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Hey, you! Want a brand new iPad?

UPDATE:  Registration is closed. The drawing will be held shortly.

UPDATE:  We’ve received so much interest in this giveaway, we’ve decided to extend the registration period until 2:00PM CDT Wednesday, June 30th.  The drawing will be held shortly thereafter.  Thanks to everyone for registering, and good luck!

It’s that time of the year again.  Time to head off to PROMAX/BDA 2010.  And guess what?  We’re giving away four spiffy new iPads – one each day of the conference and one via online registration (contest rules).

If you’ll be attending the conference, just stop by the Stephen Arnold Music booth (#L) and register to win. Then come by the booth each day at 3:15 pm and see if you’re a winner.  If you can’t make it to PROMAX (or even if you can), simply leave a comment below to register for the online drawing.

Still want more Stephen Arnold Music stuff, how about a double dose of knowledge courtesy of two sessions we’re involved with: “Sounding Off: Music, Sound Design & the Art of Sonic Branding” at Promo Bootcamp; and “PromaxBDA ‘Network Series’: Sound Off!” in which top music companies compete in real time for an actual Fox Network project.

Hope to see you there, and good luck!

  1. matt says:

    great meeting you at promax. be sure to get in touch with MSG Networks!!

  2. Nasuhi Yurt says:

    Hey guys, was good to talk to you @promax.. see you soon…


  3. Pam says:

    Sure miss you guys…missed Promax…third one’s a charm? Hope so!

  4. Kerri-Ann McKenzie says:

    I didn’t want one before and now I REALLY have to have one!

  5. Greg C says:

    I feel lucky!

  6. Greg Brayton says:

    It was great meeting you guys at Promax. Love your work.

  7. Laura says:

    Nice meeting you at Promax!

  8. Herschel Howie says:

    iPad me!

  9. Chad Mallam says:

    Yo! Stephen!! Love your music. You guys did some rockin stuff for me in San Francisco…oh, and Dee Joyce says hello!!!

  10. Tahiana says:

    Waka waka??? No way!!! Wepa hey IPAD, that’s our greeting from the North of the South. Regards from Venezuela.

  11. Jeff Fisher says:

    I’d love to win this I Pad

  12. Bryan Slonaker says:

    The Vinyl Rocks!!! But so would winning an IPAD!

  13. Matt Pascale says:

    I was there on the first day of the drawing…I have a very distinctive card and i saw you pick it along with 1 or 2 others then shake it loose!! I was crushed… fingers are crossed now though

  14. Frederic Faucher says:

    Let the sound guide me to you mighty iPad!

  15. Lisa Minardi says:

    iPad, iPad, iPad!!!!!!

  16. Greg Brayton says:

    Great meeting you. Love your work.

  17. Joi Wu says:

    Maybe today will be my lucky day. If it helps me win, I will say it again. I thought your version of Fox promo was the best. Ha!

  18. Chuck London says:

    Hi Guys

    Great meeting you all at ProMax! Loved the VINYL! 🙂

    Need an IPAD so bad it hurts… Ouch!

    Best Chuck

  19. roman deriga says:

    lottery was GREAT!!! Thanks for adrenaline! Where is my iPad ?)))

  20. Hey, Larry,

    Even if I win the ipad, any chance I can get one of those cool flash drives in the little equipment case?

  21. Alan Raphael says:

    Thanks Stephen Arnold for giving away iPads. Great to see you at PROMAX! I look forward to winning 🙂

  22. Helen Sianos says:

    i want to mac the ipad!

  23. I couldn’t get past the crush of people at the giveaway, so thank god there’s one left!

  24. shari says:

    One more chance to win? …Music to our ears!!

  25. Stephen Hill says:

    Love the music…love to have an ipad more.

  26. deborah reichman says:

    thanks guys!

  27. Mark Pinsker says:

    You guys are really great.

    Mark Pinsker

  28. Rhys Demery says:

    great booth at promax. how’d our cheer come out on tape? show me the iPad!!!

  29. KSHEA says:

    Great meeting you at Promax! Sign me up for one of those iPad things! Giddy up!

  30. Bill says:


  31. Adam Gonzales says:

    Would love to listen to your music on my new ipad 🙂

  32. Drew M says:

    I hope it’s not rigged!

  33. Ola Kudu says:

    Stephen Arnold ROCKS. That is all.

  34. Rita Duda says:

    I’d love to win the ipad – is this where I sign up?

    Have a great day! Stephen Arnold is the best!


  35. Jim Caskie says:

    Love Your Stuff

  36. Have used Stephen Arnold services for years…enough said!

  37. cassie says:

    What would I do without my Stephen Arnold Music…..I can’t imagine!

  38. elena frova says:

    I have been very faithfull to you guys, I registered where ever it was possible, I came to your booth at Promax everyday… you can’t leave me like this, with no answer, no sign, no soundtrack of my life!

  39. John kukla says:

    great music. great people. great seeing you in LA.

  40. Pat Krohlow says:

    Did you have a 15th floor jam session at Promax? It’s one of my great memories from a couple of years ago.

  41. Kerri C. says:

    Pick me.

  42. Mark Bradley says:

    Y’all rock!



  43. Blake Russell says:

    On behalf of Sonic Branding and all the people wanting to win Stephen’s IPAD (especially in our company…)

  44. Evan Mack says:

    I sure wouldn’t mind winning one of these.

  45. Noah Beery says:

    Nice to meet you – now pick me!

  46. andrew oye says:

    Stephen rocks!!!!!…big inspiration to my writing.


  47. Stephen Arnold music is the branded standard for LOCAL NEWS. Viewers humm the stingers, without even realizing it. That’s the true measure of Sonic-Branding Success.

