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I’m Weather Ready – Image Campaign and Guitar Giveaway

I'm Weather Ready

UPDATE:  And The Winner Is …

Watch, then enter to win a Weather Ready RainSong guitar.

Did you say “Weather Proof Guitar?”

Don’t fret about the weather with this cool, “Weather Ready” RainSong guitar! Strike a chord with you? You could win it!


To enter, just listen to our new multi-platform weather image audio/video package, I’m Weather Ready, and leave your comment below. It’s that easy.

We’ll print out all entries, fish one out of our famous mystery bowl, and send the winner this amazing “Weather Ready” instrument. You’re looking at the RainSong Smokey SMH guitar, which uses the latest in carbon fiber and glass fiber technology to produce a beautiful mellow and resonant tone. Plus – it’s waterproof! So if it rains on your campfire, you’ll be ready with your new RainSong guitar.

View more samples of I’m Weather Ready here »

Drawing to be held on Wednesday, March 22 at 3pm CT. Click here for full contest rules and regulations.

*Note: all comments are moderated and may take up to 24 hours to appear.

Good luck!

  1. Pete George says:

    Good music, would be great if winter versions had all winter video…

  2. Very nice! Definitely a campaign that can appeal to both a large and small market audiences.

  3. Eric says:

    Very Nice!

  4. Dominic Gauna says:

    I don’t believe that Tim Boknecht is weather ready.

  5. What can I say? You guys always do great work.

  6. Alan Balzer says:

    Right On! Really really good material.

  7. Scott Warder says:

    Nice Work!

  8. Dave White says:

    It’ cute and catchy, like some of the bigger market promos that are feeling good about the weather and news people. I would not work for our station image, we’re about severe weather danger and storm tracking.

  9. Rob Mock says:

    Nice work, great mix! I need that guitar because I live where it rains and snows, but I work in a triple digit desert…

  10. Your usual on-target, catchy stuff. Nice!

  11. Lisa says:

    Peppy & catchy! That guitar would be great for our rainy season here in Florida!

  12. wnctmarcmorriston says:

    Noice! Great job as usual team SAM!

  13. Chad Larsen says:

    Very fun campaign!!

  14. Dave Shelly says:

    Very cool. Too bad our competion uses get ready already.

  15. Brilliant campaign and overall concept. Hope it’s a hit for you guys!

  16. Alex Shaw says:

    Like it!

  17. Jim Moore says:

    Frets wet? No sweat. While you’re seeking shelter I’ll be jamming helter skelter.

  18. Chris Gross says:

    Nice job, it holds with you.

  19. Chad says:

    Everyone – thanks so much for all the great comments!

  20. John R says:

    Great as always guys!

  21. Dave Medley says:

    Awesome song, great spots.

  22. acrice79 says:

    SAM, you guys are the best!!

  23. Pete Ferraro says:

    Nice work as usual SAM. Great for a Spring wx campaign.

    • Chad says:

      Pete – there is a fall/winter spot version as well. Also, we plan to create a breaking weather POP instrumental cut that incorporates the 5 note melody of the main song.

  24. Adam Bradley says:

    Sounds great! Forwarded on to our Creative Services Director!

  25. Mike says:

    Blustery and cold here, but the song helps warm it up!

  26. Jean Guimond says:

    Love the song! It has a « feel good » to it. Here in Montréal, it’s snowing hard, so I will have your song in my head all day!

  27. Great production value!

  28. Jeff Funk says:

    Very cool indeed

  29. Coby Cooper says:

    Very memorable…Love it!

  30. charlie ray says:


  31. shandrajacksonbohley says:

    I listened to it twice, not use to lyrics with the promo music but I like it.

  32. Karen Dupree says:

    Catchy lyrics, great weather promo

  33. Dave Medley says:

    Awesome, catchy, promo ready!

  34. Cullen Bryant says:

    Awesome! Perfect for any weather promo.

  35. Jill Olsen says:

    Catchy tune! Great work as always!

  36. Cory Hardy says:

    I’m Weather Ready…Wana Play… my… NEW GUITAR…
    Im Weather Ready… Rain or Sunshine in the park…
    Im Weather Ready 🙂 (hehe)

  37. Ramiro says:

    Awesome! Thank you

  38. Jeremy Glover says:


  39. David Dabler says:

    I like that it high energy, yet warm and fuzzy.

  40. Pop/Country works almost anywhere…

  41. Sam Day says:

    Very nice 🙂

  42. Brent Ayres says:

    Nice tracks!

  43. Hutch Johnson says:

    Being weather ready is a good idea! Nice spot AND as a guitar playing meteorologist, I would love to win a Weather Ready Guitar! 🙂

  44. Paul Harper says:

    Very nice toe-tapper!

  45. Katie Parish says:

    Awesome package you guys!

  46. Dan Coyle says:

    Nice work, team Stephen! Class and quality all the way as usual.

  47. Chris golden says:

    I love this! Nice job!

  48. The song will easily become an earworm!

  49. Noah Kozinko says:

    It’s happy. Maybe too happy for South Louisiana.

    • Chad says:

      I understand – South Louisiana can have some extreme weather! The song can be about showcasing your weather talent and how viewers can connect to your station’s weather information via various multi-platform devices and apps. Weather information is a daily part of a viewer’s routine – in addition to those severe weather days.

