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Tune up Your Image – Guitar Giveaway!

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UPDATE: We have our winner! Watch the drawing here »

Check out Stephen Arnold Music’s latest, infectious station image campaign themes — and you could win this incredible guitar at the same time! This Sonic Blue Fender Stratocaster is perfectly matched to reflect your station’s sonic branding goals. To enter, just watch the promos and enter a comment.

Sonic blue fender stratocaster

This beautiful Vintera Series Stratocaster with gig bag is a player’s delight, and it’s stunning to boot. This new model Strat blends all of Fender’s rich history with features that contemporary players appreciate – and you will, too! And the creamy Sonic Blue finish is positively dreamy!

So, let’s win this baby! All you need to do is watch the spots, leave a comment below, and you’re automatically entered to win the guitar!

LA’s Very Own
Home Is Everything

The Games on 4

We Love Waking Up!

Good luck and thanks for watching our new image campaigns!

Drawing to be held online Friday, Feb. 2, 2024 at 3 p.m. CT/4 p.m. ET.
Click here for complete rules and regulations »

  1. Tom Lewis says:

    Great Campaign!!!!!

  2. Scott Thomas says:

    WINK-TV - Fort Myers Broadcasting Co.
    Great listening! Nice to see how other stations are using your work.

  3. Michael Benson says:

    Love that Strat!

  4. Brett Kenyon says:

    WAPT - Hearst Television
    Strong stuff!

  5. David Pint says:

    FOX 9
    They sound great

  6. Ron Rodenmeyer says:

    I’ve been digging these Vintera series Fenders since I saw Madison Cunninham play one on Fender’s video channel. I know this beautiful sky blue Strat won’t make me play like Madison, but a boy’s gotta start somewhere right? Also: keep up the good work Stephen Arnold Music. I’m digging your music library!

  7. Jill Genter says:

    I didn’t recognize Whitney and his new haircut… Love it Whitney!
    I also love The Games on 4…

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey Jill…nice to see you here! Even though Whitney’s cut his hair, he is still mighty!

  8. Rex Main says:

    WJBF-TV (Augusta, GA)
    Sounds great as always! Love that guitar!

  9. Paul Harper says:

    Great stuff!! Easy to imagine our people and places over Home Is Everything and We Love Waking Up! Love the energy and vocals on all of these. Well done!

  10. Marc Morriston says:

    CBS 17 (WNCN)
    Like the LA’s Very Own news image package and can envision using the Games On package for HS football in the fall. Good stuff as always.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey Marc…we’d love to see that football campaign on your air! Good luck in the guitar giveaway!

  11. christina says:

    Simply the best!

    My favorite is “Home is Everything”.. It gives a feeling if you’re new to the area it still feels close to home. A welcoming kind of branding.

  12. Bob Dickinson says:

    Nice to work with musicians who put out fantastic music that works across any day part. You guys continue to rock the industry.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey Bob…we love working with your group…great clients mean great music!

  13. Rhonda Poulson says:

    ‘We Love Waking Up’ is fantastic! So upbeat and catchy! 🙂 Love the work you do! That guitar is absolutely beautiful!!

  14. Richard Eairheart says:

    Love the music on all of them. My favorite is “Home is Everything”.. It gives a feeling if you’re new to the area it still feels close to home. A welcoming kind of branding.

    “The Games on 4” is a great stadium anthem building excitement and pointing you exactly where the action is. Simple, direct and a good builder.

    “LA’s Very Own” is very melodic and well written. A little long but really good with the footage and a great brander

    “We love Waking Up” is catchy to stick in your head. I think it would be good in different versions for branding a morning show along with other tracks you offer that are more show specific

  15. William Schutz says:

    HOME IS EVERYTHING is very cool i would like to use it in a promo for one of our stations.

  16. Steve Clark says:

    Really like “We Love Waking Up”. Captures the good feeling morning vibes that we all need in the morning!