    Donald Haener KOLR/KSFX-TV, Promotions, Springfield, MO

  48. Hope all is well in Stephen Arnold Music World!! Exciting things happening in New Orleans Stay Tuned!!

  49. So is there a Stephen Arnold Music App for the iPad?

  50. Dave Colin says:

    Great contest! Got my fingers crossed!

  51. aida kattan says:

    good to meet you at Promax!

  52. Alex Santana says:

    Let me save you the trouble and pick the last one up from you… haha!

  53. You guys really know how to market! Sorry I did not make it to the conference. Good luck in all you do!

  54. Danya says:

    please please please!

  55. Adam Frary says:

    I would love an iPad…thanks for the contest!

  56. Who wouldn’t want to win? I want one!

  57. Rob Vandenbergh says:

    Was a proud in person supporter of the SAM BootCamp session at Promax… and as usuall with Chad and Joe, that session was by far one of the most informational and entertaining. Thanks for taking part. The down side….. I didn’t win the freakn’ Ipad !

  58. Stephen produces way cool music with a BIG sound! Some of the best anywhere! And, Joe is an easy person to work with and get the details right!

  59. Shawn Hilferty says:

    You can’t expect to hit the jackpot if you don’t put a few nickels in the machine. So….I’m in it to win it!

  60. Xuefang says:

    Have a nice long weekend!

  61. Paul Tranisi says:

    After hearing about all the cool new apps, all I need is the iPad.


  62. This may be your only chance to pick me as your on-line winner. Hurry! Time is running out!

  63. mark wright says:

    i want to win!!!!!

  64. James says:

    Pick me.

  65. Paul Tranisi says:

    Joe, enjoyed seeing you at PROMAX. Look forward to discussing how we may work together in the future.


  66. Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeeeee?

  67. Dav says:

    Love the music – Would sound SO much better out of an iPad.

  68. Boy – how can you beat Darlene’s pick me line? Except to say – no, really…pick me.

  69. Dylan says:

    We love Stephen Arnold! Been a client for over 10 years. He always keeps it fresh.

  70. Geoff Roth says:

    Thanks for the music my students are using in their newscasts. They love it. The iPad would be a great addition to their arsenal!

  71. Monty Wyne says:


    Enjoyed our recent conversation. Enjoy your music as well. Keep the hits and the phone calls coming.


  72. Candy Moore says:


    You surprise us with the variety of product you come up with for us. Keep up the great work! My address to send the iPad is in your file!

    Thanks so much,


  73. Jim Heinrich says:

    When you send the IPad to me, please go ahead and fill it up with great Stephen Arnold produced music!

  74. Tried the kissing up routine before, and I didn’t win, so I’m going with the tough stuff now! YOU GUYS MAKE GREAT MUSIC…YOU KNOW YOU MAKE GREAT MUSIC…THE WORLD KNOWS YOU MAKE GREAT MUSIC…YOU WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO!!

    Hopefully, that worked. If not…well you’re still great at what you do. (I WANTED to say “suck”, but lying will not be tolerated here.)


  76. Jayne Ruben says:

    it’s all in our hands!

  77. I really look forward to winning the IPAD. Today is my lucky day.

  78. We execute so many contests every year, it’s fun to be able to enter one for myself. Thanks for this chance. And thanks for all your great work. You really do provide so much of the soundtrack to everything we do!

  79. Brad Phillips says:

    Thanks for the iPad! Can you compose a theme song celebrating my unexpected win?

  80. david h. says:

    I really don’t want it anyhow…

  81. Guys,

    I’m looking forward to working with you sometime soon! -josh

  82. Tad Frank says:

    Do you have to be cyber-present to win? Always look forward to hearing new news packages.

  83. Roger Bare says:

    I have iEverything else, I’m sure an iPad would feel at home at my place.

  84. Ethan Beute says:

    Thanks in advance for the final iPad you’re about to give me!

  85. Jeff Felts says:

    Stephen Arnold music helped me with the most important project of my career!

  86. Tom Frank says:

    Would come in handy to stay in touch with my son doing his fourth tour in Iraq. You live for any bit of communication or chance of communication. With the iPads reported long battery life, the wife and I would not have to be chained to a power sucking PC waiting for emails.

  87. Gary Wann says:

    I’m hoping I don’t have to be present to win… Good seeing you guys last week!


  88. Stephen,

    You guys make incredible music for all occassions. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Looking forward to many years of doing business with you.


  89. Richard Graves says:

    Listening to some great Stephen Arnold music on an iPad — this is my dream.

    Sorry if I responded twice.

  90. Jack Peck says:

    Is this thing rigged?

  91. Curtis Neal says:

    BBQ and Beer!

  92. Jodie Moreno says:

    I’m so bummed I didn’t ‘make it to Promax this year but love you guys!! Hope I win this 🙂

  93. Al Marra says:

    Appreciate your help over a lot of years and several markets.

  94. Seb Rogers says:

    Compelling, vibrant music and sound service (no pun intended!).

  95. Larry Doyle says:

    Hey guys… I always love your music – and love hanging out with you at Promax. Sorry I couldn’t make it this year.

    Talk to you soon!

  96. Doug Swyer says:

    Sorry we didn’t make it to Promax. We’re always listening to new ideas.

  97. Roger Hobbs says:

    I can’t wait to learn more about Stephen Arnold Music at on my new iPad!

  98. So sorry I couldn’t make it out to Promax. I’m sure it was a great time. I really enjoy your music package. It fits our news like a glove. Thanks!!!

  99. Addie Ferber says:


  100. I believe I would have liked “Promo Bootcamp.” Was it like “Stripes”?

  101. Mark Neerman says:

    Just what my staff wants… another way for me to stay in touch!

  102. Michael says:

    Nice site and great music!

    Sign me up for the iPad contest!


  103. Mike House says:

    We’ve really enjoyed working with your company on past projects and using your library.

