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Stephen Arnold Music Creates Theme for CNN International’s New Africa-Centric News Show “One World with Zain Asher”

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DALLAS—May 6, 2021— One World with Zain Asher, the new global news program on CNN International, features a spirited musical theme rooted in the diversity, vibrant cultures and promising future of Africa. Created by Stephen Arnold Music, the theme blends contemporary African rhythms and upbeat grooves to underscore the inclusive perspective of the show, which “captures the conversation beyond the headlines in the U.S., Asia and Europe and showcases stories from across Africa.” One World with Zain Asher airs live from New York weekdays at 12pm PT.

The challenge for Stephen Arnold Music’s creative team was to develop a signature theme that evoked Africa in a fresh and forward-looking manner. “It needed to suggest the show’s roots, but also its mission to bring different voices together,” explains Creative Director Chad Cook. “The show reports on news and business, so the music had to express confidence and seriousness, and do so with a tone of optimism.”

The final theme features a percussive sound that blends a variety of African and world genres. “The rhythm pushes the melody forward in an unusual way,” says Cook. “It makes the piece stand out from other news show themes and supports One World’s distinct personality.”

The theme is part of a complete musical branding package for the show that also included alternate themes, opens, transitions, teaser beds, and other elements. Stephen Arnold Music has created music and sonic branding for several CNN International shows. Others include Hala Gorani Tonight, World Sport and First Move with Julia Chatterley.

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