electronic production with very nice human quality and emotion!

  118. Travis Petty says:

    Always been a fan, love the music!!

  119. Kennedy Wright says:

    Good stuff in the Serious Drama playlist. I could see using Worrying Developments of The Fight Back in political ads. Good resource t have!

  120. Shelly Leslie says:

    I was pulled first to the UPLIFTING playlist as I think we can all use a little of that right now. “New Life” is my favorite. Fresh! Great perspective for the opportunity we all have to grow from this challenge — personally and for our brands.

  121. says:

    Good stuff. The Uplifting tracks are good for a time like this… Upbeat Energy is a track I could see working with

  122. Thomas L. Lewis says:

    Liked all of the international cuts. Very limited opportunities for using them in our newscasts.
    Most of the serious drama tracks were good too. Can think of lots of uses for these cuts.
    The uplifting pieces were nice, but i don’t see many places where we could use them in our newscasts.

  123. Dan Mayorga says:

    Uplifting, some real good choices here for optimistic human interest stories.
    Serious Drama, perfect for urgent breaking news situations.

  124. Kaleb G says:

    Listened to the “Uplifting” Album and particularly enjoyed “Lifespan” and “Keeping Spirits Up” tracks.
    Great work!

  125. Nolan says:

    Amazing samples.

  126. Evan says:

    Really nice sounds

  127. Jordan D. says:

    I LOVE STEPHEN ARNOLD MUSIC!! Keep up the good work guys!

  128. John Sweeney says:

    I listened to the “Uplifting” tracks. Really like the build starting at :50 in on “Lifespan”, didn’t love the string intro. Didn’t care for the organ behind the piano on “Pulling Together” to church funeral for me. Loved” Positivity Flash”, very fun. “Upbeat Energy” feel good for morning news or positive stories. With “Firefly” I just guess strings aren’t my thing today. thanks guys. Great stuff as always. I’ll be going back and listening to more!

  129. Charles Lin says:

    Call me biased, but I’m super fond of that international selection lol.

  130. James Rowe says:

    Speaking of guitars, nice axe work on “Positivity Flash.” Like the authentic, organic nature of all your tracks.

  131. Don Davis says:

    I was feeling a little stressed this morning but took a few minutes to listen to these new music cuts. They gave me a boost. Great music…as usual.

  132. Brandon McElroy says:

    Love the tracks! Great way to tell stories with sonic branding!

  133. Rick Deutsch says:

    “New Life” on the Uplifting playlist is really nice. Could maybe use another guitar. Incidentally, so could I 🙂

    Nice tracks, guys.

  134. Patrick Magee says:

    Serious Drama: Good fit for an fictional investigative series as overall programming background. Possibly 1 or 2 of the more epic drum tracks for promotions.

    Uplifting: Good DIY programming and documentary BG music as well.

    International: The Indian “Bollywood” style tracks are good. Overall more placement in that genre than the Asian market from that playlist.

    Good tone, melody and quality recordings. Nice work guys!

  135. Jeremy Chaney says:

    really liked positivity flash

  136. James Taylor says:

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    • Noelle says:

      Thanks, James! 🙂 Yeah, me too… gonna miss seeing everyone this summer. -Noelle

  137. Vincent Duffy says:

    Top notch production value as always, and a great variety of sounds. I do have one small criticism though. I’m not sure of the appropriateness of naming an African themed bed “Blood Diamonds” – since the phrase is so associated with war, violence, conflict and human rights abuses in Africa.

    • Noelle says:

      Thanks, Vince! Glad you like the tracks! We appreciate and understand your concern with that particular track name. Our production library consists of content from many composers and producers around the world – and we are not in control of all of the track titles, including the one mentioned in your comment. Best, Noelle

      • Vincent Duffy says:

        Michigan Radio
        Thank you Noelle for the response. I appreciate it. Hope all is well with everyone at Stephen Arnold Music!

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