  104. Dave Horslev says:

    Everyone @ HLN LOVES the new Prime News music package!

    Sorry we didn’t make it to BDA – maybe next year!

  105. Jeff Bloch says:

    Pick me! Pick Me!

  106. Can’t make it to Promax, unfortunately… but a new iPad would make a pretty sweet consolation prize.

  107. Thanks for the opportunity!

  108. Dawn Rodney says:

    Now you’ve got my attention 🙂

  109. Dave H says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm… iPad.

  110. elena frova says:

    I’ve been very faithfull to you guys! I registered where ever i could, i came to your booth everyday and now, this is how you are paying me back! With such a silence? Without a soundtrack of my life? I’m soooo sad…

  111. Crystal Brown says:

    Music says it all!!!

  112. Wes Pollard says:

    Rockin’ the iPad.

  113. dave milligan says:

    I don’t NEED one, but aren’t they cool!

  114. Devin Lenz says:

    In the immortal words of Sweathog, Sir Arnold Horschack, “OH! OH! OH! Pick me! PICK ME!!!

  115. Gina Womack says:

    Hope you all had fun at Promax. Wish I’d been there!

  116. Raquel says:

    luv the ipad!….and want one so bad.

  117. Glenn Sebold says:

    Ipad, Upad, we all pad for Ipad.

  118. Scott Altus says:

    I promise to not check soccer scores.

  119. Sean Houston says:

    An iPad might make missing Promax this year sting a little less…

  120. Mark Kraham says:

    Mi casa es su casa…or even better your iPad is my iPad.

  121. B.J. Huchtemann says:

    Here’s my entry! 🙂

    hope all’s rockin’ in SAMusic-land

  122. Xochitl Sandoval says:


  123. Michael Danese says:

    Music makes the world go round and round!

  124. steve celi says:

    hey…if you truly want your music played on any FOX Promos then I suggest I win an Ipad!! perfectly legally that is :)!

  125. Hey Guys,

    Great site- cool music- fun promotion! Cheers


  126. Sean P. Dixon says:

    Muusssstt haavvvvve iiiiipooodd!

  127. The IPad would be great to show off our originally produced fishing shows!

  128. Bekkie Cobb says:

    Would love to win an iPad!!

  129. Jill Genter says:

    Oh pick me… pick me!

  130. Would love to own an I-pad…

    And winning is the better yet….

  131. Darren says:

    My wife would love an iPad

  132. Fred McCarty says:

    Nice promotional giveaway! Would love to have one to show everyone here at the station!

  133. ian says:

    Whats an ipad? 😉

  134. Dan Flaxer says:

    Stephen, Joe, Clay… winning your Ipad would make my day! Have a great time in promax!

    Dan Flaxer

    Savannah GA

    101 in the shade

  135. a tweet a day to SA Music!

  136. If chosen, I will dedicate the use of this technolgoical wonder to world peace.

  137. Bring it on Stephen!

  138. Ed Everest says:

    I hope it comes pre-loaded with SAM’s greatest hits!

  139. Vlad says:

    Hey, Stephen, does it come with a full SAM music library preview or not? :-))

  140. Marcia Hulley says:

    Absolutely the best!!!

  141. Jennifer Riser says:

    I would love to win the ipad!!

  142. Scrittenton says:

    Free me from PC prison!

  143. Kimay B says:

    Me! Me! Me! oh, please, me!

  144. Paul says:

    Great – I could use a new frisbee … I mean iPad.

  145. Brenda Lau says:

    I love apples! And Arnold!

  146. I want an iPad! Please please please please please please!!!!

  147. Tony Allen says:

    Let’s go IPad

  148. Freddie Mitchell says:

    Stephen Arnold Rules the News Music World!!!

  149. An iPad would be an awesome way to demo Stephen Arnold mp3s for clients.

  150. Dave Homsey says:

    I won’t beg like Connie.

    And I won’t suck up like Tom.

    And I won’t simply exclaim like Don.

    I have my dignity.

    I’ll just tell you that my very sick aunt (who happens to love Stephen Arnold Music, coincidentally) told me this morning the only thing that would make her feel better is a brand-new iPad.

    True story.

    (in that I have an aunt. Who has never heard of you. And is quite well, actually. Sorry.)

  151. gil b. says:

    I like music.

    I like computers.

    I think I’ll like the ipad.

  152. Tony M says:

    I had to miss the conference, but an iPad would surely make up for it.

  153. Dave McCoy says:

    Hey we can probably use this to quickly and easily pick music companies. Is there an app for that??

  154. The iPad is almost as cool as Stephen Arnold.

  155. Dan Salamone says:

    I will use my Ipad to stay abreast of the hourly LeBron rumors.

  156. Penny M says:

    Great Conference!

  157. Apple’s tech is like delicious candy for the mind. SA music, is similiar in this respect.

  158. Jen says:

    Would love the iPad!

  159. Andrew Wyatt says:

    I want the I PAD!

  160. Alan Langford says:

    SAM on an iPad would look great!

  161. Dave Decker says:

    I’d ready to win one!

  162. David Toma says:

    I love these contests.

  163. An iPad would change my life, likely for the better. That power is now in your hands.

  164. Darrel Lieze-Adams says:

    Missed seeing everyone at Promax!

  165. Chris Iller says:

    Thanks for the iPad giveaway.

  166. Susan Acklen says:

    Wow! Great offer for us poor folks who don’t get to go to PROMAX —-and who remember when it was called BPME 🙂

  167. Promax? I think I remember going to that.

  168. I would be the envy of the neighborhood.

  169. bruce says:

    great idea…. an offer i can’t refuse.

  170. Carol says:

    Stephen Arnold always comes up with and produces unique give aways.

