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Listen. Enter. Win! It’s a Resonator Guitar Giveaway

Resonator giveaway


Okay, here’s your chance to win one of the coolest guitars from Stephen’s personal collection – his 2007 Dean Chrome and Gold Acoustic-Electric Resonator!

This axe, one of Stephen’s favorites, is more of a hybrid than anything. You have the sound & tone of a true resonator, but the playability and upper neck access of an electric or really great acoustic guitar. It has a magnetic “lipstick” pickup and a piezo electric pickup, which gives you the ability to produce both electric and acoustic tones.

And who knows, master it and become the next Billy Gibbons of Texas’ own ZZ Top (maybe that’s a stretch but he owns one as well!).

All you have to do is:

  1. Listen to our four most recent news branding packages, and
  2. Comment on which one is your favorite:  iNergy, This Is The Place, All About Early, or Canvas
    (and feel free to tell us why you liked one more than the others…)

After that, your name will go directly into the hat… and you’ll be instantly eligible for the Dean Resonator — IT’S THAT EASY!

The drawing for the giveaway will be on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014.

Here’s a photo of your potential future, Dean:


Listen to the packages here and leave a comment below:

This is the Place

All About Early

Click here for contest rules and eligibility requirements.

  1. Richard Eller says:

    I think Inergy is the one.

  2. Joe M says:

    All pretty good, but I liked Canvas the best!

  3. jimblue1 says:

    Canvas, of course, since I’m in your demo video!

  4. Tony Willard says:

    Love “This is the place”!

  5. glen says:

    this is the place

  6. Cassie Busdeker says:

    iNERGY gets my top vote. I also like Canvas.

  7. Nick M says:

    Canvas has the best instrumentation and variety.

  8. Tom Ciprari says:

    I liked Inergy the best. I really like the ‘It’s all about early” for a morning show, but we’re not there yet. Inergy though would have fit our news relaunch wonderfully. Keep up the good work!

  9. David Redig says:

    I am a big fan of Canvas…has a good news feel to it. My second choice would be This is the Place…has a lot of possibilities for use! Good stuff!

  10. This is Our Place! Our station is using this package and the community LOVES it!!! FACEBOOK explodes every time we do a new version of the promo.

  11. Don Smith says:

    This Is The Place has a really nice feel to it!

  12. I really liked Inergy upbeat but also dramatic in the right places. This is the Place & All About Early I’m not a fan of people singing in the music. Usually there is a station Voice and having that work with singing in the music I never find works. I really like Canvas good tempo I’d use that

  13. This is the Place….EC all the way!

  14. Kristin says:

    Station is currently using Inergy but thinking next choice will be Canvas!

  15. Victoria Bouchard says:

    This is the place…

  16. I like Inergy the best because it has the rockin’ urgency news feel to it.

  17. Jim Dull says:

    This is the place… I also really liked all about early too.

  18. “This is the Place” followed by Inergy are my favorites. Both very versatile.

  19. All About Early rules.

  20. iNERGY is my favorite.. has that hard, breaking news feel. I also liked this is the place music but not the lyrics…

  21. Tanya Vea says:

    Canvas has a news sound but with energy.

  22. Rich Stewart says:

    I really like this is the place, great for branding on many levels

  23. Brian says:

    This is the place is my favorite. It has that hometown feel that I like.

  24. Chris Watson says:

    This Is The Place is awesome! We bought a version of this package this past year and have gotten very positive feedback.

  25. Hank Littick says:

    Inergy was my favorite of the bunch followed by Canvas. Both felt more like news music to my ear. However, all of them are good in there own way.

  26. BTW, I thought that This is the place was suited for a sitcom, just not a news show. It didnt connect with me for a news show, had I heard it from the other room I’d have thought Friends was on or something

  27. As A Guitar Player I am attracted to Inergy, Like the pace, as a watcher of news I think that Canvas works best for that genre, (if that makes any sense, as a Musician & Graphic designer I know that it’s not what I like , but what works best for the project that matters) Hope that helps. Thanks would love that guitar

  28. Thomas Murawski says:

    “All About Early” was my favorite. Something fresh and different about that package that made it more interesting to me than the others. I especially liked the version with male lead vox. I also like “This is the Place”, but I had already heard this before months ago (which means you are doing a good job of creating exposure) and perhaps that made the other one more appealing.