  17. Me (Grace Harley) says:

    Weigel Broadcasting
    SAM puts out a positive vibe that resonates true in these campaigns; and maybe more importantly, I personally will never forget that the game’s on 4! That one is catchy!

  18. JAMES BATES says:

    All four campaign video were very good. I really enjoyed the Game’s on 4 promo, and I love the music We love waking up for morning show promos.

  19. Tony Rice says:

    Fort Myers Broadcasting
    Thankyou for making a clean product. Started with stephen arnold years ago, then left but of course came back.

  20. Ronda White says:

    KSTU / FOX 13
    The game’s on 4 and We Love Waking Up! nice!

  21. Ryan Bengford says:

    KSTU Fox 13 News
    LA’s Very own is my favorite! But I’m biased as I’m from Los Angeles!! Great songs!

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks, Ryan…and kind of an LA kinda guitar that would look good on your wall!

  22. William Lehan says:

    PHL17 Philadelphia
    We love waking is your best piece. Nicely layered audio tracks. Sounds most current. The main vocal is hip and the background vocals come forward when they need to. Nicely done.

  23. Donald Haener says:

    KOLR-TV, Springfield, Missouri
    Like the Game’s On. Strong, muscular. Something you will remember.

  24. Nick Good says:

    Love the work you guys do. I wish more of the 30 second spots were truly 30 seconds though and didn’t fade to nothingness at around 27-28 seconds.

  25. Marcus Viot says:

    Nexstar / WIAT CBS42
    Good job!

  26. Scott Studach says:

    Fox 13 Seattle (KCPQ)
    Love the “Waking Up” and “Games on 4” soundtracks!!! Nice work…

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey Scott…check out our work with the Seahawks! Good luck on the giveaway…

  27. Scott Altus says:

    Great to work with the SAM team on LA’s Very Own!

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Great Scoot! Good to see you here. We love working with you on that track. Keep up the great creative!

  28. Jeremy Chaney says:

    WJRT ABC12
    really diggin “The Games on 4”

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Great year for Michigan football, Jeremy. Good luck in the drawing!

  29. Kyle Thompson says:

    Let’s go BUF-A-LO! Great tracks!

  30. Tom Beougher says:

    D2650 - KYOU-TV - Gray Media Group, Inc.
    You guys sound great as always. Custom music is the way to go.

  31. Mark Mendenhall says:

    Need that Carolina Blue Strat to help complete my collection! We Love Waking Up is catchy. Solid for a morning image campaign. You guys continue to turn out great quality work!

  32. Tom Antisdel says:

    Love LA’s Own and We love Waking up. Everything about. Sports on 4 too. Maybe could spin to our Highlight Zone.

  33. Kristy Santiago says:

    Love The Game on 4 spot.

  34. Mike Rajewski says:

    Lockwood Broadcast Group
    Can’t have too many guitars! I really like “the game’s on 4!” chant in the Buffalo spot. Repetition sells.

  35. Frank Leto says:

    I love waking up too! Putting fog on the mirror in the morning is a good thing, and I laugh every time I see that guy in the mirror!

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hahaha…good eye. Just wait until you get cataracts…EVEYTHING will look like that! Good luck in winning the guitar…

  36. Steven Meyer says:
    Greetings from Madison, WI!

    LA’s Very Own, Home is Everything, and We Love Waking Up successfully tug on the sentimental heart strings. However, the Game’s On 4 is truly an anthem!

    btw – More than 20 years ago, as Marketing Director for a software company that created weather graphics systems for broadcast television, our 40×50 booth at my first large Las Vegas trade show was across the aisle from CNN and Playboy!


    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks, Steven. Hope you can add that cool blue Strat to your collection!

  37. Matthew Kilpatrick says:

    Home is Everything is nice and, well, homie. I can see my local church wanting to use the music in the background of a new outreach mission video.

  38. Michael Shiverdecker says:

    We’ve given away guitars in the past in our market and the contests were always popular.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Michael…there’s no better guitar than one you can win for free! Thanks for your comment…

  39. Holly Sutherland says:

    That’s a beautiful guitar.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      It IS, Holly, and it would look even more beautiful hanging over your shoulder!