  171. Alex Bongiorno says:

    Definitely a Stephen Arnold music fan!

  172. David Jewell says:

    Missed PROMAX this year….back in 2011.

  173. Mike M says:


  174. Brian Wagner says:

    I never win anything!

  175. elizabeth daly says:

    I stood next to the winner of the guitar last year (DebiMae) so I’m hoping some of that rubbed off on me…I will graciously accept!

  176. Kristen says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  177. Charles Russell says:

    It would be a perfect new addition to my already large Apple family: )

  178. evan harris says:

    I invented the robbed me, give me a break!

  179. Mac Mahaffee says:

    While there may be apps for this or that, I’d like an ipad for those apps.

  180. Dan Prijatel says:

    I’d love to win the iPad! My wife would even more!

  181. terri jensen says:

    Didn’t make it to PROMAX =(

  182. Don Norman says:

    Awesome prize!

  183. Tom Moses says:

    Stephen Arnold Music Rocks.

    No I’m not sucking up…

  184. Connie says:

    oh oh…pick me…pick me….pick me pleeeassse….I would be so grateful!

  185. Sam says:

    It would be the capper to a satisfying career if I were to win this!

  186. Julie Haaland says:

    YES, I want a brand new ipad!!!!!

  187. Aaarrggghhh I-Pad. Thanks for the fun!

  188. Mamie says:

    Hey guys –

    congrats on your FOX win at the PROMAX – SOUND OFF music session 🙂 Hope to work with you all again!!!

  189. Love me some Stephen Arnold Music!

  190. Walter says:

    I would have loved to have attended the conference, but since I was unable – I would love to win an iPad.

  191. Paul McTear says:

    I’ll take that iPad off your hands.

  192. Tim Emmerson says:

    One, please 🙂

  193. Thanks for the demo

  194. I NEED an Ipad!!! Pick me, pick me!

  195. Sam Day says:

    please, please,please!!!

  196. Mike Stanford says:

    It’s mine I tell you, MINE!

  197. Joe Radske says:

    I promise to take care of it in the move from Omaha to Wisconsin!

  198. A free Ipad would be nice…

  199. Keith Moran says:

    I think it would be way cool to win an iPad from you guys. Don’t you?

  200. JFlores says:

    Thanks for the contest….great prize to win.

  201. Brock says:

    I want it, I want it bad!

  202. sorry could not make it to Promax….

  203. We love our new music package. Would REALLY love a new iPad!

  204. Richard Gray says:

    I’m feelin’ lucky!

  205. chris beeler says:

    You cats are the best – thanks for the chance…


  206. I say pick Darlene too – she really wants to win, I think, and I am such a gentleman.

  207. Jason Doyle says:

    I’d love to win the online contest!

    Please consider this as my online entry…



  208. Would love to win this I-Pad! Have been a faithful Stephen Arnold Music fan from the beginning of KYTX CBS 19…

  209. Lovin the new music, and the total awesomeness of the search tool!!! Have fun at Promax!

  210. Alison says:

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  211. John Susoeff says:

    Good luck to me. Thanks



  213. Kim Rogge says:

    Although I cannot make it to PROMAX, I would love to win a new iPad!!!!!

  214. Amy Stewart says:

    Ooh- I want one!

  215. karen says:

    Instinctive move 😉

  216. Really want this. Will bribery help?

  217. Joe Stribl says:

    This would be great to help with client presintations.

  218. mike defusco says:

    You guys always have the best promotions!

  219. DREA BESCH says:

    I REALLY need to watch promos and listen to great music on an iPad!

    BTW: big thanks for having Danya on your Boot Camp panel! She is among our strongest music mavens.

    best, drea

  220. If I win, perhaps my son-in-law will finally think I’m cool. I’ll call him on his iphone to let him know.

  221. Dave Aiken says:

    Social media challenged..winning this might help!

  222. aarons says:


  223. tim nolan says:

    don’t pick darlene pick me 🙂

  224. I would love to win an IPad!

  225. Rob Anderson says:

    Lets go iPad!!!

  226. Ralph Tobias says:

    Don’t standa chance but here’s my entry.

  227. Can’t make it – but the Ipad would be efficient and handy! Thanks

  228. Pablo says:

    I want to be cool… I need one of those…

  229. Hey guys! Sorry I couldn’t make to Promax this year.

  230. Rob Canter says:

    Nice seeing you guys again.

  231. Barry Smith says:

    i NEED a new toy stephen!!!

  232. evan harris says:


  233. Rich Canaday says:

    Definately will make it to Promax next year. Look forward to catching up

  234. david hershey says:

    would love to win one!

  235. Marie says:

    liked the Promax presentation

  236. Scott McGee says:

    My MacBook Pro and iPhone say I don’t need an iPad.

    But I just think they’re jealous.

  237. Chris Holden says:

    Count me in. Thanks for having the contest!

  238. Steve Denari says:

    I could not make it to Promax

  239. Dave Baumann says:

    C’mon man…I never win ANYTHING from you!

  240. darlene grubbs says:

    pick me…pick me….pick me!!!!

  241. Just looking fro a great music company that can deliver the library and customize fro the needs at hand.

    Sounds like you have a great range and depth.



  242. really want to win!

  243. Priscilla says:

    My friend won and I’m hoping to win too! What an awesome giveaway?!

  244. ted nekic says:

    A bead of sweat dribbles down my is 102 today in North Texas…I anxiously wonder what to write…Every one of my words…judged, scrutinized, examined.

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said..What can I do that hasn’t been done…

    More sweat…is the damn ceiling fan working or not?

    A car screeches by outside. A police siren a man and a woman fight over choices in groceries nearby.

    A clock ticks. A new chunk of ice falls “clunk” inside the fridge.

    Fleas the size of rats suck on rats the size of cats.

