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CNN International – “Hala Gorani Tonight”

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CNN International recently refreshed it’s key European prime time news hour, with the launch of Hala Gorani Tonight. Stephen Arnold Music was excited to be called upon to create a new sonic brand and custom music package for the show.

Airing weeknights at 9pm CET, the new show will draw on Gorani’s 25 years of international journalism experience to put the key stories of the day in context. The hour-long program will feature guests and expert analysts, using a more conversational style to take viewers beyond the headlines.

The music is built around a distinctive four-note signature and features a blend of percussion, strings, electronica, and tonal bells. The music package features multiple theme variations and mixes – incorporating an international appeal and sensibilities of confidence, sophistication, and depth.

Stephen Arnold Music is pleased to add Hola Gorani Tonight to it’s extensive body of work for CNN International which includes original music themes for Amanpour, World Sport, International Desk, Inside The Middle East, Inside Africa, and others.

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  1. Mark Diener says:

    Great to hear it every night…. Inspiring

  2. John says:

    The music is gorgeousss! I was looking for the whole piece, and I’m so glad that I now found it! I haven’t seen theme music this good in a long while! Bravo! If you have some photos from the recording session, I’d love to see it.