  40. Joel Scarbrough says:

    Lockwood Broadcasting WFXG
    Beautiful arrangements. Most excited about the “Home” campaign. Good work Chad and all the folks at SAM!

  41. Clint Stevenson says:

    Big fan of The Games on 4! There’s no way fans will forget what channel the game’s on after seeing that spot! I love the line, “the Bills are gonna score cuz the game’s on 4!”

    I also really like the brightness and energy of We Love Waking Up! That will definitely put some pep in the step of a morning campaign!

  42. randy stone says:

    Good Energy – Nice Work

  43. Peter says:

    Impressive variety of sounds, upbeat and full of energy! Nice work, friends!

  44. Gene Kirkconnell says:

    Stephen Arnold Music = the G.O.A.T. of sonic branding. You guys just keep topping yourselves! Keep strumming. Keep singing. Keep serving our industry.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey Gene…high praise in deed…thanks! And hopefully you’ll be strumming that beautiful Stratocaster!

  45. Don Moore says:

    WXXV Television
    When the music brand is so compelling, all it takes is great localized video to create a memorable campaign. All four of these themes are high energy and compelling. Each time I play one, it is easy for me to visualize the imagery that would give our television station full ownership. The past two years, our “High School Football is Everything” campaign caught the attention of the viewers. The upbeat theme from Stephen Arnold Music generated a lot of local participation from high school athletes, cheerleaders, and bands. In summary, it was FUN for all. So, when it comes to music branding, I am a Stephen Arnold fan!

    • Noelle Daming Fowler says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Appreciate the kind words, Don! And love to hear how successful the “High School Football” campaign has been for the station.

  46. Jeff Ryan says:

    Stephen Arnold Music
    Thanks, Marcus!

  47. Katrena Callahan says:

    Great work!

  48. Ryan McGaughey says:

    WANE 15
    Nice work as always SA.

  49. Robert Streeter says:

    Four great and unique tracks! Love “The Game’s on 4” with the memorable beats. I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next.

  50. David Pint says:

    FOX 9
    Great group of people at Stephen Arnold. Always a pleasurer to work with you on different and unique projects.

  51. david bliley says:

    Speaking as someone who DOESN’T like waking up ;-), that is a very catchy tune! Also love the customized KTLA stuff. I didn’t even know you did customization like that.

    Here’s hoping a new guitar is in my future. Thanks!

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Oh yes…we LOVE to do customization like that! Good luck with the giveaway!

  52. Samuel Platz says:

    FOX40 - KTXL - Nexstar
    “The Game’s On 4” is BRILLIANT!!! Fun/Functional/Effective…has Viral Potential.
    “LA’s Very Own” is next level as well.

    Great work, Y’all!

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks, Samuel. And “Games on 4” is customizable! Hope you win the guitar!

  53. Jovany Hernandez says:

    The Games on 4 exudes that hype energy. Catchy and great chorus chants makes for a hard to miss pitch that will resonate long after being heard.

  54. Jeff Pitner says:

    Top tier work as always. SAM is the best!

  55. Shawn Green says:

    Montana Television Network (KTVH/KXLH)
    Nice Promos!
    Tuggin’ at my heartstrings…

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks, Shawn for your comment. Now let’s hope you’ll be tugging at some guitar strings in our giveaway…good luck!

  56. Craig Davenport says:

    Cox Media Group Jacksonville, FL
    These brand spots are all very community focused, positioning our local stations as the centerpieces of our neighborhoods. It’s refreshing to see our brands focus more on emotion than every day product attributes. The music is uplifting and positive, and now I can’t get the melody out of my head!

  57. Shawn Dickerman says:

    Home is Everything IS EVERYTHING!

  58. Mark Klein says:

    Love it! I feel like a heartfelt image campaign in LA like that one cuts through the hustle and bustle of the market. Way to shake it up!

  59. Wes Pollard says:

    Nice work! We Love Wakin’ Up is a toe tapper. Good stuff, y’all!!