    Day turns to night and back to day.

    And All I want is this damn i-pad from Stephen Arnold Music.

    A phone rings. a bird sings. damn almost Monday

  245. tom chenoweth says:

    i feel lucky!

  246. Peter Noll says:

    So, have they given away the online ipad yet? If not, when will you?

  247. Chuck says:

    just checked boxes below! 🙂

  248. Chuck says:

    E! STYLE Versus G4 etc… International

    Comcast International Media Group

    Boo hoo. Kept coming back but no go…

    Seriously, hope you had a safe trip home and good to meet a former Comcaster!

    All the best


  249. Christie Locascio says:

    I was there every day at your booth at 3:15! My name was not called! 🙁 Darn!

    Maybe I’ll get lucky this time! Hope so! Thanks Stephen Arnold Music!

  250. Dave Medley says:

    sorry to miss you guys at PROMAX…

  251. joi wu says:

    I love it!I am practicing my winner moment. Can’t wait.

  252. Selena Cohen says:

    That iPad is mine!!! (please…)

  253. Joanna jutsum says:

    I can’t wait to explore different apps on the iPad.

  254. Kate Bacon says:

    You guys have made me miss being there more than you can know! Of course, winning an iPad would take away some of that pain.

  255. Hera Marashian says:

    At the conference and the staff is AWESOME! Really know their stuff and explain everything well. Thanks all!!

  256. better to be most heard and least known than the other way around, for sure. No worries about paparrazzi. 🙂

    Nice to cyber meet you…didn’t make it to Promax this year (I’m VO and singing), but maybe next time.

    All the best!

    Stephanie Riggio

    VO/Vocals Los Angeles, CA

  257. Jerry Dunlap says:

    Hey all,

    Congrats on getting picked by the FOX team for your score on the “Ride-Along” :90 sec spot. I clapped and cheered for you guys as well. Excellent job! You are now on my radar for future ABC promos.

    Great to meet you guys.


  258. Lissa Beltri says:

    Thanks for the chance to win online!

  259. Nancy says:

    Would love to win an iPad online because I’m not having much luck here at Promax.

  260. Paul Chase says:

    Great booth @ Promax!

  261. david h. says:

    Sorry, won’t be at the conference, but an iPad would be a great 40th b-day gift (June 24)! Hope the conference is a great success 🙂

  262. Peter Noll says:

    Always look forward to seeing you guys and hearing the new tunes. Hopefully I can win an ipad. Here’s hoping… 🙂

  263. Too bad I can’t make the conference, as it looks pretty neato, indeed, but working in little old Canton OH doesn’t make for many trips and industry events. Two speakers who caught my notice — Hef and Larry King — let’s see, what do they have in common? Just what kind of conference is this, anyway?!

  264. Jeff says:

    I wish I could see you at PROMAX but since I can’t thanks for giving me the chance to register to win the iPad.

  265. Chrissie Hines says:

    Hey. Won’t be at Promax, but hope it’s fun. And fruitful. An iPad would be so cool on the bus! And your music is always cool. Still love the New Orleans Saints thing.


  266. Thanks for the opportunity! I haven’t won any of your goodies yet. Here’s hoping I can use my iPad while riding on my motorcycle learning to play my Gibson guitar.

  267. Rich Canaday says:

    It’s gonna be a great time in LA!

  268. Michael says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win an iPad! Good luck at PROMAX/BDA 2010!


  269. Jill Genter says:

    Thanks for entering me in iPAD giveaway. Joe I haven’t talked to you in… oh… a couple weeks… hope you’re doing well. Wish I could be there.

  270. Thanks for the shot at winning an awesome prize! Wish I could be at PROMAX, but truth be told…I wish I could be ANYwhere that doesn’t have 100 degree days!

  271. jim tripeny says:

    Wish I could be there.

  272. Thanks for the chance to win an iPad. Wish I could be there this week. Give me a call in a couple of weeks.

  273. Robert Murphy says:

    Here’s hoping for a win!

  274. Tony Allen says:

    Would love to know more about the Stephen Arnold Music Project?

  275. Donna Weston says:

    Thanks for giving those of us not going to PROMAX ‘our chance to win.’

    No guitar this year? 🙂

    • Joe Falkner says:

      Hey Donna! No guitar this year…the iPad seemed pretty good substitute though. Good luck.

  276. Suzi Schrappen says:

    How fun! Thanks everyone at S.A.M. Joe, I know I owe you a phone call! Stand by…

  277. Mark Fallone says:

    Joe and Team!

    Your work is exceptional. First class. Top tier! LOVE IT!


  278. Jim Koonce says:

    As always, you guys are so nice to offer these prizes. Have a great show at Promax and thanks for your continued support of our organization.

  279. Robert Dwyer says:

    Thanks for a chance to win an I-PAD and I’ll swing by next week.

  280. Scott Moore says:

    Stephen Arnold is awesome. Great support no matter what you need. Thanks Guys!

  281. Josh Young says:

    Another great giveaway from Stephen Arnold, thanks again guys for the opportunity.

  282. Jack Peck says:

    Who else but SA would go old school with 33 and 1/3!

    I cranked up my Pioneer PL 61 from 1974…YES…

    I-Pad…love it but dion’t tax me!

  283. Stephen Arnold has helped us with custom scores and tweaks to our packages over the years and I thank them and look forward to thanking them again when I win an IPAD.

  284. Alex Janes says:

    I want an Ipad! Love your work Stephen Arnold!

  285. Listening to Stephen Arnold’s bewildering music is like eating Swedish Rice Pudding for the first time… At first you don’t know what to expect. Maybe vanillaesque, maybe ricey, maybe not… then it hits your senses and you realize you have discovered a paradoxical gateway into a world that is ever-expanding with delight. Now, with the soon to emerge in full, Revnew division, the combination of sight and sound is truly effulgent across the spectrum of audio and video. We can’t wait to power up our new iPad and experience everything you guys have to offer with the most modern of gizmatic-technology!!!

