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It’s an “iNERGY” and “This Is The Place” Guitar Giveaway!

Inergy Guitar Giveaway

Update:  We Have Our Winner!!

Check out our new “iNERGY” and “This Is The Place” news branding packages for a chance to win this guitar!

Enter a comment below for your chance to win this Fender “Road-Worn” 60’s Telecaster used to create “iNERGY” and “This Is The Place”.

Drawing to be held Friday, October 19th, 2012

Click here for contest rules and eligibility requirements

Good luck!

  1. […] Congratulations to Charles (Scott) Price, our winner in the iNERGY & This Is The Place Guitar Giveaway! […]

  2. Jay DiBartolomeo says:

    Great promotion!

  3. Bob says:

    Keep on reelin’ & rockin’

  4. The “Sports Team” cut really is the best sports music I’ve heard wish it lasted longer. I liked the “Fallen Heros” cut and could really get behind where “Crimewatch” was going

  5. I want to win this!

  6. Not only great music with a wide selection, but great customer service. Jeff Laundergan, WDIO/WIRT

  7. Steve Riley says:

    “This is the Place” is the place. Very contemporary tune with solid feeling of substance. Clean. Clear. Cut through.

    Nice job.

  8. Outstanding product and brilliant promotion!

  9. Tim Haase says:

    SAM drives it home with their “inergy” and “This Is The Place” packages.

  10. Stephen,

    They’re both really, really good (as always and forever). I’m partial to “This Is the Place.” Great hook! Pick on!

  11. Like the new Scripps package.

  12. What a great way to get your two new packages heard throughout the industry! Nice work guys!

  13. andrew l says:

    It rocks! Both sound great!

  14. Diana D says:

    Great energy music!

  15. Jeff Pitner says:

    Really nice!

  16. Kristin says:

    I think I need to switch our station music to Inergy

  17. fringers says:

    More great News Packages created with the help of an iconic guitar!

    If I win, I’ll do a dance and play you a tune!

  18. Kyle says:

    Good stuff, keep up the great work.

  19. Tregg W. says:

    it’s time to pick up a guitar and dust my skills off! I need to start with a guitar though.

  20. Rob says:

    Nice! Sound is fresh, but also has the SA feel to it.

  21. Taylor M says:

    Solid promos, solid guitar!

  22. Patrick T says:

    Great tracks and great guitar, I can just feel it in my hands as I’m typing this, haha!

  23. AWESOME – as usual. You guys are great.

  24. Health Oldham says:

    Would be nice! Great contest……and great scores too!

  25. Tye Murphy says:

    Nice job as always! Writing news music is tricky. It has to be fresh yet feel familiar and respectable all at the same time. Now send me the guitar!!!!! LOL please 🙂

  26. Gabe R. says:

    Nice guitar!

  27. Greg Raschio says:

    Very nice, particularly the iNergy track.

  28. Josh Meuwly says:

    Great Energy from “INERGY” awesome job guys cant wait to see whats next!

  29. Allen says:

    This is a great promotion.

  30. I want it. I even know how to play it…sort of.

  31. nice themes, nice guitar too!

  32. Noah says:

    I hope to get this on the air soon.

  33. Terry Mcfarlane says:

    More great stuff from Stephen, Chad and the team

  34. Brett Kenyon says:

    Can’t wait to hear the new music for our station!

  35. Charles Harrell says:

    Beautiful work, great music for news teams that want exciting stuff.

  36. Jim Laura says:

    I’m in a smaller southern market and “This is the place” had a much more comfortable feel and I believe would fit our community.

  37. Brandon Moerler says:

    Thank you thank you thank you

  38. Bob Walters says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win a guitar…nice selections…one already in use in my market…the other probably a bit too techno for my location…best

  39. rstewart says:

    I do like the green eggs and ham (and the music to!!!)… S.A.M. I am

  40. ivelisse woods says:

    Awesome guitar!

  41. edwin rosado says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

  42. michael woods says:

    I would love to win!

  43. gregory bodish says:

    Good stuff and I would love to win that awesome axe !!!!

  44. Jimmy Rogers says:

    Great upbeat rock feel to these packages!

  45. Kimberly says:

    I’m impressed with all the different dynamics that are represented within iNERGY while maintaining an overall consistent music package. I really like the driving energy in This Is The Place.

    LOVE that Tele tone!!

  46. Eric Dahl says:

    Definitely provides ear candy I like the organic feel to the compositions, especially the one featuring Acoustic guitar elements in the mix!

  47. jbloch says:

    Very cool. Great job as always!

  48. John Danforth says:

    Great driving theme in iNERGY. Just ad on NCS, cool contest!

  49. Andrew Felix says:

    Both packages sound great – very modern and perfect for news!

  50. Absolutely love the song!!

  51. Clay Jones says:

    Absolutely jamming! Ear-catching, will make you turn toward the TV and away from the laptop/iPhone/etc.

  52. Jeremy Rowell says:

    I love the hook in inergy.

  53. Jack Bowe says:

    A great contemporary sound that will really help attract younger viewers and pry them away from social media sources.

  54. Dutch Terry says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a cool guitar!

  55. George Reed says:

    Stephen and gang, you amazing folks add the seasoning and spice to our newscasts, Before you came along our sound was like grits cooked without a pinch of salt, now we’re a big ol’ steamin’ bowl of Texas chili! Love to all, George

  56. Chris G says:

    Great promotion.