  60. Alan R. Balzer says:

    Imagicom Communications
    Steven Arnold Music obviously understands markets, they understand station needs and requirements, and they can write a catchy tune. Love their work! My favorite in this collection is the “We Love Waking Up.” Keep it up SAM!

  61. Mike Cunningham says:

    Catchy tunes, heartfelt lyrics & lots of energy. Great work as always!

  62. John McMinn says:

    KVIA ABC-7
    Love the personal touch with each of these promos. Love that y’all are still doing the guitar giveaway! Makes me miss ProMax.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey John, we miss it as well. But we may have a lil’ surprise for everyone about that time! Thanks for watching…

  63. Quinn Blake says:

    Love the KTLA Theme!

  64. Dominic Gauna says:

    The Game’s on 4 is an interesting idea for markets picking up games from RSN’s. Might be worth a conversation…

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Good thinking, Dominic. It’s on our radar! Thanks for your comment…

  65. Willie Garrett says:

    Scripps Broadcasting Holdings, LLC
    I usually go, “these are nice… wish we had the money, and the trust from my GM and News Director to do this.”… but I saw one song/theme that’s right up our alley!!! I did get a chance to use SAM’s “We”re Everywhere” and resonated and actually matched our videos perfectly.

    O.K. Noelle… I’ll know if I have the budget. 🙂

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      You guys would kill it with another one of these tunes. Thanks for watching, Willie!

  66. Greg M Thomas says:

    WFSB- TV Gray Television
    Well done!

  67. CHRISTINA RULE says:


  68. Danielle Reeves says:

    Gray Television
    Nice work! Love LA’s Very Own

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey, Danielle…Nice to see you here! You’d look great with that guitar over your shoulder…

  69. Dean poor says:

    Wow…such GREAT idea starters….and the music, as always, sets the stage and the ‘soul’ of the spot. Great job!


  70. Scott Brady says:

    WDRB Media & Block Communications
    I’m more an organic-folksy producer, so I prefer a “less is best”
    and non-predictable approach.

    BUT, though the song shouted at me,
    the game on 4 was at least memorable!

    LA’s Very Own was more emotional in music pulse than the rest,
    though I’m not sure there is any real customer value in a branding line
    like that (likely not your decision!)

    Scott B.

  71. Marcus says:

    WIAT CBS 42
    Nice image!

  72. Drew Hancock says:

    That “We Love Waking Up!” song is catchy! Nice work!

  73. Robert Brines says:


  74. Ryan Speer says:

    Well done, as always! Great emotion in the music and lyrics across them all.

  75. James Carriero says:

    Holy cow my “Game’s on 4” Spot is a part of this group! Proud to be featured among these three other fantastic pieces! We Love Walking Up is super catchy too!

    • Noelle Daming Fowler says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      It sure is, James!!! It turned out fantastic! You should peruse all the great feedback from your creative counterparts on here 🙂

  76. Rob Weske says:

    WJW Fox 8 Cleveland
    As always, great stuff! I love the KTLA track. I think a version for ‘Cleveland” would be a really easy edit! Yes? No? Maybe?

    • Noelle Daming Fowler says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks, Rob! Yep, it’d be very easy to re-sing this for you. I’ll send you the lyrics.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey Rob…we’d love to give it a shot for your market! Now go win that guitar!

  77. Jerome Risting says:

    Great image campaign…sure to help any station to succeed.

  78. Dixon Johnston says:

    The Game’s on 4 is fantastic. I could see it being sung in a rowdy sports bar to get the bartender change the channel. “The Games on four!”

  79. David Billings says:

    LA and Home are great songs that give you “the feels” I like the positive vibe of We Love Waking really sticks in your head. I loved The Games on 4. It’s very high energy and easy to edit to. It would be cool with a high school Friday night show.