  286. Jeff Winget says:

    Iwant an Ipad!

  287. Stephen Arnold Music would be my choice if we had the budget for a new music library. How nice of you to offer an online drawing for those of us not attending Promax!

  288. Dan Salamone says:

    With this I-pad it will be even easier to work from Starbucks!

  289. Michael Danese says:

    Music makes the world go round!

  290. Kathy Munoz says:

    We have been using Stephen Arnold Music as long as I can remember. And I have been a news director for more than 10 years. Thank you for the chance to win an iPad. I think it would be really cool to win one. Thanks again for your music, great service and the opportunity to win an iPad.

  291. Matt Barrick says:

    Me need an IPAD!

  292. Herschel Howie says:

    I want to win an iPad. Thanks.

  293. Mark Kiesling says:

    Loving Stephen Arnold Music and all their help with our promotions music. Been using them for news for years.

  294. Adam DePaul says:

    LOVE the idea of being able to create custom music! TV32 might just be your favorite (or LEAST favorite) new customer…

  295. Damien DeMary says:

    Please pick me! I’ve never won anything before. Very sad.

  296. Joe Radske says:

    If you’re not using Stephen Arnold Music, you’re missing a chance to dominate your market.

  297. Spence Brock says:

    An iPad would be a great tool for Production Agency, and to help catalogue our Music Library while we are out on location shooting or editing anywhere.

  298. Nidal says:

    I like to win 🙂

  299. Bill Fold says:

    I can keep more money I my billfold if i win this.

  300. I am interested in winning an iPad. I am a Graphic Designer and would love to get my hands on one to see what all the fuss is about!! Fingers crossed.


  301. Lisa Fisher says:

    A new gadget to play with would be great!!!

  302. elena frova says:

    Today is my birthday and an IPad would be the best present! And I can also show off a little ….;)

  303. Hannah says:

    also, will you be emailing the winner?

  304. Hannah says:

    hope the conference went well!!! (and obviously, this poor college student would love to win an iPad!)

  305. Using technology to help make you more efficient in business is just plain ole smart. An ipad would represent an execution of that strategy.

  306. An iPad would be a good device to use the music apps to rough out what you want so when you see Stephen, You could show him what you want! I always had to hum it out!

  307. Costin Manu says:

    I can put names and a company name to the music now!

    Hmmmmmm! iPad, eh?


  308. Yes please, pick me, pick me…..can I grab and ipad?

  309. An Ipad would be a great addition to our gadgets

  310. an new iPad would really complement my outfit.

  311. The leather pants and a table top didn’t work for the guitar. For the I-Pad…business dress and dignity only. That’s all I have to offer.

  312. Mike Stanford says:

    I’m still waiting for the chart of the first original music 25 years ago HA!…A shiney new iPad would be a great substitute!

  313. Rhonda Perko says:

    I need a new shiny iPad… Pretty please???

  314. Damon says:

    I’ve never won anything before…. this might make me very happy with SA music! 🙂

  315. Freddie Mitchell says:

    Come On Stephen this is Freddie Mitchell from WMDT. Make my luck change this year it’s got to.

  316. Wyatt Perko says:

    An iPad!!! SWEET!!! pick me pick me pick me pick me!!!!!

  317. dan says:

    in it to win it

  318. Donald Haener says:

    Stephen Arnold Music is “tried and true.” I have worked with your “sonic branding” for over 20 years. You are always able to weave a synergism into every “cut.” There is always a musical choice for any kind of promo. I give you “five-stars” and regard Stephen Arnold Music as the “GOLDEN STANDARD” for broadcast news music. –Donald Haener KOLR/KSFX, Promotions Manager, Springfield, Missouri

  319. Chris Holden says:

    Thanks for the free IPad giveaway promotion. I wish I could be at ProMax but I won’t be able to make it. Please include me in your IPad contest.

  320. Heath Oldham says:

    Greetings from Richmond, VA! I hope that we may able to work with you guys soon! Please keep us in the loop each time you release new tracks!

  321. Lauren says:


  322. Josh Taylor says:

    Could use one, sign me up!

    Josh Taylor

    Creative – WSBT

  323. Vendria Sirlona says:

    Sign me up! 😉

  324. Chris Beeler says:

    Thanks for always working with us and always making it work…You Dudes are the BOMB…

  325. Rob Vandenbergh says:

    We have been a SAM client in the past, and I still love the sound. The attention to detail in helping to create the right music is ALWAYS appreciated. We’ll see you at Promax.

    Rob Vandenbergh


  326. Steve Carter says:

    Pad me please!

  327. Dave Aiken says:

    We love Stephen arnold Music. Been using it for years with our news product. Keep up the good work!

  328. Mary Borger says:

    Love your work! Have fun in LA!

  329. Sandy Ewing says:

    Thanks for the contest! I’m feeling lucky today!

  330. Al Blinke says:

    If someone has to win it might as well be me.


  331. Adam Frary says:

    Sorry, I couldn’t be at Promax, but thanks for offering this contest to the ones who couldn’t make it! Please put my name in the hat for the iPad giveaway.

  332. Wow, what a great promotion! Thanks for the opportunity, and sorry to have to miss ProMax.

  333. Shawn says:

    See you guys at the show.

  334. Chris Pheil says:

    Loves me some iPad action.

    Thanks for all you do at SAM

  335. David Bowen says:

    Stephen Arnold Music – STILL the best tunes and Customer Service in the Biz! AND!!! You can always get the right person on the phone when you call!

    Dave Bowen


    Springfield, MO

  336. Kelly says:

    Sign me up!