  57. David Toma says:

    very nice

  58. Awesome new packages! Great arrangements and sonics.

  59. Steven Arnold has always remained out front w/ their exemplary Broadcast Compositions. Again, “iNERGY” & “This Is The Place” are strong, identifiable, and worthy of cutting edge News Corporations. I have been utilyzing “The Rock” for our 35+ hours of Casts per week and find the catalogue endless & extremely versitle. I cannot see my company moving on to a different composer/ distributor when a change is contemplated. Thank You, Folks, For Your Endless Genius!

  60. Eric Hultz says:

    Sweat Music and Sweet Guitar!

  61. Shane Craig says:

    Wow that 60’s Tele sounds great!

  62. Beau Pillet says:

    Love the energy!

  63. Love the music, love the guitar – keep rockin!

  64. Dylan Hardy says:

    Really like the energy of this package!

    • The blend of brass and guitars is uniquely powerful, particularly in “This is the Place.” There’s a controlled-aggressiveness” to “This is the Place.” Your musical-compositions are a great fit for “progressive newscasts” that are modeled after Fox News Channel. You are not “predictable.” Stephen Arnold Music is paving new streets for News Thematic Packages.

  65. Wes says:

    Nice, energetic signature.

  66. chris monlux says:

    KHSL TV in Chico California, Has been using Stephen Arnold Music for a long time now. Great Product!

    Thanks Guys!

  67. Awesome music! I’d love to win that guitar

  68. David Saich says:

    Nice! – it wasn’t ‘road worn’ til it met Stephen’s calluses. Great tracks, guys. Instant news credibility.

  69. Tim Sturgess says:

    Great stuff as usual. Keep it coming.

  70. Brad Riley says:

    best company. ever.

  71. eric thomas says:

    Stephen Arnold has always taken great care of us. Thanks guys… you rock!

  72. Mike Riddle says:

    Good beat. Nice uptempo theme.. I think our viewers could dance to this. I rate it a 97.

  73. Kyle says:

    Nice guitar. Could I at least borrow it?

  74. Freddie Mitchell says:

    Stephen Arnold Music is the best at what they do. I would love

    to use this guitar in our band +CROSS+

  75. Jill Genter says:

    Love Love Love it!

  76. Brett Kenyon says:

    Great work. “This is the Place” is pretty strong–any time I can hear strings, I’m happy

  77. Ken Freedman says:

    Oh how I could make that guitar sing! Great package!

  78. David Jewell says:

    David Jewell-

    I dig the ENERGY! Thanks to all of you SAM. Talent plus+ over-the-top service.

  79. Robby Thomas says:

    Glad to see MG go with Stephen Arnold for ’13!

  80. Jeff says:

    Awesome packages!

  81. Kevin Meyer says:

    What a great set and variety!

  82. Very nice package. Um– I meant the music package, of course

  83. Noah says:

    The beats at the beginning of the iNERGY package are really catchy.

  84. NIce work. Love the Energy!

  85. Tom Moses says:

    Fenderriffic… 2 great music packages as usual from Stephen Arnold music.

  86. Greg Williams says:

    These rock!

  87. Love it & would Love “it”!

  88. Leslie says:

    Awsome new music selection. Boy would I love to win that guitar!

  89. Patrick T says:

    Nice job with both, S.A.M.! This is the place for tele-kinetic inergy!

  90. Really like the “This is the Place” package!

  91. Nothing like a classic Tele for the tele!

  92. Big fan of Stephen Arnold Music. Nice new offerings. Of the two I prefer iNERGY.

  93. Pete Ferraro says:

    Nice pkgs. Just enough variation to differentiate each news feature while keeping the core branding themes in the sound.

  94. Kara says:

    Feeling lucky 🙂

  95. Awesome work once again!!!

  96. Typical “great stuff” Arnold music. I loved the guitar and the energy it produced.

  97. Paul Farmer says:


  98. David Bowen says:

    Tele- Vision means. “To See far Away.’

    Tel-Ecaster maybe “To Hear Cool Tunes from Stephen Arnold Far Away?’

    Love it!

    Dave Bowen


  99. Tony Willard says:

    Sounds Great! This is what I love about SAM, upbeat, on point and on brand!

  100. Both packages sound great! Nice job!

  101. jbever says:

    Nothin’ say’s inergy like a seasoned tele! Great score and performance!

  102. Tony Pierce says:

    Rock & Roll!!!!!

  103. jbever says:

    Nothin’ says inergy like a seasoned tele! Clips sound great!

  104. Matt Weesner says:

    I like them both a lot but lean toward “This is the Place.”

  105. William says:

    Outstanding packages. Bold memorable themes! Great sonics!

  106. Great promotion. Fender always makes the best.

  107. Tim Sanders says:

    I need to win another guitar!

  108. Love the guitar sounds!

  109. Jack Kuenzie says:

    Television and Telecaster. Perfect match, great iNERGY!

  110. Don Loy says:

    very tele-genic! Great energy.

  111. love the set and the strings

  112. Brad Klukow says:

    They both sound Great. I don’t know what one I like better. Great timing too. Nice job!!!

  113. Eric Wotila says:

    Love “This is the Place!” It will probably be our new theme next time we refresh.

  114. Scott M says:

    Great promo’s and great guitar!