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Get To Movin’ – And Turn Up The Tunes!

Get to Movin'

Working out has always been one of my passions and favorite hobbies. Over the last few years, Crossfit has been my go-to workout. It’s challenging, tough, and I love that it’s a form of competition at the same time. And…there’s always music!

Many studies show that music can actually enhance your workout. For example, it can be a good form of distraction. Have you ever been in the middle of a tough workout, or in the middle of a long run, and you just start singing to the music blaring through your headphones to take your mind off of the pain your body is going through? Most of us have. The crazy thing is, it actually works! The better “sing-a-long factor” the music has, the more it will take your mind away from other things. It’s also been proven that when music is faster, our brains have more to process. Which means the music literally can take your mind to another place, while your body keeps pushing forward!

Jogging with iTunes

Music can also put you “in the zone.” We associate different songs with different memories – often relating to the context in which we initially heard them. Think of the movie “Rocky.” When you hear “Eye of the Tiger,” doesn’t it pump you up a little? Motivate you? Get you moving? Certain songs can boost your motivation. That’s another reason why that “Running Mix” playlist is so important— so you’d better choose wisely!

Music also plays an important part in setting our mood. How many times have you felt exhausted after a day of work – and the last thing you want to do is exercise? Too many to count, I’m sure! Studies show that music can get you out of the “funk” of a day’s work. When we listen to music, it allows us to escape the present, think about who we want to be – even empower us! No matter what happened that last hour at the office, turning up the radio the second you get into your car could help you rid the negativity and change your focus. Maybe the music on the radio will even motivate you to take that exit to the gym!

It’s pretty cool to think about how music can play such an important role in our minds and overall health. So, note to self: Get to movin’ – and turn up those tunes!

Effects of Music on the Brain

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