  337. Lee Minard says:

    I always appreciate the promotions you run. Thanks for giving those of us who won’t be attending Promax this year a shot.

    I appreciate the years of friendship and wonderful music you’ve created for me. You’re the best!

  338. Andrew Felix says:

    I’ve just started listing to the new demo you guys sent me last week and I’m very impressed. You guys have the best sound quality in the industry!!! I love the NBC music! Sorry I won’t be at ProMax

  339. I’m short so an iphone looks like an ipad already, but hey! If i have an ipad it will look to me like a 42 in plasma! so bring it on! ipad! ipad!

  340. Tim Horton says:

    Great idea and Great promotion you have going here!

  341. Brian Ligon says:

    Winning this would totally make up for having to miss visiting with y’all at Promax!!

  342. Mark says:

    This contest (or any other contests) is likely the only way I could get one this decade.

  343. Carol Barnes says:

    We’ve been with Stephen Arnold for a number of years and find his music and help the best there is in the business.

    Currenlty using The Rock and The Valut. Thanks Joe for your guideance! Hope my name is drawn.

  344. Thomas says:

    Great promotion! Keep up the good work.

  345. Victoria says:

    Not going to Promax, but I’d love an iPad!

  346. Xuefang says:

    Your music is great!

  347. Andrew Wyatt says:

    I want an Ipad!

    Thanks for letting me enter.

    Wish I could be at the show.

  348. At WHAG, we recently recreated our News Programs, with a Great Graphics Package and even a Greater Music Presentation. Stephen Arnold Music is a first rate company and I am very pleased with every aspect of their service. Keep on composing.

  349. ronnie meyer says:

    i would run naked through the mall for an ipad…but nobody needs to see that…so send me one guys! 🙂

    ronnie meyer

  350. Dav Steele says:

    I’d say WANT one…but it’s more like NEED one! Wish I could attend.

  351. Julie Walker says:

    Thanks for your help with “The Vault”!

    Great idea with the iPad giveaway!

    Congratulations to the winners!!! (I’m not THAT lucky 🙂

    Have a great day!


  352. Mike Guillory says:

    Me Want iPad.

  353. Count me in for the iPad giveaway! You guys rock!!

  354. Been a fan of your music for years, great product, great people.

  355. Karen Sands says:

    Nice promotion! (and we should know!)

  356. Chris Hussey says:

    Hey! I want one of those, and I want you to keep doing awesome music. Especially for the Vault! Wish I could be at PROMAX-imus

  357. Reuben Lee says:

    This contest rocks!

  358. Henry Chu says:

    I can’t make it to ProMax, but please pick me to be the winner of the iPad!

    You guys are the best!

  359. Craig says:

    What’s an I-Pad?

  360. Jayson Maker says:

    Great music! Great prizes!

  361. Alex Santana says:

    iPad giveaway… WOW, excellent marketing! Now lets see if other companies are watching and learning.

  362. Not the luckiest person in the world, but possibly one of the most optimistic!

  363. Stephen Hill says:

    Pick Me…Pick Me. Love that Stephen Arnold Music. Been a user since 93!

  364. Won’t be a ProMax 🙁 LOVE the custom stuff ya’ll have done for us!! 🙂 Thanks for having these contests!



  365. Yeah, I’d love to have an iPad.

  366. Don says:

    Great music, great giveaway! thanks, guys.

  367. Marcus Nash says:

    Thanks for the offer! Count me in!

  368. John Petersen says:

    I should win a free iPod.

  369. Ethan Beute says:

    Proud user of The Rock and The Vault! Thanks for the chance to win.

  370. SHELLEY says:

    Can’t make it to the left coast for Promax, but I-crave I-Pad!

  371. Danya says:

    can’t wait to see you guys !! LA and iPads! who could ask for more !

  372. Adam Henning says:

    Love the music!

  373. Curtis Neal says:

    SAM – The best in the buisiness!

  374. Todd Long says:

    Enjoy ProMax. Wish I could be there this year.

  375. Tom Frank says:

    I would love to win an iPAD. Haven’t won anything this cool since a CB radio in the late 70’s. 🙂

  376. Sorry I won’t be there this year. Try to have fun in L.A. without me. Oh, Sir McCartney says, “Hello”.

  377. Dave McCoy says:

    Early Show theme is still going strong.

  378. Chris Elley says:

    We met you guys at NAB. This is a great idea.

  379. Tim Bentley says:

    Yes, please.

  380. Nick Allard says:

    Not going to ProMax… ever thought about heading out to FPEC? Fox stations seem to be all up in the grill of another music providing company, lately… might be nice to get your stuff out there!

  381. Jeff Weinstock says:

    Hope to see you at Promax.


  382. Jeff says:

    Great group of folks!

  383. Neille Hoffman says:


  384. I wanna win! I wanna win! 🙂

  385. Adam Cronan says:

    Yahoo S.A.M.!!!

  386. Rick Erbach says:


    Sorry I can’t make ProMax. Thanks for a shot at an IPAD.


  387. ohhhh Enter me please.. miss you all. Have a great Promax without me..

  388. Sean Stone says:

    We use Stephen Arnold Music’s “Extreme” music package for our news and weather products. I haven’t heard another music anywhere that is so perfect for a hard news brand.

  389. Great music…and great people to work with!

  390. Paul Farmer says:

    My first Apple product. I’ll take it.

  391. Greg Pace says:

    Sliced bread…best thing since Stephen Arnold Music. Wish I could make PROMAX.

  392. Chris ONeal says:

    Wow, you guys really know how to get people to register! Good luck everyone!

  393. I would love a new iPad and Steven Arnold Music! Love the music, just need the cash to pay for it… I’m working on it, 2011 budget here we come!

  394. JT Cantwell says:

    Thanks for all the great work you’ve just done for us yet once again! Talent, Talent, Talent!!!

