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Battle of the Promo Superstars

Battle of the Promo Superstars – PromaxBDA Station Summit 2018

From left: Dave Bauman, Drew Sidner, Diane Hannes, Alissa Frick and Tim Sarquis For the 3rd consecutive year, Dave Baumann, our Marketing and Creative Director here at Stephen Arnold Music, hosted the popular “Battle of the Promo Superstars” session at the PromaxBDA Station Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 28, 2018. And it did not disappoint! It’s a simple concept: Each of the four O&O TV station marketing panelists […]

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PromaxBDA Local Awards 2018

Stephen Arnold Music scores BIG at the PromaxBDA Local Awards

It was a great year for Stephen Arnold Music and our client stations at the PromaxBDA Local Awards Awards at Station Summit in Las Vegas on Thursday, June 28, 2018. We were recognized for excellence with TWO Gold Awards, and one Silver award. Our popular “Ready” campaign, which features separate themes for weather, morning news and a social/digital media presence, won a Gold award in the “Music Or Instrumental Theme […]

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Wanna Sound Like Jimi? Here’s the Ultimate Jimi Hendrix Guitar & Gear Guide

Jimi Hendrix, despite being the most innovative guitarist of his day, had a fairly limited collection of equipment during his music career. There are a number of reasons for this, but his tragic death at the early age of 27 certainly was one of the major ones. Our friends at Zing Instruments have created a “Jimi Hendrix Guitar and Gear Guide,” where they look at the equipment Jimi used throughout […]

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PromaxBDA 2018: Six-Strings of the ’60s Guitar Giveaway

SAM is returning to the PromaxBDA Conference and Station Summit this month, and we’ll be bringing – and giving away – some really cool, unique guitars. This year’s two giveaways feature replica guitars that were popular during the ’60s. At the PromaxBDA Conference, a lucky winner will go home with a custom Gibson SG, hand-painted with bright colors, peace signs, and other nods to the culture of that time. A […]

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SAM JAM Station Summit 2018

Station Summit 2018 – SAM JAM and Six Strings of the ’60s Guitar Giveaway

Summer is on the way, and so is PromaxBDA’s Station Summit! Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) will be there with the best music in the local broadcast television industry. We hope to see you there. If you are attending the conference, then save this date: Thursday night, June 28th. That’s when we’ll be hosting our 8th annual “After Hours SAM JAM” featuring the versatile Byron Bordeaux and his band. This year […]

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Scripps Howard Awards 2018

Stephen Arnold Music Provides Complete Music Supervision Services for 2018 Scripps Howard Awards

Our team at Stephen Arnold Music was thrilled to participate once again in the Scripps Howard Awards, one of the nation’s most prestigious journalism competitions, by providing all of the music supervision services utilizing our production library, The Vault. Many of our clients and friends in the industry are journalism and news media professionals, so our involvement in this event has been particularly meaningful. Held this past April 19, 2018 in […]

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Winner Announcement – Tom Petty Autographed Stratocaster

After an unprecedented response of over 300 entries, we have drawn a winner for our The Vault: Tom Petty Autographed Guitar Giveaway. A big congratulations to Russell Streit of TruTV! Thanks to everyone for checking out The Vault and entering our drawing!  Stay tuned to S.A.M. for more music and, of course, MORE GUITARS!

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Everywhere – We ALL Go!

Think about how much your life has changed in the last 15 years. You wanted to take a picture, you used your camera. You wanted to add up some numbers, you used your calculator. You wanted to send a message, you’d sit down at your computer – and so on and so forth. Now, ALL of those features and more sit in your purse or your pocket – on a […]

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The Vault Tom Petty Autographed Guitar Giveaway

UPDATE:  We have our winner! Our team at SAM is excited to announce a significant expansion of our production music library, The Vault. Now encompassing over 125,000 tracks, The Vault represents the new standard for production music, with highly curated content that builds on Stephen Arnold Music’s status as an internationally-renowned source for music and sonic branding. The Vault has experienced steady growth, most recently adding a wealth of selections […]

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6 Ways a Musical Instrument Can Be The PERFECT Gift!

Let’s face it. Sometimes, giving a musical instrument as a Christmas gift can be a bummer. That expensive guitar or keyboard can lay dormant in the corner after the initial excitement wanes, and eventually end up for sale on Craigslist. But given the right circumstances, it can also be the best gift you can ever give anyone, especially a child! Here are a few reasons why a musical instrument can […]

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