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Three Fresh News Packages from Stephen Arnold Music!

It’s been a busy spring at Stephen Arnold Music, as we’ve been crafting 3 fresh, distinct and compelling news music packages. Stream, Ascend and Unite are examples of strong sonic news brands for local TV stations, each reflecting a unique, yet powerful soundtrack to the news and information that audiences demand.


Introducing Ascend, an Emmy-winning, modern cinematic soundtrack for news. In the style of a sweeping film score, Ascend uses a memorable, melodic motif woven into its arrangements, providing an aura of depth and engagement across every type of news presentation. The lush, cinematic sound, created using live orchestration, establishes a strong emotional connection with audiences.

Go to the Ascend microsite


Created in a popular music framework, Unite is a new direction in local news music. This package features a fascinating blend of hip hop, indie rock, pop and progressive R&B styles – while retaining and building on a journalistic sensibility. Centered around a three-note signature, Unite covers a wide spectrum of musical tones, genres and tempos.

Go to the Unite microsite


Stream is a clean, modern, transparent blend of percussion, electronica, stylized guitar textures and innovative tonal arpeggios. Stream’s versatile vibe rings through on ALL news platforms – from home televisions with high-end sound systems – to streaming video on mobile devices. This versatile, sonic branding toolkit works seamlessly with how news content is presented to and viewed by all demographic audiences.

Go to the Stream microsite

These latest news packages from Stephen Arnold Music continue a long tradition of memorable, cutting-edge audio signatures for local and international news organizations. As audience appetites and media sources for news and information continue to evolve, SAM is committed to driving heightened emotional engagement through powerful sonic branding.

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