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New Music on Discovery

We just finished up a 3-part Discovery Channel series; “Cocaine Nation”, “Heroin Nation”, and “Meth Nation.”  It was a lot of fun.  They like a lot of music.  That doesn’t mean that Discovery has an extensive iTunes playlist, oh no.  Each 45 minute episode contained about 45 minutes of music. So yeah, the scores are pretty much wall-to-wall.

The series explores the drug problems in our country.  Pretty compelling stuff.  Each episode focuses on a specific drug:  Cocaine, Heroin, and Meth.  You’re given a look inside the lives of current and former addicts, their families, police officers, DEA agents, etc.  It’s a really well-produced show  . . . very intriguing. Definitely worth checking out.

Check your Discovery Channel listings for showtimes.

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