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WETA’s sonic brand ranked by The SoundOut Index as one of the fastest growing sonic brands

Great News! Our newly developed sonic brand for WETA, the leading public broadcasting station in our nation’s capital, has been rated by SoundOut as one of the fastest growing sonic brands in the country! SoundOut is the world leader in testing for audio branding, and we’re thrilled that their research shows that listeners are responding to and connecting with WETA’s audio signature in a big way! View the SoundOut Report and take a listen…

View the SoundOut Index 2023 Report
Soundout Index 2023 USA

WETA PBS Rebrand

Stephen Arnold Music supported the rebranding of WETA PBS, a flagship public broadcasting station in the nation’s capital, by creating its first-ever sonic brand. The classically-inspired sonic signature, featuring a modern, upbeat sound performed on piano and strings, will be used alongside new visual branding on WETA and each of its five sub-channels (WETA-HD, WETA UK, PBS KIDS, WORLD and WETA METRO) as well as the popular WETA Classical superpower radio station. An abbreviated production slate is also utilized on WETA National Productions, which ranges from PBS NewsHour and Washington Week to Ken Burns documentaries.

WETA Classical

Additionally, the studio produced a long-form anthem based on the sonic signature, specifically designed for branding promos, program teases and other core marketing media. “It gave us an opportunity to develop the theme and give it a cheerful lift,” says Cook. “We played with the emotions by tapping into not only the qualities of the instruments, but how those instruments are performed.”


Stephen Arnold Music captured the drama, intrigue, romance, action and mystery of WETA UK’s expansive programming in providing the musical theme for the station’s new on-air image campaign. The uplifting orchestral theme plays under a lively montage of clips from UK series, both classic and contemporary, while supporting the theme, “British Television at Its Best.”

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