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Jingles: The Original Sonic Branding

Love them or hate them, you can’t forget a catchy jingle. Commercial jingles are purposefully designed to get your attention, and they have served as a huge building block for the sonic branding industry. Here we discuss where they came from, how they helped launch sonic branding, and we showcase some of the top jingles of all time. Where did jingles come from? In a previous article about sonic logos […]

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Bacardi & Vans: Featured Projects from The Vault

BACARDÍ – Raising Spirits BACARDÍ was in search of a haunting musical score to support its national Halloween ad campaign, “Raising Spirits: Chapter 2, Blood Moon.” The SAM creative team selected a fitting track from The Vault production music library balancing a chilling vibe with the bold, iconic feel of the BACARDÍ brand.

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Will today’s music be remembered?

Insights on music consumption habits, memory, and what it means for the world of sonic branding — Thinking about today’s music in the context of greats such as The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, and David Bowie begs the question, will today’s music be remembered? After all, we have access to more media than at any other point in history. The sheer volume would seem to lessen our ability for recall years […]

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Tune up Your Image – Guitar Giveaway!

UPDATE: We have our winner! Watch the drawing here » Check out Stephen Arnold Music’s latest, infectious station image campaign themes — and you could win this incredible guitar at the same time! This Sonic Blue Fender Stratocaster is perfectly matched to reflect your station’s sonic branding goals. To enter, just watch the promos and enter a comment. This beautiful Vintera Series Stratocaster with gig bag is a player’s delight, and […]

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Stephen Arnold Music Creates Custom Show Themes for CNN

Our team at Stephen Arnold Music composed the original music for CNN’s new show King Charles, airing Wednesdays at 10pm ET, along with CNN’s new Saturday morning line-up: First of All with Victor Blackwell, The Chris Wallace Show, and The Amanpour Hour. We’re excited to share the new themes we created! CNN – King Charles King Charles, the weekly CNN Primetime show, features Gayle King and Charles Barkley in freewheeling […]

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Attractions Technology Lab

ATL 2023: Taking Themed Entertainment to the Next Level

Attractions Technology Lab 2023 (ATL), an immersive dive into the latest innovations in themed entertainment, took place recently in Orlando and did not disappoint. This year was the first time SAM participated in ATL and it won’t be the last. Having spent a week on the floor immersed in the sights and sounds, and meeting with attractions industry leaders, notable takeaways from ATL 2023 include the incredible feats of creativity […]

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ATL Cyberpunk Guitar from SAM

ATL Cyberpunk Guitar Giveaway

We have our winner! Check out the announcement here > Hi ATL Attendees — Hope you all had a great experience at ATL last week, and thanks for checking out our cyberpunk guitar! Drawing to be held on Wednesday, November 29th and posting results to our blog by 5pm ET, so keep an eye out. Good luck! Sound You Can Feel TILT La Sagrada Familia Philly from the Top SAM […]

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