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If it can Snow in Texas, Dreams can come true.

It is a rare experience in Texas to be beset by snow.  For most Texans, snow is a phrase reserved for describing that blurred and fuzzy effect on one’s TV screen that gets in the way of watching reruns of “Dallas.”

But in fact, on occasion, snow does fall from the skies above Texas.  We Texans, whether transplanted or true-born, are always happy about this phenomenon for a number of reasons: (1) It does not happen often and therefore always conveys a sense of fantasy. As snow flakes drift downward, the inhabitants of our faithful city stare entranced from their windows or wander half-dazed through the white streets building snow men at every corner.  (2) When the snow melts 48 hours later,  it reminds us of how glad we are that we do not live in Idaho, or, say, North Dakota, or even Chicago. No offense to those folk, of course.

As you may know, it recently snowed heavily in the Dallas area.  For us here at the studio, and all around Dallas, it was stunningly beautiful and we wanted to share a few pictures with you.  So, kick back, grab some hot chocolate and enjoy the pristine beauty of a Stephen Arnold Music snow day.

SAM with Snow

The Road... by Cormac McStephen Arnold Music

I'm Dreaming of a White February

The SAM Backyard

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