  80. Tony Bell says:

    Nice spots. The music seems tailor made. The Charleston spot was beautifully done, and hits close to home, since I work for a rival TV station in Charleston.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks, Tony…we love doin’ the Charleston! Is there a guitar in your future? Stay tuned…

  81. Aaron Heinrich says:

    ABC10 - TEGNA
    Love the energy and emotion in all of this. Nicely done.

  82. glen Bacus says:

    very nice!

  83. Chrissy Sellers says:

    Great work! Love KTLA got a marching band!

  84. Tony Dahle says:

    We LOVE WAKING UP! Currently Running!

  85. Adam Bubar says:

    WABI TV5
    Great work like usual! Lyrics that can resonate with all of us.

  86. Jared Morrison says:

    Home is everything! wonderful!

  87. Paul Spingola says:

    Great work as always SAM!

  88. Dan Slentz says:

    Like LA and Home. Game on 4 was okay. Didn’t like the “stock footage-looking” We Love Waking Up! In a world of generic spots and non-descipt/non-local, the scenes that included the localized shots of “Home is Everything” was best.

  89. Jeremy Glover says:

    Solid work… Inspiring!

  90. Noah Kozinko says:

    WBRZ Channel 2
    The game is on 4 is pretty catchy.

  91. John Fawcett says:

    Nice!!! as always. You’ve been making our team look great for years. Thanks

  92. Rocky Farmer says:

    Nexstar KARK
    Nice spots, nice guitar!

    thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  93. Tim Smith says:

    KTAB/KRBC Abilene, TX
    Another great group of songs from SAM! We Love Waking Up! is my favorite. I’m a sucker for a feelgood morning promo.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey, Tim…we love that one, too! And we would love it if you could win that sweet guitar!

  94. Ashley Mangum says:

    Awesome Work!!
    It’s great so see what others are doing!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!

  95. Joel Scarbrough says:

    Very nice SAM. The Home Campaign stands out for me.

  96. Adam DePaul says:

    “We Love waking Up” sure sounds familiar here in Orlando! These all sound as gorgeous as they look. Thanks for all the great music!

    • Chad Cook says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks Adam! We enjoyed working on the original, custom “We Love Florida” with you all. Of course, that’s what later became the “We Love Waking Up” morning song. Excited that “We Love Florida” won a Promax Local Award last year! Good luck in the giveaway!!

  97. Charles Lin says:

    Coooooooooooool…..nice work on the CSC spot! Turned out really great.

  98. Aaron Rice says:

    SAM always kills it with sonic branding!! All of the image spots we’ve done with their music have turned out fantastic – SAM’s music is the perfect compliment to beautifully shot video.

  99. Aaron Lair says:

    What a great selection of themes! Especially love “We Love Waking Up”. So much positivity!

    Y’all have been great to us over the years. Thanks for your continued service!

  100. Pamela Simpson says:

    WEHT/HR Contact & Receptionist

  101. Daniele Feenstra says:

    All of these campaigns are great. We used one for our 70th anniversary last year. It was awesome and helped us stand apart from the other stations in town. The football one would be great to customize for local high school sports as well. All four have great applications!

  102. Chris Watson says:

    You all produced great music. We love the Ascend package we recently changed to.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey Chris…we really appreciate the relationship…and think you’d really appreciate winning that boss guitar!

  103. Kirsten Eppler says:

    Nexstar - KREX
    Oh a guitar giveaway – how neat! Thanks Stephen Arnold for being great to work with for all my music needs. New image music is fun and catchy, as always.

  104. Bobby Schuyler says:

    Great stuff as always from the SAM team!

  105. Dan Coyle says:

    Top notch work as always, S.A.M. team! You guys always create great soundtracks for the need at hand. These sets of examples demonstrate how consistent you are with composing ear-friendly songs that speak to community and just life in general. Nice work once again.

    • Chad Cook says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks Dan! Good luck in the giveaway!!

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey Dan, nice to see you here! hanks for the kind comments…and go win that guitar, ‘cuz you can play the heck out of it!!

