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Top 50 Most Loved Sounds


At Stephen Arnold Music, we are obsessed with sonic branding. Our mission, on every project, is to create a distinctive melody or sound that will connect a brand or product to its target audience.

BrainSound and music share a unique quality. They can both trigger memories – and emotional responses. A certain song can remind you of the first person you fell in love with, a sporting event, a certain year in high school, a sad moment, or a memorable trip with good friends. Even simple sounds – the crackle of a fire, church bells ringing, crickets chirping, or water running through a stream – can make you feel a certain way.

When associated with a brand or product, music and sound work the same way. For example, think of the music from Star Wars, or Monday Night Football – or the simple, relaxing sound of the ocean featured on Corona beer commercials.

Even more interesting is that, with frequency and consistency over time, music or a certain sound ALONE can trigger the recollection of an entire brand, including a logo, characters, personalities, and of course, the product itself. It’s really amazing how people respond to sounds and melodies in such distinct ways.

Baby LaughingThe Telegraph, a newspaper/publication in the UK, put together a list of the “Top 50 Most Loved Sounds.” I found the list fascinating – especially the emotions, thoughts, and images that passed through my mind as I read each item. So I thought it would be fun to share that Top 50 list. And when you read through it, observe what goes through your mind in terms of images, memories, and emotional responses.


  1. Waves against rocks
  2. Rain against the windowsrain-on-window
  3. Treading on snow
  4. Baby laughing
  5. Birds chirping
  6. Crackling open fire
  7. People laughing
  8. Leaves crunching beneath your feet
  9. Cat purring
  10. Church bells in the distance
  11. Thunder
  12. Wind passing through leaves of a tree
  13. Piano playing
  14. Owl hooting
  15. Bacon sizzling
  16. Sound of the sea in a conch shell
  17. Pouring wine
  18. Pebbles thrown into water
  19. Fireworks
  20. Choir singing
  21. Steam train whistle
  22. Popping a corkchampagne__1882471a
  23. Electric guitar
  24. Bubble wrap popping
  25. Whale calling
  26. Fizzy drink poured on ice
  27. People laughing/screaming on rollercoasters
  28. Roar of a Ferrari engine
  29. Cricket bat hitting a cricket ball
  30. Bumblebee buzzing
  31. Piercing foil on a new jar of coffee
  32. Popping popcorn
  33. Violin
  34. Seagulls calling
  35. Crickets
  36. Fairground music
  37. Formula one car engine
  38. Arcade/amusement games
  39. Crunch of biting an appleBite into apple
  40. Lawn mowers in the summer
  41. Clock ticking
  42. Opening of a fizzy can
  43. Cockerel calling
  44. Airplane taking off
  45. Underground train approaching
  46. Kettle boiling
  47. Crowds chanting at a football match
  48. Clatter of coins
  49. Tea spoon clinking
  50. Clapping

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