  395. Can’t wait to win that iPad! Sorry I can’t be a Promax this year.

  396. Rob Anderson says:

    Wish I could be at the conference but maybe I can watch some online with my new Ipad 😉

  397. mark wright says:

    great working with you guys – i want to win!!

  398. We love Stephen Arnold music for our news products!

  399. Awesome! This would be very handy to have!

  400. Dave Ulrich says:

    Congratulations on Diana Krall. Nice addition. Perhaps I will listen to some of her work on my new iPad! 🙂

  401. Is the Pope catholic? Of course I’d love to win a brand new iPad. I sleep, eat and breathe for a brand new iPad. The fishes in the sea swim for brand new iPads. And if I could swim as deftly as those meat without feet…so would I.

    So I think the answer’s YES.

    Bless your cotton socks for this drawing!

  402. Rich Carle says:

    Yes, I would like a brand new ipad. Thank you. 🙂

  403. Cody says:

    I say give away 20 iPads!

  404. Tad Frank says:

    I pad, your pad, we all pad together.

  405. Thanks Steve. Let me know when I’ve won the Ipad. Great for listening to your music library.


  406. Nice work guys!

  407. Roger Bare says:

    We still love the music package you guys did for us last year!

  408. Yeah! I’m down with an iPad! Due to budget cuts, I won’t be attending promax this year, but I’ll be able to check your blog daily with my new iPad!

  409. Mark says:

    See you guys at Promax.

  410. Amy Stewart says:

    Fantastic idea to do a giveaway! I like your Blog-style site also. Just read an interesting article on Audi’s sonic branding today, and thought of you guys. Hope you guys are doing well!

  411. Dave Baumann says:

    Hey Stephen..gimme that iPad! I need one! You want me to have one so I say lots of nice things about your company!

  412. Stephen, great prizes as always. Thanks for the facebook friending, too. Good luck at Promax…

  413. Sorry I won’t get to see your sessions in LA – I’m sitting this Promax out so that others can go. The sacrifices of being a manager. Good luck out there, and feel free to ship me that iPad whenever you can 🙂



  414. Jim Conlon says:

    I want an I-Pad!!!

  415. Shawn Dickerman says:

    Wish I could attend PROMAX. Enjoy!

  416. Clay Altman says:

    I’m Ipad deprived. I should win.

    Thanks. Really. Thanks. 🙂

  417. Great music and I love Diana Krall. Good Luck with all your musical endeavors.

    Harry Hartofelis

  418. Dean says:

    Stephen Arnold Music the best thing since sliced bread!

  419. Devin says:

    Going to PROMAX? Hell no, CNN stopped sending me years ago. That’s why I need the one iPad that isn’t going either! 🙂

  420. Ed Everest says:

    Music to my ears.

  421. Sean P. Dixon says:

    Looking forward to listening to some SAM demos on my iPad.

  422. Richard Graves says:

    Hey, Steve! Hope the conference goes well. I’m keeping warm in Dallas. Sure would like to win the iPad!


  423. David Pearlman says:

    hey thanks – would love to win an iPad!

  424. Charles Russell says:

    As a huge tech geek, this would be an awesome addition to already huge apple collection.

  425. Linda Holloway says:

    Sadly, I can not make Promax this year, my name was not drawn from the hat. But, maybe, with any luck, my name will be drawn from your hat to win one of the brand new IPads!

  426. Dear Stephen,

    I can’t wait to work with you again — you and your team deliver the best each and every time!



    Josh Gershenson

  427. An iPad would be awesome! I’d use it in my studio everyday. My voice actors can read fresh scripts with changes typed in, instead of scratching out changes on paper.

  428. Scott McGee says:

    Hey guys,

    I can’t be at Promax this year, so thank you for this opportunity to take in the giveaway fun.

    Hopefully, I can work with you guys in the future.

    Scott McGee

    Turner Classic Movies

  429. Woohoo! Gimme dat ipad!!!

  430. Matt Barnett says:

    Of course I want one.

  431. Jay Maloney says:

    If you write a Stephen Arnold Music app so I can mix together my own best of Stephen’s music – then I want an iPad now!! Maybe you can even load it up with the complete sample library!

  432. Tom Hill says:

    wish i was going to promax

  433. Paul Gaulke says:

    I need to win!

  434. Mike Stewart says:

    Loving the music selection. All kinds of different moods, styles and genres to fit all of our promo needs. Very editable. Easy to download and I love the playlist feature. Great addition to our library!



  435. Greg Aranda says:

    Stephen Arnold rocks!

  436. Kevin Adler says:

    Would love to work with such talented muscians again.


  437. Enter my name for the drawing!!!!

  438. Free I-Pad? I’m in! Can’t make it to Promax this year, mabe next time around.

    Terry McFarlane

    CSD-ABC 4 CW30 Salt Lake

  439. Jason Lewis says:

    registering for iPad since I won’t be able to make it to Promax

  440. JF says:


  441. Marcia Hulley says:

    Great communication. good music, much enticement! Oh how I wish I was going to promax, but enter me please in the drawing for the ipad Maybe lady luck will visit me.



  442. Steve McEvoy says:

    Would love to learn more about your product and would love to win the IPAD.

    Steve McEvoy


  443. James says:

    I like winning ipads.

  444. Addie Ferber says:

    This is awesome!

  445. Hells yeah I want to win a I-Pad!

  446. Marie Ciccarone says:

    Will see you at Promo Bootcamp.

  447. Kevin ONeal says:

    For a free iPad I’ll leave a comment.

    Thanks for always working so hard to make sure the music always works

  448. Jim Hart says:

    Hey I want one of those! Sorry I can’t be at Promax!


  449. Ralph Tobias says:

    Love your music!