  106. Chris Hussey says:

    As always, SAM delivers with some excellent music. Shows the power strong audio and catchy melodies can add to great visuals. And the best part is I know there are versions available without lyrics! 😉 Full Sing versions have never done it for me, but can’t deny how good the music is!

    the ‘Waking Up’ is probably my favorite.

  107. Pete George says:

    Nice! Like the home is everything theme.

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks Pete! And a home with a blue Strat is even better…good luck!

  108. Damian Greenberg says:

    Don’t bore us, get to the chorus! And the chorus is killer in Home is Everything.

  109. Rick Snyder says:

    Great work, Stephen and company! My personal favorite is Home is Everything.

  110. Cyle Dickens says:

    Home is indeed everything. Love the campaign. LA’s Very Own is also a great spot. Nice to see those legacy brands continuing the legacy.

    • Chad Cook says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks Cyle! We enjoyed working on the Everywhere I Go campaign for KWQC 🙂

  111. Jonathan McEmber says:

    Ktla was very good. I loved the drone shots and music

    Home is everything’s music was not very good. But I loved the time lapse of the fountain and showing people making personal connections each other

    I loved the lightning and slow motion movements on we loved waking up.

  112. Ben Arnold says:

    WRIC-TV 8
    Great songs! Great promos! Keep on rockin’ (in the free world). 🙂

  113. Jake Conley says:

    Love the variety of music – these are great!

  114. Mark Kammerich says:

    NPG of Missouri

    • Chad Cook says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Mark – We’re always ready for a SAM JAM! We’ll miss seeing everyone this summer – hoping there will be a conference next year!!

  115. Mark Otto says:

    Scripps Media
    Great spots. I have some of your stuff on vinyl.

  116. Steven Jones says:

    Very nice! I’m drawn toward “Home Is Everything” – I wrote and produced music for a campaign I did called “This Is Our Home”. And although I loved my own originality, this would have saved me a lot of time.

  117. Kelly Tibbit says:

    Love these custom tracks! Great energy and modern vibe with the right “community” feel. My fav is “We Love Waking Up!” One of those tracks that sticks in your brain and you find yourself singing throughout the day. Well done!

  118. Nick Jossendal says:

    Love the games on 4 music

    • Noelle Daming Fowler says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks, Nick! We’ve gotten to do some great Sports music this year.

  119. Emily Evans says:

    Great work by Stephen Arnold perfectly capturing the emotion as always. Having that custom sound goes a long way in connecting to your viewers and establishing/reinforcing your station’s identity!

  120. John Koch says:

    EW Scripps Company
    The music really adds to the emotional resonance of the imagery. It’s hard to imagine the spots without these songs.

    • Noelle Daming Fowler says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Appreciate it, John. Sounds like we’ve done our job here 😉

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Hey John…music = emotion = music = emotion…and on and on. Thanks for your comment, and good luck in our drawing!

  121. Sean Dixon says:

    WJHG-TV - Gray Television
    We love our news and custom music.
    Simply Amazing Music… SAM!!!

  122. Robyn says:

    Customs songs really help drive home pride of place and pride of station. Well done!

  123. Harley Wettemann says:

    Action News Now
    Very beautiful, sentimental, with good communtiy connection.

  124. Jeremy Claypool says:

    FOX 11
    Very nice!

  125. Arvin Barr says:

    News-Press TV - KNPN/KCJO/KNPG
    These spots were awesome! Great promotions. “LA’s Very Own” and “Home is Everything” spots did a great job showing the longevity of the stations. “The Games on 4” was a great way to drive viewers to watch the game. I shared this with our promotions department. Every Local Station should have a similar promo. However, Go Chiefs lol.

    Although I like to sleep in, the “We Love Waking up” track was very catchy and visuals definitely depict the perfect morning person. This would definitely be a great theme for any morning show promotion!

    As always, S.A.M. providing top notch compositions.

  126. Josh Ward says:

    SAM does it again! Beautifully done! I can totally see our station using a couple of these!

  127. Rob Seher says:

    ABC / KTNV
    Love these spots, the music really brings it home and makes it enjoyable to watch, great job to everyone involved!

