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Bacardi & Vans: Featured Projects from The Vault

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BACARDÍ – Raising Spirits

BACARDÍ was in search of a haunting musical score to support its national Halloween ad campaign, “Raising Spirits: Chapter 2, Blood Moon.” The SAM creative team selected a fitting track from The Vault production music library balancing a chilling vibe with the bold, iconic feel of the BACARDÍ brand.

VANS VANS – MTE-3 Launch

Iconic shoe brand, Vans, doesn’t mess around when it comes to making an entrance. For the launch of their brand new MTE-3 boots, they built two full sized Vans ‘Vans’ and drove them around NYC promoting the shoes and filming content. SAM turned to its production music library, The Vault, to deliver a one-of-a-kind track that feels as much at home on the streets as it does with Vans’ ‘Off The Wall’ image. The result is an urban, feel-good beat with a vintage appeal that will get anyone’s head bobbing — providing the perfect sonic platform from which to build social awareness for the stylish MTE-3s.

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