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Sonic Branding Roundup 2020

Sonic Branding Roundup

At Stephen Arnold Music, we are committed to the power of sonic branding and have a specialized approach. Aural elements drive engagement, social sharing, purchase decisions, and loyalty like never before. The critical importance of sonic branding is now recognized across every industry. It’s extremely gratifying for all of us at Stephen Arnold Music to collaborate on so many immensely creative campaigns.

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

NBC/Golf Channel: ANWA Tournament Theme

GearBox Software: Sonic Brand

CGTN International: “Mosaic” Channel Promo

HLN: Very Scary People

CNN: America’s Choice 2020

GuideStone: Sonic Brand & Corporate Anthem

Al Jazeera: This Morning

TradeCafe: Sonic Brand and App Navigation Assets

Travelogue: CGTN International

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