  128. Shawn Anderson says:

    Nexstar (WQRF)
    Looks and sounds great! Go Bills Mafia…until you hit my Niners.

    • Chad Cook says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks Shawn! Who knows – looks like it could be a Bills/Niners Super Bowl 🙂

  129. Mary Borger says:

    Draper Media
    Love the Buffalo spot!

  130. Hunter Palmer says:

    I could see a crowd of people shouting “the game’s on 4!” well done!

  131. Gary C Wordlaw says:

    I love the Home is Everything campaign! It touches who we are here in South Bend.

  132. Grant Newkirk says:

    KAIT - Gray TV
    Great campaigns! Several great options for local integration. Looking forward to seeing how it’s all implemented!

    • Noelle Daming Fowler says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thank you, Grant! Us too! Love it when clients share the final spots 🙂

  133. JOSEPH CAMPBELL says:

    KJRH-TV Tulsa
    Stephen Arnold music sets the bar high

  134. Chad Larsen says:

    KSL TV - Salt Lake City, Utah
    Great music tracks! I especially like Home is Everything!!

  135. Jack McGuirk says:

    WPRI 12
    WCSC’s use of older footage of the area and talent mixed with current day video really emphasizes a community first mentality. After watching their spot, the main though that pops into my head is:
    While times are changing daily, there remains one constant for their South Carolina viewers is WCSC.

    To me it also looks like they shot all of this footage and didn’t rely on stock video and images. I could be wrong on this assumption, but if they truly shot each video element that is fantastic.

    Showing local landmarks and the people who live in their DMA helps push the lyrics of the song forward and help to emphasize their message.

    • Chad Cook says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks for your comments Jack! An original “We Are Charleston” version of the song was produced for WCSC and their 70th anniversary. I believe all of the footage was shot custom along with pulling some great archive footage.

  136. Paul Farmer says:

    KELOLAND Media Group KELO-TV
    You can’t go wrong with a Home song.

  137. Darcy Stapleford says:

    KSTU FOX 13 Scripps
    Love the Buffalo spot! It pepped me right up!

  138. Scott says:

    Nice! I really like the feel of Home Is Everything package.

  139. Charles Edmonds says:

    Nestar Media Group Inc. (WFXR-WWCW)
    Great range in style and mood.
    From station branding to interacting and connecting with your community, no matter the location
    or subject you manage to do a fantastic job in lyric writing and music production to help stations
    get there brand across to the public.

    • Noelle Daming Fowler says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks, Charles! We honored to be a part of what ya’ll do 🙂

  140. Wade Capps says:

    WAVE - Gray TV
    Always great campaigns from Stephen Arnold!

  141. Patrick Kelly says:

    Great spots, and some killer tracks!

  142. chuck spruill says:

    you guys are the best!

    • Chad Cook says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Thanks Chuck! I’ve enjoyed the MANY image projects we’ve worked on with you!!

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Chuck…great comments from a great partner! Hope you win the guitar!

  143. Travis Dent says:

    LA’s Very One is outstanding. Nice work.

  144. Jim Duncan says:

    News 5 Cleveland
    3 big anthems and a fun sports spot. Nice job! Great vocalists.

  145. James Bartone says:

    WPRI 12 News
    Great tracks as always! Really like Buffalo spot. Simple and catchy. Nice job.

  146. Joey Kinsley says:

    Lockwood Broadcast Group
    Great stuff all around, always love seeing what you guys cook up!

  147. Alex Steiniger says:

    E.W. Scripps Co./KGUN9
    Stephen Arnold Music is simply the best.

    • Noelle Daming Fowler says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Flattery will get you everywhere!

    • Dave Baumann says:

      Stephen Arnold Music
      Much too kind, Alex. (not really…we appreciate it!) Maybe there’s a guitar in your future?

  148. Christopher Coole says:

    Promos look great

  149. Brandon McElroy says:

    Very fun! Love the AM package.

  150. Ian Cunningham says:

    Dynamic and awesome promos. Looks great!