  29. CANVAS is my fave. It’s newsy and urgent but still has a warm element and some fun sprinkled in.

  30. TJ Waszkiewicz says:

    I definitely liked “This is the Place” the best, because it had a great uplifting feel and it gave off a feeling like we’re all a part of a close community. I also liked “All About Early” and the videos that went along with the song, although not as much as “This is the Place”. “All About Early” gave off the vibe that it’s exciting to be getting up early and watching that program is a great way to start your day.

  31. Bill Kiefer says:

    Canvas, followed by Inergy. Both have good energy.

  32. Annur Sidney says:

    This is the place,

    It spoke to me the most to be honest if this was a news theme song/ starting song. People would probably watch it just to hear the song haha. Music is the center and just the most simple things can grab people’s attention.

  33. Christopher Allen says:

    “This is the Place”. I chose this, one, because the title is close to “This Must Be the Place” by the Talking Heads, and, two, because the woman at the beginning has a very good voice, not Idina Menzel, mind you, but not bad and pleasant to listen to just the same. Also, the other songs sounded like I had heard them many times before. “This is the Place” also has the elements of feel good tone, intense tone, and a relaxed tone good for the end of a broadcast.

  34. Chad says:

    Great comments and feedback everyone!

  35. Ken Freedman says:

    Love the inergy, it conveys the urgency and upbeat tempo. We’re also fans of the “This is the Place”!

  36. Adam Frary says:

    Really like Inergy.

  37. iEnergy has a nice full feel. I also like this is the place for an AM show with a hungry rundown.

  38. Kyle Nicholoff says:

    Canvas seems to have a finality to its sound and the more serious portions are not as harsh sounding as others in the list. I like Canvas with Inergy not far behind.

  39. I like Canvas. Currently using the package. It is fresh and exciting! iNergy is also a fav!

  40. Aaron Rice says:

    We’re using Inergy, so I’m partial to that one. This is the Place is my 2nd pick. I love the pacing and upbeat feel for Inergy, and it’s “news-y” without sounding like it’s stuck in the past.

  41. John Parker says:

    I liked Inergy the best!

  42. My favorite is Inergy. Strongest signature.

  43. Sue Edwards says:

    iNERGY is really dynamic! That would be my choice.

  44. Coby Cooper says:

    This is the Place was my favorite. Lots of energy, fresh, contemporary sound.

  45. I like Canvas the best. It has a more traditional news sound, with a modern twist.

  46. Shane Craig says:

    This is the Place makes me feel like home.

  47. k2ncdude says:

    “All About Early” would be my pick. Nice. Refreshing. Fun for a morning news, even entertainment station.

  48. Jerry Grider says:

    I prefer the “This is the Place” package. It’s just had that modern feel and made me feel an attachment to the news product. Can you change the lyrics on these packages at all or are they set in stone?

  49. Terry McFarlane says:

    Canvas gets my vote!

  50. Don Loy says:

    Early worked quite well for my stations in Jackson. It really resonated (sorry) with viewers. I think Canvas is the most versatile, however.

  51. Jason Lewis says:

    I liked the acoustic elements of All About Early, but overall Canvas was a more complete package.

  52. This Is The Place was my favorite, but Canvas comes in with a close 2nd.

  53. Tom Swider says:

    Canvas is the one I liked the most. Loved its versatility and flow.

  54. Inergy has nice variety. Dynamic. Active. 5 notes/chords for branding & stings.

    This is the Place is positive, driving & vibrant. 4 notes/chords for branding & stings.

    Canvas is energetic, animated & spirited. Good variety. 4 notes/chords for branding & stings.

    All About Early. Not really a fan of the “wake-up, wake-up.” A little too fast paced & heavy for me & our brand & feel of morning newscasts.

  55. deannalw says:

    Canvas was the most interesting to me. I need great content to stayed tuned in.

  56. Noah Kozinko says:

    I like the depth and variety of the Canvas package.

  57. Marc Morriston says:

    I’m partial to Canvas since it’s our package but if I was impartial i’d say I also like All About Early.

  58. Sam Jarria says:

    Canvas and iNERGY are two of my most favorite packages. The signatures are unique sonic branding that I recognize anywhere and the versatility definitely makes these the packages to have in your arsenal. Great going SAM!!