  50. Joey Kinsley says:

    Very clever! m/ m/

  51. Tim Boknecht says:

    This sort of turnkey campaign is a really smart idea. Also, I’ll take that guitar in a lefty, please.

  52. Wendy Bernier says:

    Very Nice indeed.

  53. Mark Hodges says:

    That’s pretty catchy, SAM!

  54. Tim Ott says:

    Clever song, nicely done.

  55. Sue Dobmeier says:

    Love it! You guys are on fire!

  56. Peppy and Positive!

  57. David Reeve says:

    Love the song. I’ll be singing it all day now. Thank you very much for ear bug.

  58. Excellent, catchy tune! When I grow up, I want to be Stephen

  59. Michael Turner says:

    Nice work! Catchy lyrics with a good beat. Stephen Arnold Music does it again!

  60. Rigby Wilson says:

    Good song that fits in well with weather promotion

  61. Roger Ingram says:

    A nice little campaign, with a good hook. Great job.

  62. kjpinto says:

    We don’t have a contract with you yet – but I’d love to do an image campaign with that song!! How can we make that happen. Love how the song accompanied imagery that could work in any market.

  63. Allan Snyder says:

    Love the folks at SAM, and love this song! See you in Vegas!

  64. Eric VanWinkle says:

    Catchy tune and great hook. Nice work as usual!

  65. William Schutz says:

    Very creative with lots of movement.

  66. Josh Heymig says:

    Very well put together and catchy too!!! Good work guys!!!

  67. John Corbitt says:

    Very nice. Really makes the weather brand warm (no pun intended) and inviting.

  68. Qinglong Diep says:

    Great campaign, love the song!

  69. George Edelmann says:

    Great campaign, upbeat and flexible….nice job!!!

  70. As always, nice job…great vocals and visuals.

  71. Eric Wotila says:

    Love it! Our viewers need to know that “This is the Place” to be Weather Ready! 😉

  72. Evan Mcalister says:

    Sounds great!

  73. jford912 says:

    I love the upbeat, toe tapping tunes that show the best parts of a rainy day.

  74. Chris Black says:

    Nice positive song for the morning weather reports – no more severe weather doom and gloom to scare you awake

  75. B C Cox says:

    Weather Ready is ratings steady!

  76. Chris Pruitt says:

    We will be launching a new product soon. This would work great.

  77. Mike Bush says:

    Very catchy and fun song.

  78. jason ruel says:

    I love the concept. More friendly and inviting than the doom and gloom of most weather spots.

  79. James says:

    Catchy! I’m ready…

  80. Sydney Rubin says:

    Do you have a version for “raining all day, ‘er day?”

  81. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  82. Matt Earl says:

    Catchy campaign!

  83. Regina says:

    Love the pop feel! Its very catchy!

  84. Monte Young says:

    Very well done!

  85. Amie Hudspeth says:

    Nice song!

  86. Rick Snyder says:

    Sounds great! I like the vocals on cut ‘B.’

  87. Tracy Kusler says:

    I like it.. I’m adding it to my “wish” list!

  88. Andrew Felix says:

    Very nice! In line with a bunch of great songs by Stephen Arnold Music.

  89. Doug Holroyd says:

    Whether the weather weathers you or not this is a great song (prefer the 2nd mix).

  90. James Showers says:

    That’s a pretty nice spot. I may have to check my budget for it.

  91. Kelly Tibbit says:

    Fun, upbeat way to promote! Catchy tune.

  92. Kirk Szesny says:

    Really nice production assets and catchy tune!

  93. Dave Medley says:

    Great song that would fit with all kinds of brand positioning!

  94. Scott Spence says:

    Looks great. Really like the shot of the cute girl under the umbrella it drives home the family feeling.

  95. Jeff Laundergan says:

    Nice beat. Nice feel. “I’m Weather Ready” is a memorable line.

  96. Great foot tapping contagious melody!

  97. Brad Klukow says:

    I like it!! Happy, up-beat and puts a Smile on your face. Way to go SAM. you did it again. Keep up the Great Work!!

  98. Brad Voigt says:

    Very cool Song and Spot!

  99. John Rice says:

    Nice work. Might have to do some lyrics rewriting for it to make sense here in Alaska. Even in Southeast…98 in the shade doesn’t happen. At least not yet…

  100. Cameron Smith says:

    I like the use of syncopation and polyphonic lines, Keep up the good stuff!

  101. Mallory Connelly says:

    Love it! Peppy and catchy 🙂

  102. SAM does it again!!! Very delightful, charming tune.

  103. Chad Larsen says:

    Excellent song and spot!!!

  104. Andy House says:

    It’s catchy…love all the outdoor weather shots…and showcasing how viewers actually get weather forecasts (ie: on mobiles, computers, tablets, etc.)

  105. Kent kay says:

    Doesn’t really fit our demo…. but I like the song 🙂

  106. Adam DePaul says:

    Looks like a great way to produce a super-slick weather image promo! Another reason Stephen Arnold Music is my favorite music library.

  107. Thomas Ovacek says:

    It’s cute & poppy. I like it.

  108. Wade says:

    Nice! Very positive & catchy campaign.

  109. Wish it would rain here in West Texas! Good luck all!

  110. Brandon McElroy says:

    Nice song and Spot!