  59. This is the Place was good, but I think I have to give it to Canvas.

  60. David Bowen says:

    Canvas ! That 4-note repeating theme catches my ear. Would be a great identifier in Breaking News!

  61. Tim Sturgess says:

    Canvas gets my vote!

  62. Robert says:

    Canvas for the win!

    The reason this one stands out the most is the energy in the music with the power tones not being so “in your face”. From a promotions, editor and animation background, this is the best to move with for a great spot!

  63. Steve Fawcett says:

    Canvas!… high energy

  64. May make a change this summer, love Inergy but Canvas is interesting

  65. I liked iNergy the best. I found myself humming the riff. I actively disliked “all about early” as it was kind of compelling me to do something, which is not what I want my TV to do.

  66. Shawn Cowan says:

    Canvas for me. I liked the all the others though. Over all they would make a great package.

  67. Kevin L. Gibbs says:

    “This is the Place” has a guitar and drums based theme that feels more comfortable than the jolting “traditional” ones. I vote for “This is the Place”

  68. Brent Stewart says:

    I liked “This Is The Place” best

  69. Julie S says:

    Canvas was good so was Inergy. Leaning toward iNERGY.

  70. Mary Borger says:

    All are fantastic, but Inergy is my favorite.

  71. Inergy cause it is a our package…but I like Canvas, too. Is it fair to pick two?

  72. Eddie says:

    I like Canvas because it is more traditional and even though I am in the younger demo I still like news the traditional way.

  73. Tim Taylor says:

    All About Early

  74. Paul Harper says:

    We currently use Inergy, so that package is very close to my heart!

    But, I really like ‘this is the place’, too!

    Honestly, all of the libraries are great!

  75. Erik Werner says:

    I like This Is The Place. Perfect for my market….has a down home feeling that the others are missing.

  76. Chad says:

    Thanks for all the great comments! Keep them coming 🙂

  77. eric ruggiero says:

    I’m going with “This Is The Place.” I can connect because of the human component/vocal. All move along quite nicely!

  78. Inergy is my overall fav – although I found it to be very similar to Canvas. They both use similar melodies and orchestration. Inergy is more up-tempo and seems to have a bit more variety in sonic detail. The other two are great themes, but are more suited to specific uses…

  79. Loving the iNERGY … as a promotion manager, I am switching our local news music up to this ASAP!

  80. Canvas – all the way. Can’t wait to jam along with it with my brand new SAM guitar!

  81. Chris Pruitt says:

    I like This is the Place because the singer sounds like Sheryl Crow and the entire music bed gives a real down home feeling.

  82. Jason Usry says:

    Love “This is the Place”!

  83. This IS The Place!

  84. Pierce K. says:

    Inergy sounds the most like my local news. I dig that. Others are kind of goofy.

  85. Jeremy Rowell says:

    Love that Canvas theme!

  86. Allan Snyder says:

    All about early

  87. “Canvas” has a strong, authoritative bite

  88. Brad Klukow says:

    This is the Place! I like the energy and up-beat feel. Will be GREAT for a Morning show Promo. S.A.M. hit it out of the park again.

  89. This is the place for WITI!

  90. Eric Bouquio says:

    Canvas is my favorite. Very Versatile package.

  91. John Rice says:

    Canvas…for a CBS affil.

  92. dave says:


  93. Tony says:

    Loved This is the Place!

  94. I’m partial to “This is the Place” since we used it, but “All About Early” is fun and bubbly too.

  95. Scott.cowie says:


  96. Andrew Felix says:

    Canvas is new and exciting… haven’t heard that one before.

  97. I love them all…but my FAVORITE is This is the Place…it’s one we currently use and it screams “Local” which is what we are promoting heavy here.

  98. Howard Esse says:

    This is the place.

  99. I didn’t think that much people would like Canvas like I did. I go Canvas.

  100. Todd Kasuboske says:


  101. Caleb Wee says:

    This is the place

  102. Dan Newman says:

    Canvas rocked

  103. They all sound great though I’m partial toward iNERGY and This is the Place since we have those.

  104. louielouie66 says:

    I liked Canvas the best

  105. Seth Okrend says:

    This Is The Place

  106. randy saunders says:

    This is the place!